April 18, 2008

Dyson DC21 Stowaway Canister Vacuum Review


When this came out a few years back we picked this up as we were eager to see how a Dyson Stowaway Canister Vacuum would perform. It was well over the 500$ price tag it is now but a few convenient features were evident right from the start.

As you push this around you will immediately be able to see the difference compared to an upright vacuum. It requires less effort to move around and has a lot of the features that newer Dyson models have to improve suction and aid it in maneuvering.

The ball technology allows for easy winding around corners in the house or around furniture, beds, etc. Once you get the hang of how it moves you'll grow to love the convenience of it compared to static vacuums that do not move, and features like this along with the powerful brushes for intense carpet cleaning are available with the use of foot controls.

The suction power is the same as any other Dyson. Especially with the lower brush, the power of the Dyson can clean the deepest depths of any carpet. If you are vacuuming rugs be sure to use your foot as leverage for these rugs so that they do not get caught within the power of this vacuum! Ensuring the success of the Dyson power is effortless, with the forever lasting HEPA filter and an easy to empty and clean bin.

Newer Dyson model vacuums like this Dyson DC21 Stowaway Canister Vacuum are becoming even more quiet. It is still a vacuum cleaner and will freak your cats out but for the power this thing wields you would expect something louder. As stated above cleanup is easy with the bin, though you do have to empty it often because it is rather small for the large amount of dust / dirt this monster picks up. Putting it away is easy as the cord is retractable and you can just wrap the attachments up and put it in a closet.

We have a pet related website and it is amazing because when we run polls for which vacuums dog / cat users prefer at any given time, over 80% are using Dyson vacuums. With persistent cat hair that is a daily issue, cheaper vacuums just do not have the power to sustain the amount of hair over time that is picked up, if they can even handle it at all.

There are many other Dyson vacuums that we have purchased over the years, but this is just the first review because this is one of the more recent Dyson's in our inventory and thus fresh in our memory in terms of performance.