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Fish Green Lake, Chisago County MN


In the past I've spent some time on Green Lake, catching some nice size Walleyes. Crappies are prominent as well, but from what I've gathered from some friends is that we can find some nice Large Mouth Bass.

The depth of Green Lake is impressive, I believe maxing out at about 33 inches deep. In turn, I'm planning on spending some time in the deepest depths of Green Lake in hopes of uncovering some of the biggest large mouth bass Green Lake has to offer. Expecting less bites than I would find if I was in the south part of the lake, but more upside in terms of coming across a sizable largemouth is concerned. We'll see.

Get bass fishing experience

Maybe the first disclaimer a professional bass fisherman would give would be that you will have to exhibit patience throughout if you wish to learn and be successful. Reading up before hand will allow you to have some knowledge heading in, but there is only so much you can do ahead of time. Most of your learning will be out on the lake, understanding the nuances of the fish and their thought process in different settings.


When first visiting a lake, be observant and consider the variables that might be in play; depth of lake, whether the lake is clear, time of day, etc. There are some general ideas for starting off to give you some sort of direction. For one, if it's a quiet day on the lake so far you may wish to explore deeper structures with something like a spinner.

As far as catching a bass, it will depend on what type / size you are targeting. If you are expecting a smallmouth bass, try smaller rubber worms or plastic worms. I find that hooking the worms in the center provides you with a bait that won't pick up lily pads and seaweed, but will do a fine job reeling in bass. A large mouth bass is going to require a bigger room to attract it's attention, somewhere around 7".

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