May 7, 2008

CSC400 Steel Slow Cooker 4quart

For years we had used Rival Crockpots and weren't blown away but were satisfied with what we got. Until our last one cracked at the bottom, just a bit after getting it. Also the lids fit unevenly and would continually chip as time went on. Our previous one had went down just before that, so even though the former rival was under warranty we decided to look elsewhere. It is nice that Rival Crockpots are cheap but I'd rather pay a little more and get quality long lasting performance than have to re-buy the same product every year. Better yet the Cuisinart CSC400 is under 100$. It was normally listed at 150$ but at Amazon now it is 79$ with free shipping.

The first thing I noticed when cooking a few meals with the Cuisinart CSC 400 4 Quart Slow Cooker is how evenly distributed the heat is throughout the cooker. This was the main problem with Rival crockpots besides the chipping of the device. Despite there being controls for high / low cooking, there was no difference in how the food came out. It would always be overcooked. Read the reviews anywhere and you will hear the same feedback.

Even better, there is a function that when the Cuisinart CSC 4 quart slow cooker is done cooking, it will just turn to 'warm' so as to keep the meal warm but not overcook it in the process. We have been saved often when we went to run errands but came back late; the food was still ready to go and not over-cooked. Fortunately working from home I don't run into these situations often; my brother who always cooks things while he is away at work to be done at dinnertime absolutely needed this function.

When we visit our parent's it is useful that this doesn't tip as we bring it around. Cuisinart CSC400 4Quart Stainless Steel Slow Cooker is big but not so cumbersome that it is an issue to bring around. Also the cord to plug in retracts so there is no holding a cord as you move it. It is simple with just a few buttons but it is easy enough to figure out what is going on with the 'on' light and the see through lid.