May 25, 2011

Find things in Forest Lake


We found a baby snapping turtle in the lake the other day. He was very little, with a soft shell and pointy noise to signify it being a snapping turtle.

+ another video.

Of course there are other things, like momma ducks and tiny baby ducks.


Big blue crayfish. Bren wasn't a big fan of this guy.



And there are always those who love to litter our waters with beer cans.

May 20, 2010

Lake is very warm

Dropping in quick to share some good pics from earlier today. Morning is prime time to be playing on the beach if you are looking for massive rays.

Here is Brendan walking underneath what looks to be a giant with swim trunks.


Eyes closed with dirt on the face.


Brendan warming up with mom and the towel.


Jill sent me this nice picture of Brendan from the previous weekend (dock installation). He is wielding my prized natural bat.


May 16, 2010

drinking water from public lake


This was about the only time Bren was laying around today. Now that there is no rain and the lake is getting warm, he's been going wild at the beach.

Here we have Brendan using the most conventional means of drinking water (first tries to put his face in the water and then makes a futile attempt to cup the water with his hand :P ). Of course, when he's having fun like this he likes to not listen to me when I tell him not to drink lake water. Just look at his face after taking that first tasty slurp of lake water.

Interesting expression. Makes him look older than he is...


Okay, his shirt is a little wet at this point. That's nothing though, shortly after he fell in face forward a few times and was completely drenched.


May 11, 2010

Bren cloud9 design

Time for a fresh start, though the new design is a bit broken because our previous template was so old.


April 5, 2010

Back in the lake in March


Winter has ended and the ice is gone, so it's time to play in the water according to Brendan. Even with shoes on he'll walk right in the lake.

Gus being the elder statesman of the group tries to talk some sense into Brendan, but it doesn't work. They are both looking back at me as I was telling Brendan to get back on the beach :).


November 18, 2009

Ellie + Bren Car Demolition


Ellie was over on Saturday and we spent a lot of time racing around in the cars out back. This included plowing over other cars and random debris in the way. With the dips in the yard we were able to hit some big jumps too. No injuries or driver ejections. Just a lot of laughs..However my camera's battery level was dwindling that day so it would turn on for 5 seconds and then shut off :) Did manage to get a few shots though.


Oh, before all the driving I went downstairs to see what grandma and Ellie were doing..


These were from today. Bren still likes the Halloween Jack-o-lantern and will point and whine until I take it down from it's perch in the garage. Then we'll wander out back and do rock presses (see below). Also, the lake looks pretty warm..hopefully it freezes soon, looking forward to skating on it.



November 10, 2009

Gox (ducks), rocks, wood dock

Early morning activities in the back yard with the dock section.




Now, this video is great stuff. But the best part is at the very end - if you listen carefully you can hear geese flying above and making noise - Bren thinks they are ducks and says "Gocks". Definitely one of his favorite words.

October 28, 2009

Tues. Oct. 27 was a nice bright day outside

It really was. Even though Bren woke up on that day with his first cold ever (which seems to have quickly passed), we managed to get some time outside to enjoy the leaves falling and to hang out with the geese and ducks by the lake.

As always, right click + view image to see the pics in a higher-res





Molars coming in.




You know I gotta include a video, so enjoy the sound interference from the wind :) At least it gives an idea of the amount of leaves falling off the trees...

September 3, 2009

Duck feed, Bread, Crackers

*Editor's Note- I made 3 posts in about an hour, so scroll down past this post for more new content :) Remember to right-click + view picture to see a bigger version of the pics

The ducks have sure been a lot of fun this year. Most of them have already left, and the ones who are left aren't the ones below (the ones still around are a bit more shy and probably heading south soon too). This group was anything but shy, surrounding me at any point and grabbing bread from my hand.


So high-res you can see the bread crumbs on the duck's beak. This was one of the lighter-colored ducks that would eat right out of my hand.


One of the ugly parts of feeding the ducks. Inevitably seeing them bicker even when feed / bread is essentially endless. But their beaks are so dull, I can't imagine it matters much except maybe for a few hurt feelings :)


Momma duck...


Of course Brendan is out when we're feeding the ducks too.


More from this session later. But I just like how they're all peering towards the camera..


Hay guys wait for me...


July 10, 2009

Heron walking around the beach

There are a few different Herons that come by once in a while. This one I spotted after it was already heading to the other side of the dock, so by the time I ran out there it was getting away. I did manage to run up and get a few up close pictures, but evidently I crept up too close as he decided to split.



Click the pictures for the higher res versions. I wish I would have got a video of how the Heron goes under the dock. The head goes down like a slinky, it's hilarious...

July 2, 2009

June 2009, pre 1st Birthday Party

Hey, it's been some time. But I've got updates coming with various June pictures.

Here's my guy Johan, who doesn't care that he gets dirty playing at the beach. Good chance that's where he'll be on the fourth.


The ducks were around too


Just taking a pit stop.


Bren and dad