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Bren Pinehaven Farm Wyoming MN 2010

Pinehaven is fun to stop by during Halloween. Mostly because of the friendly animals but the trains and such are nice too. The cover charge I can live without but so long as they are putting it towards the animals and not a 60 inch plasma tv then that's okay.


What is this thing? A yak? Wasn't sure, looks kind of like a bull. He was friendly though, displaced in the far corner, but he liked his head rubbed. But while petting he quickly ducked and turned his head and almost gored me. Be careful.


Feeding goats never gets old. Try to distribute your food evenly amongst the goats.

Then here is the train Brendan and mom rode on. This is an action shot with no blur. Impressive how I timed it and centered it, eh?


Haven't updated in a while but I have new content along with resurrecting and old computer with old content never before seen! Stay tuned..


Yay! Fun to see a new post. It looks like you all had a great time at Pinehaven. The train is pretty cute! I'm glad you are okay after your encounter with the yak/bull! :)

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