February 4, 2010


It has been some time, all. XP on my Desktop Computer failed, and though I've restored it I still need to get the drivers working (so I can use the Internet on it, among other things). Needless to say there are pictures on there over the Holiday's that I've been waiting to post but I'll have to wait until I get a minute to fix those drivers. The pictures are on a different partition on the hard drive so they are okay, just had to wipe the Window's partition.


Anyway, the new laptop is of course working so I can still upload more recent photos. We recently went to visit the newborn Veronica Kate Krasean. She's really something, sleeping through Ellie and Brendan playing and banging stuff around. Though sleeping, Veronica woke up for a few seconds while I was holding her and opened her eyes; they looked quite blue.


This picture shows Brendan holding a little ball, literally a second or two before he took it and threw it at baby Veronica's head! This caused her to whine for a few seconds but quickly fall back to sleep. Brendan has a throwing problem but I think this may have been a case of him being jealous that his mom was holding some other baby.


Here is Ellie; one of the first of many days of being a sweet and helpful big sister.

March 13, 2009

more open mouth standing pics

Brendan likes to open his mouth as wide as he can to show off his three bottom teeth



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November 29, 2008

Brendan gets teeth, Christmas Tree

Brendan has been working on teeth for some time. A few days before Thanksgiving, as usual Brendan was using my fingers as chew toys and I noticed the bottom two teeth were out.

Moose Crossing


Grandma makes a funny face..Brendan as you see is immobile with all of his gear (but plenty warm).


So warm that he had to take his big jacket off after the long journey.


October 13, 2008

Goofy Baby Smile

Oooh it's been a while


Brendan hit 4 months yesterday. We've been hanging outside in the back yard a lot lately with this nice Fall weather, checking out the leaves falling from the trees and the calm, peaceful lake. Lots of funny noises coming from this guy as he attempts to talk more often.



September 9, 2008

Baby sleeps on stomach

Brendan sleeps well overnight. We're grateful for this. Anywhere from 6 to 10 hours generally. In turn it is harder to get him to take naps during the day when he inevitably gets tired. But he really enjoys sleeping on my chest. Must be from his mommy, who is always sleeping on her stomach.



Bren is closing in on 3 months.

September 5, 2008

Beach Baby + Cats, Ducks, Docks

Brendan likes going to the beach several times during the day. His favorite times are when the sun is mild so he can look anywhere without having to worry about being blinded.


Mommy just wanted to peek at the camera


Ducks were here before us so we stayed quiet so as to not disturb them.


Steve the cat is upset he didn't get to go with.


August 16, 2008

messy baby boy gazing

Baby Brendan is assessing the situation, after a messy dinner.


Mommy got some good ones the other day, like this.


In other news, Brendan visited the doctor on 8 - 15 for his 2 month visit. Handled his shots admirably and has been sleeping while recovering :) He is now 12 LBs 14 Ounces and 23 inches

August 12, 2008

baby talks to mommy here

Brendan loves the sun on his Baby Einstein pad. But only when it plays music. When the music is not playing you'll find Brendan grabbing at the duck and robin.



Preparing a karate chop


Brendan is getting long. Soon we will go in for our 2 month apt and see exactly his length / weight.

July 12, 2008

Baby Octopus Turban for Boys


Amphibian Frog Robed baby now is wearing Octopus attire. You can't see the Octopus print at the top so you're gonna have to take my word for it.

This got me thinking, what is an Octopus? Not an amphibian, not a fish (despite breathing with gills)...but it's part of the Mollusk Group, with Snails, Squids, Slugs, and other muscular, slimy creatures. Watch out for their poisonous bites if you are in Australia and are lacking an Antidote :). Thanks as always google...this concludes our marine life lecture for 7 / 12 / 08.

One more look at the tough guy for today.


June 28, 2008

Get Baby Shower Gifts sez Brendan

Actually not really since Brendan's room is already packed full of wonderful gifts from previous showers! But his grandma's boss Rodney set up another shower for the little guy now that he is born and out of the womb. The shower is today so as I type this Brendan is being devoured by moms.

Mommy had been waiting to dress him up in this outfit....notice the baby shoes and amphibian-like legs Brendan is showing off. Basically, he's ready to go.

By the way, when he had the operation the other day, Brendan was 8 pounds 8 ounces. Mommy is having a hard time keeping up with this guy's demand :)



June 23, 2008

Brendan post-feeding with Mommy

When is the only time you will find a content baby Brendan? After he feeds with mommy for hours. What a guy...


June 19, 2008

Babies sleep often

It is surprising to see Brendan sleep 3-5 hours at a time. I know mommy enjoys the rest, and we've been letting him sleep instead of waking him up in hopes of developing feeding cues for the little guy. Meanwhile mommy has been figuring out the double breast pump - it's a funny machine to see in action. Obviously it is a necessity so that mother can get some time to herself.


As of today at 4:53 pm (a little over an hour), Brendan will be 1 week old.