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February 4, 2010

February 2nd, my birthday

I suggest you check out Team Krasean's blog for some birthday pics. It's also in the blogroll on the right sidebar as you probably have noticed. As usual, sharp pictures from Sonja.


It has been some time, all. XP on my Desktop Computer failed, and though I've restored it I still need to get the drivers working (so I can use the Internet on it, among other things). Needless to say there are pictures on there over the Holiday's that I've been waiting to post but I'll have to wait until I get a minute to fix those drivers. The pictures are on a different partition on the hard drive so they are okay, just had to wipe the Window's partition.


Anyway, the new laptop is of course working so I can still upload more recent photos. We recently went to visit the newborn Veronica Kate Krasean. She's really something, sleeping through Ellie and Brendan playing and banging stuff around. Though sleeping, Veronica woke up for a few seconds while I was holding her and opened her eyes; they looked quite blue.


This picture shows Brendan holding a little ball, literally a second or two before he took it and threw it at baby Veronica's head! This caused her to whine for a few seconds but quickly fall back to sleep. Brendan has a throwing problem but I think this may have been a case of him being jealous that his mom was holding some other baby.


Here is Ellie; one of the first of many days of being a sweet and helpful big sister.