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July 28, 2010

Bren / Kate Adventures: Children's Museum


Brendan and Kate roamed around the Children's Museum last night. Kate got to dress up as a fox. Brendan was an owl but decided to run around once the outfit was on, so no pictures. But he enjoyed spending time up top in the area with beach sand.



July 5, 2010

FL Parade + Carnival


Oh teh Forest Lake Parade... Brendan did seem to enjoy watching the assortment of vehicles driving by. It was his first parade so he was mesmerized throughout.


Then there was the Carnival, where Gus, Anja, Brendan, Johan and Cassie all rode in a boat together. It was hard to get an action shot, but I did get a video clip just below it.


Brendan also enjoyed the big slide, so we went down twice.