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April 15, 2010

driving car at age 2

Brendan loves to mess around with a steering wheel. Whether it's a boat, car, cushman, broken-down-lawnmower, it doesn't matter to him.


I will say though that it gets to the point where we are outside and I have to tell him no, we're not going to sit and play around in my parked jeep all day :) At the same time it is a good diversion on days when the weather is not so good.


April 5, 2010

Grandpa J at 70 years


Grandpa J hits seventy today and we celebrated on Saturday with a cake, music and fire. It was a nice cool day for playing some football and enjoying the beach.


2+ month old Veronica did a good job sleeping through all kinds of noise.


I mistook this photo for Gus when I first uploaded it, must be the recent buzz cut for Johan.

Mary brought this splendid fishing theme cake that was right up Jeff's alley. The attention to detail was amazing. I could only snap a few pictures before it was cut into and this one doesn't do it justice, but visit Sandy Oh's Cupcake's Facebook page to see higher quality pictures from all angles of the cake.


Back in the lake in March


Winter has ended and the ice is gone, so it's time to play in the water according to Brendan. Even with shoes on he'll walk right in the lake.

Gus being the elder statesman of the group tries to talk some sense into Brendan, but it doesn't work. They are both looking back at me as I was telling Brendan to get back on the beach :).