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Lakers blow Spurs out for 2-0 lead

Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The LA Lakers did not need a furious comeback to win this game. Instead Kobe Bryant and the rest of the gang got to joke around at the end of a 30 point blowout at home against the defending champs, the San Antonio Spurs. How many huge road losses can these prideful old warriors take?

Just glance at some of the numbers and you can see the Spurs struggled beyond belief. They had two players score over double digits - Tim Duncan with 12 and Tony Parker leading the team with 13 points! SA finished with 71 points on .345% shooting including 6 / 23 from threes and a meager 5 / 10 free throws. Unbelievable numbers for these Spurs, despite how offensively-challenged they can look at times.

The story of the game was Lamar Odom coming out of his mini slump to perform efficiently as Kobe Bryant's number 1 sidekick in this bout. Odom dominated with his length, snatching 12 rebounds and 4 blocked shots to go with 20 points on 7 / 10 shooting, 6 / 8 from the line. When Lamar Odom is not shooting on the perimeter but instead using his athleticism to drive and create shots for himself and teammates, he is one of the most versatile players in the game. It was Odom and Bryant who put the Spurs away for good to start the third quarter.

Also not to be overlooked is the play of a few Laker guards who turned their play around. Derek Fisher recovered from an awful 1 / 9 night in Game 1 to record 11 points on 4 / 5 shooting and 3 / 3 free throws. Matching him was Jordan Farmar, who had been struggling throughout the entire playoffs. Throughout the year he was putting in almost 10 points a game and 1.5 threes a game in just 20 minutes. His efficient play was missed in the playoffs but he has a solid game with 14 points on 5 / 7 shooting including 2 threes. Granted he played some of that during garbage time but was playing when it was close too (he had an outstanding dunk on Ime Udoka).

Then there is that Kobe Bryant guy who won the MVP of the NBA. He shot just 1 / 5 from three point land but was 9 / 12 with the rest of his shots from the floor for 22 points 5 rebounds 5 assists. This game hardly required Kobe's best effort as evidenced by his 1 free throw attempt but his outing was efficient nonetheless.

Obviously these next two games in San Antonio are of prime importance for this year but are telling for the future as well. If the Lakers trounce the Spurs in SA like they did in this game, it could effectively be the passing of the torch in the Western Conference. Ironic in that the Lakers had sort of passed the torch to San Antonio after the Shaq / Kobe threepeat days in the mid-2000's.

Remember, the Lakers are doing this without youngster Andrew Bynum, and their robbery of Memphis for Pau Gasol has put them in an even more favorable position heading into the next 4-5 years of NBA basketball.

That said don't expect those Spurs to roll over and die, no matter the deficit. Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals is Sunday Night at 830 Eastern Time.