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11-16-1999 Zerwas IC Title

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TWA Uncut November 16th

-1st Match - TWA Hardcore Title Match - Jimmy Spencer defends against Tony Peters
Match was hot and sloppy, the usual for these two superstars. Tony had some of the weakest chair shots ever seen on TWA, and he even did a splash on Jimmy with the chair on Jimmy which hurt Jimmy even more! Jimmy then beat up Tony "Boobson" with a candy cane, and nearly decapitated the overweight 18 year old. Tony came back with a Steaknife on the chair, which gave him the pin!
Winner and new TWA Hardcore Champion - Tony Peters! (1)

-Interview with Tony
Tony wanted a friend, and asked for a slave match against Brad. Brad said that he'd only get into the ring with Tony Boobson in a slave match, so the match was signed.

-2nd Match - TWA Hardcore Match - Tony defends against Bradley
The two went back and forth for the majority of the match, with Brad mouthing off to Tony. Tony nearly had the pin when he hit that big 300 pound splash of his. Tony kept that hot smile on his face the entire match, and well, it was a great idea since the smile is the key to success. After Tony hit a big sidewalk slam, Brad got him up and low blowed him, then hit him with a Stunner and a Boar Soar for the pin! Brad was the winner and Tony was Brad's slave at this point. Brad celebrated by dancing and showing crack.
Winner and new TWA Hardcore Champion - Brad Spencer! (2)

-3rd Match - TWA World Title Match - Reid defends against Shawn Willams
Willams walked out. Linwood walked out. FLHS wrestling superstar Josh Galle was the special guest commentator, and did a super job. The two put on their usual real wrestling match, with Willams doing everything he can to win the match. Jimmy Spencer also did commentary, and he proved to be quite the sensemaker. Jacob Gale even attempted to do commentary, but he just said "oh" a few times. Senior official Benny Bottlecap was the referee, and he did a super job like usual. Some fan even flashed a flashlight into the camera a few times during the match! TWA Security came out during the match and hit Linwood, and Willams paid him off and then attacked him. Willams then hit the Superkick into the pinfall for the win. The 4-man announce crew did a super job the entire match, and Kip Krasean even did commentary, much to the approval of Jacob Gale. Linwood's title reign ended at 1 week, and Shawn Willams captured his 5th World Title. Reid Linwood came back after the match to hit a chair that Shawn was holding which caused Shawn to hit himself in the face with the chair, which was called a Van Daminator by Kip Krasean.
Winner and new TWA World Champ - Shawn Willams (5)

-4th Match - IC Title Match - Arik defends against Eric
Zerwas came out to a Dominator chant. It was then announced that he missed TWA the week before because of hunting. Howie then came out and made fun of Dominator for going hunting. Dominator came back with "It's none of your business if I go huntin', now you're my hunted!" Great match between two superstars, with Howie cheating and Zerwas showcasing his inhuman strength. Justin came out when the ref was bumped, which was early in the match, and Justin pedigreed Howie outside of the ring! Zerwas then suplexed Howie, and got the 1-2-3, even though both men's shoulders were down on the ground. Zerwas celebrated with the fans, and Zerwas was quite happy to win his first TWA Title.
Winner and new TWA IC Champ - Eric Zerwas (1)

- That's right folks, all 4 matches resulted in title changes!


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