The New HBK Is Back

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1-17-1999 Snowblast Casey Wittner Tony Peters

Year 2 of the greatest backyard wrestling yahoo fantasy football league has started.

We have two new entrants this year; the Magnificent Bastard Reid Linwood and the New HBK Shawn Williams. It stands to reason this could be the best season ever. But, it will be hard-pressed to beat the Championship Final between Carl Durant and Tony Flash Peters that was almost as good as their Snowblast 99 match.

TWA fantasy draft Tony Peters Eric Zerwas

We've been posting some great clips from 1998 WCW Thunder on the TWA youtube channel. Also I found a video from a December 1998 WCW Saturday Night episode as Hole-in-One Barry Darsow is hilarious as he shows Tokyo Magnum how to putt, then drops the elbow on him.


One of the greats in wrestling has passed today, as Bill Moody (Percy Pringle WCCW and Paul Bearer) has left us. Everyone remembers him with the Undertaker in the WWF but Bill was one of the classic guys in wrestling that helped build the business in the 80's and onward.


Now one from the only-in-the-TWA department:


Everyone knows Tony is going to come back in 2013 and not only hit his New Years resolutions, but he will notch another TWA title win at Snowblast 2013

It's like Snowblast 1999 all over again in the TWA. Tony Flash Peters and Carl Durant for the Yahoo Fantasy Football 2012 Championship. Carl Durant defeated Dominator Eric Zerwas and Tony Peters defeated Jake Gale.

It's just a great year just like every other. 1-17-99-jeanpeters.png


Road to 10,000 for the TWA Wrestling videos continues. So many great videos, we now have 200 total videos on youtube. Thanks to Brad the Boar and Jimmy the Kid and Tony Flash Peters and all those special people that made it all happen.

Triple Threat Wrestling Promos

Y2Peters found Chris Jericho's first wcw title win. It is truly rare footage, just look at the camera work.

The date was June 28th 1997, WCW Saturday Night. Syxx was the opponent, who had just wrestle Rey Mysterio in a long match and was then against Jericho. Finish was kind of weak though. Petersen would have steaknifed him and made it look good.

Rey Mysterio vs. Syxx-Cruiserweight title by Stinger1981

It is now time to share a website of a former TWA champion. The Magnificent Bastard now has Wrestling Gold, a Professional Wrestling Podcast. I know this is going to be entertaining because I have heard Linwood announce matches before. I would not be surprised to see Casey Williams on this wrestling podcast, he and Linwood were the best calling matches. That is, until Dynasty Warriors 8 unlock Lu Bu took over his life.

Recently it looks like they got to see Hacksaw Jim Duggan wrestle Sl...ahem Arik Cannon in Duluth Minnesota. I wish I could have seen it but if you check out their website you can see for yourself. Also be prepared to see other stars from the past like WWF Sunny, Honky Tonk Man, and more.

WCW Referees late 1990's

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Referees are some of the funniest parts of wrestling. Well, not modern wrestling because anything post-WCW sucks. But how about Scott Dickinson with Jericho and Ralphus in WCW? Great storyline, hilarious TV watching them screw Perry Saturn. Oh and of course Joseph Nicholas Patrick Hamilton Jr. aka Nick Patrick.


Real Name: Eric Zerwas
Resides in: Forest Lake, MN
Occupation: Minnesota Visalus Distributor
Height: 6'2
Weight: 245 pounds
Age: 18
Finisher: Dominator Fisherman Suplex
Titles Held: IC Title (1)
Theme Music: Ken Shamrock
History and Fun Facts: The "Dominator" made his debut in early September in an attempt to take TWA over with the other "Cox". He learned to wrestle back when he was a member of the FLWA, a rival organization that he was in before he joined TWA. Although Eagle and Linwood have enjoyed more success, Zerwas has also created a nice win/loss record for himself. His power, brains, and high-flying ability has given him one of the most well rounded arsenals of wrestling skills in the TWA ever. Many say his power even exceeds that of the 300 pound monster known as Tony Peters. At times his opponents claim he is "unbeatable" if he keeps himself focused on the match. After the disintegration of the Cox, Eric took a chance in singles competition and eventually fueded with Arik Howie when their personalities clashed. Zerwas captured the IC Title a little after this, but he couldn't overcome the backstage politics that have hounded him his entire career in the TWA, and has quit to pursue other goals. Rumors claims that Zerwas was on the return to wrestle Andy "The Krusher" Kne, but this rumor blew over and the match never occurred. Eric is currently employed at Novak's Car Dealership, and enjoys playing football and watching wrestling, while learning from his idol, The Rock of the WWF.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut September 27th 1999
Final Appearance - TWA Uncut February 27th 2000

Note: Eric Zerwas is retired from the TWA and is not planning on wrestling for the TWA anytime soon. Dominator was involved in College Wrestling in the mid 2000's..


Matt Jacobson. This guy reeked of TWA potential from the minute I met him. I could see him feuding with Justin and Iceberg over Woodson. He also danced with Willams. Next TWA we're sending Jimmy to pick Matt up along the way to Rusty and Dusty's house.


Credit Forest Lake Wedding Photographers

Willams works the mic

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We just missed Justin Webber's speech which is unfortunate because I heard he talked about TWA the whole time. But Shawn Willams dazzled the crowd with his HBK-like mic skills and taunts a member of another fed (Isaac).


Real Name: Brad Spencer
Resides In: Scandia, MN
Works At: Assisted Living in Forest Lake
Height: 6'0
Weight: 211 pounds
Age: 17
Finisher: The Boar Stunner into a Boar Soar Splash
Titles Held: TWA World Heavyweight Champion (1), TWA Hardcore Title (3), TWA Royal Rumble Belt (1), TWA Tag Team Titles (2) with Jimmy
Theme Music: Push It by Static X
History and Fun Facts: Like Jimmy, Brad was brought up as a hardcore fan, and has transferred his hardcore knowledge into the ring. Both Spencers are strong, resilient, and big, but Brad seems to be just a little stronger, just a little more resilient, and just a little bigger than cousin Jimmy. The two Spencer's weren't a tag team right away, not until Brad had defeated Jimmy in 2 well-fought matches between the two. While great wrestlers when wrestling singles matches, with Brad's leadership, they have formed a tough team that'll back down from no one. Like Jimmy, Brad made his TWA debut in early September, and won the TWA Royal Rumble belt within weeks. After not being impressed with the belt, he threw it away and came up with the Hardcore Title. One of Brad's more notable fueds was with Jimmy, which lasted a month, with Brad often getting the better of the younger cousin James. Once the two Spencers formed a team, they quickly went after the tag team champions (Italian Mafia) and took their belts from them. They then reformed the NWO with Carl Durant, and kept their tag titles for 2 months with the help of Durant. They lost them to Greeken and the Magnificent Bastard, but won them back in a matter of weeks. During this time, Brad defeated the TWA Champion, Polish Eagle, and won the World Title! He lost the Tag straps to the newly formed team of Reid and Shawn, but is currently holding the TWA World Title and awaiting what looks to be the most dangerous match in TWA history, a First Blood Match against his disgruntled cousin Jimmy, at The Champ of the Tramp.. He is also one of the few TWA wrestlers to travel overseas as he wrestled at the Costa Rica Web Hosting tournament with wrestlers all over the world. In his free-time, Bradley enjoys playing video games with James Spencer. Brad also enjoys watching the Detroit Lions via television screen and playing foosball with Jimmy. Brad's role model also happens to be his favorite wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin of the WWF.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut September 27th

Justin The Web Webber

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Justin "The Web" Webber


Real Name: Justin Webber
Resides In: North Branch, MN
Height: 6'1
Weight: 180 pounds
Age: 17
Titles Held: TWA World Title (2), TWA IC Title (2), TWA Champ of the Tramp 1999, TWA Tag Team with Madmat02 (1)
Theme Music: DX
History and Fun Facts: Justin Webber is 1/3 of the Founding Fathers of the TWA, and was in the first ever TWA match against Shawn Willams. Web does what he wants, shows up when he wants, and it has worked for him so far in his TWA career. His Tae Kwon Do background has helped him win at least a few matches, and he is in absolutely terrific shape, which helps him outlast his competitors. He started the fed with a big 3-way fued with him, Willams and Peters, until Web joined Shawn to form the NWO. NWO lasted until summer when Arik Howie influenced Shawn and gave him the idea to kick Justin out the NWO. NWO died out when Web was gone from it, but Web rebounded the same night to win the Champ of the Tramp single elimination tournament. Web was basically the front runner for the TWA IC Title throughout the entire summer with Arik Howie in the stiffest fued in TWA history. Web fueded with Howie and Willams throughout the summer, and often got the better of them, being that they were also fueding with Peters and Miller and couldn't concentrate on Web alone. Web even took Shawn's TWA World Title, but was cheated out of it a week after he won it. One of Justin's few downpoints of his TWA career was when his partner and friend Chris Smothers was paralyzed by Carl Miller after several implant DDT's. Web wasn't too happy about this, but bounced back to lead TWA vs. the rebellious Cox. Justin is currently preaching the importance of "family", with his sister Charles and brother MadMat02. With the help of Charles, Mat and Justin captured the TWA Tag Titles, but soon lost them to the devious Spencers. To say anyone in TWA has made a bigger impact than Justin is false, and it's just a matter of time before the Web finds himself on top of the federation like he's used to be. Justin has actually gave his notice to TWA that he won't be able to participate, and more importantly, not be able to wrestle again due to a busy schedule, filled with hobbies such as working and the military. Everyone in TWA including me wish Justin good luck in the future and hope he fulfills his dreams.

Web Webber 2002 update - Webber came over to guest referee in the final tWa at North Branch and even performed his patented tombstone piledriver on Shafer.
First Appearance - Non-Televised - Summer 1998
First Appearance - Televised - "The Match" December 3rd 1998
Final Appearance - TWA April 25th 2002