November 8, 2008

Toro Leaf Blower 51599 sales

Fall is leaving us for Winter as most people are finishing up raking / blowing their lawns in preparation for snow-fall (at least up here!) This season went well for us. Having a large yard with plenty of huge oak and ash trees usually results in a sore back from nightly raking after work.

This summer though we decided to get a head start on Fall and get a Toro Leaf Blower 51599. I like not having to charge it, despite having to venture around the yard with a cord. It's with it to be able to vacuum / blow leaves. With the vacuum function, you can take a huge pile of leaves and have them in a bag quickly. The power of this machine is something one would not expect to get from an electrical blower. Most are used to a gas blower with oil run-off and an overkill with power. The Toro provides similar power without the smell and dripping, and the cumbersome weight too.


Big tip when using your Toro blower - avoid wet leaves. This should be common sense as any leaf blower / vacuum will get clogged, but you would be surprised at some of the reviews complaining about wet leaves ruining the machine.


The Toro Electric Blower Vacuum is so efficient when vacuuming that your bag amount will reduce in half as opposed to raking the yard. That's not to mention the absurd amount of time you are saving being able to blower all the leaves in a pile and instantly vacuum them up. We loved the value of the Toro at the 100$ or so we spent, but with Fall season passing the Toro Blower 51599 is on sale for 69$ and free shipping at Amazon.