August 7, 2011

Trashy Birthday w/ Oscar's Birthday Cake


Bren is good friends with Oscar so we got an Oscar the Grouch Birthday Cake.

It made mom so happy she cried.


Earlier in the day we did some other things, like find a bunch of bright yellow dandelions.


Then we opened up a gift, it was a Fisher Price Mater Bubble Blower.


And we also went to Como Zoo. Here is a big green leaf that Bren found.



On the way back, we found some wild horses running free.

April 30, 2011

Grandpa Jeff's Weber Charcoal Grill

We got together on the 5th of April to celebrate Grandpa Jeff's 71st + what a party it was.

Here we have Uncle Kip + Bren getting Grandpa's cake ready to go.


Three studs.


Opening up grandpa's new green Weber Charcoal grill.

Save big mommy at Menards? This video is ridiculous...

April 5, 2010

Grandpa J at 70 years


Grandpa J hits seventy today and we celebrated on Saturday with a cake, music and fire. It was a nice cool day for playing some football and enjoying the beach.


2+ month old Veronica did a good job sleeping through all kinds of noise.


I mistook this photo for Gus when I first uploaded it, must be the recent buzz cut for Johan.

Mary brought this splendid fishing theme cake that was right up Jeff's alley. The attention to detail was amazing. I could only snap a few pictures before it was cut into and this one doesn't do it justice, but visit Sandy Oh's Cupcake's Facebook page to see higher quality pictures from all angles of the cake.


February 4, 2010

February 2nd, my birthday

I suggest you check out Team Krasean's blog for some birthday pics. It's also in the blogroll on the right sidebar as you probably have noticed. As usual, sharp pictures from Sonja.

September 26, 2009

Gus' 5th bday party


Gus is one of the coolest guys I know. Just likes to play ball and have fun, and sets a good example for his younger siblings and cousins. Got some good pictures of the event, here are just a few.

Ellie watching Johan send a box along the lift 'n load. :)


Anja way up high


Bren gets a squeeze and a kiss


Brendan smiling while tipping his head to see Anja, usually a maneuver used on the cats.


Just a short video for your viewing pleasure. Bren does some crazy steppin to avoid the acorns.

September 3, 2009

Como Zoo trip and Anja B-day

Cake delivery! For the new 1...


Johan and Gus had a misunderstanding, J was sad, but he feels better now...


Bren playing with the ball in the other yard, with that sly grin I use from time to time


And then we have the two new 1's.


Okay, now the scene shifts to Como Zoo, end of August 2009. Here's a pretty butterfly. As always, right-click and "view image" to see the closer view.


Ellie seems to be devising a plan, while the boys and the gorilla listen.


Hey, let's put Brendan by the gorilla. Alas, it was not his day...Had a fun time and all, but he lacked sleep, and he didn't want any part of the jungle-lord. Maybe next time. Ellie's look is key - staying cool but still kind of like "wow this kid is going nuts".


But Bren enjoyed the ride on the Old Timer with mommy.


July 8, 2009


The big whale pool. Ellie's having a lot of fun while Gus and Kate are getting ready to fight to go next.


Johan and Bren are hanging out at the water table


Mom baked a sun cake to celebrate Bren's birthday, and he had it all to himself.


Goofy Brendan with his birthday hat on and the sun blinding him.