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KitchenAid 600 series 6 quart mixer


Amazon has put up several end of the holiday season deals, with all the gift cards doled out over Christmas. One really nice discount just went active with the KitchenAid Professional 600 series 6 quart stand mixer. Many different colors available with the cheapest being the black licorice KitchenAid 600 series mixers for 300$ with free shipping after a 50$ rebate.

Nearly 500 5 star reviews at Amazon for the 6 quart 600 series pro mixer from KitchenAid. Very similar to the quality of the 4.5 quart Artisan Stand Mixer by KitchenAid, but the 6 quarts allows for larger scale efforts (or if you just want to double the recipe). This has caught the eye of many who knead their own bread dough with their KitchenAid stand mixer, including myself, as it is easy to churn out loaf after loaf with the 600 series. The motor is unbelievably consistent and the capacity is there with the six quarts.

One big mechanical issue needs to be brought up, as it plagued the 6 quart 600 series KitchenAid mixer for some time. The gearbox used to have a plastic cover, which was problematic considering the heating element would continually wear the cover down and strip the gears. KitchenAid has since been manufacturing their 600 series pro mixers with an all-metal gearbox to solve the aforementioned issue (since early 2007).


Hi Ken, I'm looking at this very sale for a potential 600 Pro, and I'm wondering how sure you are that the ones available through Amazon are newer models with the new metal cover on the gearbox? There are SO many posts and discussions about this issue I can't seem to get a straight answer about whether or not there are still models floating around for sale (as new, not refurbs) with the plastic cover?

Thanks for the question Jennifer...from what I've read from Amazon and their reviews, it seems all the NEW units at this point have the metal gearbox. Believe me, KA is very aware of this malfunction as they get a lot of support calls about it. That said, I've also heard that some of the refurbished units are sometimes the older version. Now of course you can just call KitchenAid and have them get you one with a metal gearbox...but I would suggest just getting a new unit from Amazon to ensure that you have the updated version and won't have the hassle of dealing with KitchenAid (they have good service and all...but who would want to deal with that if they don't have to?) Hope it turns out well for you, let me know...

Hey admin, good job. The Professional Series mixer is the best now I have to say. Greater deals on this and the 600 series is more reliable as of the last few years.

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