October 2, 2008

Bostitch MIIIFS Pneumatic


Having installed a 750 sq ft. hardwood oak floor, I would advise doing it yourself since you will save hundreds / thousands of dollars. With the efficient tools at our disposal nowadays, even the most novice handyman can lay down tight hard wood floors with little problem.

After a bit of research the Bostitch MIIIFS Pneumatic Floor Stapler sounded like the most reliable, efficient floor nailer around, not to mention outrageously cheap on some eBay auctions. Normally near 1000$ it was in the 300$-400$ range. Because the Bostitch is so efficient with it's air usage you will want to have your compressor lower than you would think, around 75 PSI usually, but it depends on the wood that the staple is entering. After some practice on your part, the added experience should allow you to begin to judge what is an ideal PSI. You don't want too much pressure with your Bostitch MIIIFS because of the potential to split tongues.

With your nice new hardwood floor, you will see that caring for it is an ongoing process. You have to be careful what you use on said hard wood floors, making sure to only use hardwood-safe products as most household cleaners will damage your floors. Of course sweeping often is a necessity but I prefer to just vacuum the floors because that is more effective getting in between spots on the hardwood floor (use the attachment not the beater bar of course!) Know your finishes but in general even water you will not want to use - just get a damp mop, rung out well, and use that.