May 27, 2008

College High School Wrestling sites

ESPN and Yahoo cover the major sports well but I'm a big fan of amateur wrestling and had a problem finding a quality site to keep up with the daily news going on in the College and High School Wrestling world. Most of the sites I found were built poorly, or you could tell they were not updated consistently.

I was checking around the UMN blogs and found a College Wrestling News website. There is a Wrestling Fan that updates the site with wrestling rankings, videos, news, and even has a wrestling talk forum.

Within this network of wrestling sites there is also a wrestling rankings website that has user-created content for each and every state. Basically it is providing a medium for groups of wrestlers / wrestling fans to keep track of the matches and overall rankings throughout the country. Having all of that data at one website makes for some interesting yet simple analysis of the best wrestlers in High School.

NCAA College Wrestling Ranking News