March 4, 2009

deShed cat, dog hair with FURminator

With the weather getting nice, our cats are starting to get antsy. They spend more time in the porch area, excited to speak with their bird friends once again who have returned from hiding now that Winter is leaving us. But those thick coats are starting to shed, all over the house and on the furniture. It is time to deShed.

Before purchasing a large FURminator brush, we never felt like we could truly cleanse the cats old fur from their coat. Cat hair would continue to build up on the couches and their various sleep spots around the house. But the FURminator is different. Not only do the cats love the tool, but it is nothing short of stunning to see the quantity of cat / dog hair that is removed with the FURminator.


Our cats and my brother's dog absolutely love these FURminator's, and when we bust the tool out they'll whine and rub their heads against it before we even start deShedding. They literally fight over who gets to use it first! Thus we bought a few blue smaller FURminators so that we could use multiple tools on them.

It might seem like you can deShed these animals all day with the FURminator, especially in the back area where hair builds up. Eventually though, you'll come to a silky smooth coat that you probably have never seen before - and your cat / dog will love you for it. Having less animal hair is great for us obviously, but your animal companions truly appreciate it, as it's more comfortable for them and takes away from potential hairballs.

In the past we found some products that looked similar to the FURminator but did not perform much better than a standard brush. After reading the reviews, and seeing the FURminator's are all 50%+ off at Amazon , we decided to give it a try. As mentioned above, it has worked so well that we bought a second smaller one a few months later to keep up with the demand from the animals!

The Medium or Large FURminator's for dogs / larger cats are generally 50-60$ but with the sale it's more like 20-25$. The smaller FURminator's for most cats are normally 35$ but just 17$ for now.

One thing I've came across in reviews is that people have mentioned that you may need to buy a replacement blade if performance of the blade declines. But we can say that our 6 month old ones, and even 1 year + FURminator are still working as they did initially.