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Tagaytay Bistro Saratoga Organic Food


An enticing restaurant has opened up in Tagaytay City, by the name of The Bistro Saratoga. The Healthy Gourmet Menu provides the first all organic food in the Philippines thanks to the work of Jacqueline Haessig Alleje.

Because of it's nature of being all organic, the restaurant relies on fresh local goods instead of imports. This provides extra work for locals as well, considering the vegetables are picked from Flowerside Farm and Tagaytay Highland Plantation Hills.

The protein dishes revolve around seafood and chicken, raised without synthetic chemicals. Even the condiments are carefully chosen to include healthy fats. My personal favorite are the fruit and vegetable smoothies available.

Being a true chicken fan, the Coriander Pesto Free Range Spring Chicken caught my eye. The pesto is great and it is served with Rosemary Marble Potatoes. Whole Wheat Squash Ravioli made from semonila flour looked good as well.

Quality restaurants such as the Bistro Saratoga provide a change from the poor choices at fast food restaurants. With an option such as this, people will start to see and feel the difference after eating here. Best part is the food is local, providing jobs in addition to superior taste and health benefits. If you're in the beautiful Tagaytay City, drop in on Bistro Saratoga for a wonderful organic meal.


There are more great restos scattered around the Philippine provinces. Especially around the rural areas. Look closely enough and you might find some gems.

Its a great resource for Filipinos visiting Tagaytay.

Is this place suitable for weddings? I will try to look for it, in case.


I agree with Ron sometimes you get really lucky in the philippines provinces, there are great restaurants and if you get the chance to try some home-cooking, YOU SHOULD!


Growing organic is now getting popular around the world. If i will going to visit Tagaytay, i will check out The Bistro Saratoga.

I am going to visit Tagaytay.I will check out The bistro Saratoga