November 8, 2013




August 7, 2011

Of tires, wood piles and dog kennels


These pictures were taken in early May when we spent a lot of time organizing a large wood pile. Bren helped but also enjoyed playing with spare tires and the fishing boat.



Back to his more natural habitat, the water.


Don't eat your Spiderman shoes.


Kicking the ball around

Ellie and Bren and the big stone brick in the lake

June 22, 2011

Hey, I got back into my uThink account

Those UMN knuckleheads tried to lock me out (probably because I've been out of the University for a clean 5 years). Thankfully a nice lady named Laura helped me restore my account.

Pics + Videos to come later today when I get some more time to sort / upload them.

April 30, 2011

Easter 2011 Kid's Egg Hunt

NOTE: Just added 26 pictures + 20 videos, in 7 different posts. I think I'm caught up for a while :P

Always a classic event. Here are a few with three Team Krasean members standing and Veronica / Ellie / Brendan on the ground. Looks like Brendan stole Johan's hat which he is fond of doing.



A video of the kids before the pic. Brendan is hanging out with Veronica here, moving her basket around.

Bren is friends with the Chipmunks around here and his buddy chip hid the egg right in his favorite gutter.

Bren also found an egg in the bird bath.


Veronica eating her own basket during the egg hunt.


Coloring eggs before the big day.


Last time we spent Easter together; Easter 2009. They grow fast.


Pinehaven Farm Train Ride Wyoming

Some videos to accompany the last post from eons ago.

Brendan riding on the Pinehaven Farm train with mom. It's a bumpy ride.

On their return...Mom loves the announcement at the end from the kid.

Then we got some pumpkins later and Bren wandered through the patch + kicked up dirt.

July 28, 2010

Bren / Kate Adventures: Children's Museum


Brendan and Kate roamed around the Children's Museum last night. Kate got to dress up as a fox. Brendan was an owl but decided to run around once the outfit was on, so no pictures. But he enjoyed spending time up top in the area with beach sand.



April 15, 2010

driving car at age 2

Brendan loves to mess around with a steering wheel. Whether it's a boat, car, cushman, broken-down-lawnmower, it doesn't matter to him.


I will say though that it gets to the point where we are outside and I have to tell him no, we're not going to sit and play around in my parked jeep all day :) At the same time it is a good diversion on days when the weather is not so good.