September 5, 2008

Add Flavor, Electric Grill


When using an Electric or Gas grill you will notice food does not have that taste or flavor that a charcoal grill provides. Especially with an Electric Grill like the Meco Deluxe Electric Grill, you should look into enhancing your grilling experience.

Hickory chips are simple to add but there are some guidelines to keep in mind to ensure the flavor lasts. Always soak your hickory chips in liquid, otherwise they are too dry and will burn off quickly. This method keeps them burning longer. Water works for soaking, but you can get creative with juices and wines as well.

When the time comes and the grill is up to the right temperature and ready for food on, then put the hickory chips on the charcoals. Any earlier and you will be wasting their lifespan. If you are cooking indirectly / slow cooking, you may need to add more hickory chips underneath the food halfway through. In general, hickory chips last 15-20 minutes. With the lid shut, the smoke builds up around your food giving it that desired taste. Adding hickory chips, your food may take a slight bit longer than normal. Keep this in mind when grilling.