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12-27-1999 Sanddoggy Restless Trio

TWA Uncut December 27th prelude to Snowblast 1999-2000

- Vignette of the Restless Trio and Justin
Shawn told Justin that he'd have to defend his tag titles despite Madmat02 not being at the show. They said they'd get him a tag partner. The Restless Trio then found Sanddoggy, who was urinating on a pole. Sanddoggy wanted to go to California, but the Restless Trio told him they'd get him a gold belt. Sanddoggy said he wrestled for his high school and he pinned a guy. The Restless Trio then went with Sanddoggy to explain some details about his wrestling situation.

- First Match - Carl Miller vs. Arik Howie
Shawn and Reid came out with Arik, and Shawn smoked a cigar. Both men were completely covered with clothing, being that it was cold. The announcer said that after this Uncut, there was to be Snowblast 99', the last PPV of the century. This match was dominated by Howie the whole time, thanks in part to Willams and Linwood cheating. Carl made a comeback with a clothesline that missed, but Howie was hurt from something. Willams and Reid then came in and threw the referee into the snow. Willams gave Carl a Puckett Driver. Reid and Willams then left and put the referee back in. Carl made a comeback at this point, which infuriated The other members of the Restless Trio. Carl then got a quick Implant DDT for the 1-2-3, while Willams and Reid were playing in the snow. Howie then attacked him after the match and put him into the Howie Pretzel
Winner via pinfall - Carl Miller

- Second Match - TWA Tag Title Match - Sanddoggy and Justin Webber vs. The Spencer Boyz
The Spencer Bras came out with cigars, and were actually smoking them! Sanddoggy took the punishment from both Spencers for most of the match, until Webber, who was smoking a cigar, came in and took out both Spencers. Sanddoggy then pulled off some interesting moves of his own, until he noticed Brad's crack and stopped attacking him. He tagged in Justin, and Justin reverted back to his old form and took out both Spencers. The Spencers came back when Brad did two Stunners on both of his opponents. Brad then set up Justin for the STD, and got the 1-2-3 while Sanddoggy played in the snow. They then brought Sanddoggy in the ring and gave him an STD. Jimmy then gave Justin a Jimmyliner.
Winner via pinfall and new Tag Team Champions - The Spencers (1)

- Third Match - IC Title Match - Eric Zerwas vs. Reid Linwood
Shawn came out with Reid, and said that they need better cameras. Justin and Tony did camera and announce, and they were extremely funny. Tony even made sense and said "I am so exciting I can't wait for Snowblast to occur". Tony then said Shawn and Reid suck ass. Reid eventually won this rather quick match with Simply Magnificent to capture his second TWA Title. Tony asked Dominator if buggets or boxes are better. Dominator said Boxes. Tony said he was right. Funny joke by Peters. Watch this match if you haven't, you'll hear two of the smartest men speak for 10 straight minutes.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA IC Champion - Reid Linwood (1)

- Vignette of Sanddoggy and Willams
Sanddoggy said Willams cost him a belt of gold. Tony came in and Steaknifed Shawn, and Sanddoggy.

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