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Cuisinart Ice-30BC Frozen Ice Cream Yogurt Maker


Before buying an ice cream maker we presumed that it a hassle and time consuming to operate ice cream makers. Fortunately the performance of ice cream makers has become much more efficient with some of the newer high-end products on the market. There are some tricks and tips that we will mention to improve your experience making ice cream but overall it is not much work at all. It is a rewarding treat on a nice summer / spring day for our kid's to be able to make their own ice cream recipes in the convenience of your own back yard.

If Cuisinart has a relevant product to what we are looking for, we look hard at their products because of their quality consistency over time. The Cuisinart Ice-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Maker is no different.

Having custard or ice cream is easy to set up. Custard will require a cup of milk, a half cup of sugar and 4 eggs. You use this same recipe base for the ice cream but add a cup of fresh thick cream, and vanilla. Once you set this base up you may want to freeze it for a few hours and then slowly add it to the mixture as the Cuisinart machine is working.

One key trick is to freeze the freezer bowl to make this process flow smoothly. Otherwise the ice cream making process make take over 45 minutes, when it should be taking 30 minutes or slightly under with the frozen bowl. No noisy churning for hours like the old days. This is quiet and efficient and possibly gets more complements from friend's than the KitchenAid / Vitamix blenders we have.

Maybe the only problem with the Cuisinart Ice30BC frozen ice cream maker is that you will want nice ice cream all the time! Fortunately since you get to concoct your own recipes you can put fruit and other healthy additions if you would like. A recipe manual comes with the Cuisinart Ice 30 BC but we suggest you try Ben and Jerry's homemade ice cream recipe book for succulent treats.


Does it make gelato!

Yes it does, I use an Egg Yolk recipe for Gelato all the time...it comes out perfect. Also tried a Mango Gelato recipe that comes with the Cuisinart Ice Cream maker :)

Fast and efficient for ice cream marker. My thoughts exactly.

People - stop wasting money buying unhealthy ice cream from stores. Save money and your health and just buy a Cuisinart maker, it doesn't matter which size!!

Ever heard of the Cuisinart Ice-21? It's new and to be honest I think it's the best one yet. It's not huge like Cuisinart Ice-30 so if you're using this one for size, that's understandable. But the Cuisinart Ice 21 is basically like the Cuisinart Ice-20 except it's faster, along with some other lesser features. But you can have your ice cream made in 15 minutes, 20 minutes tops. It's amazing. Check it out.


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