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9 27 99 Uncut Cox + Spencers

TWA Uncut September 27th "Arrival of the Cox"

First Match - Justin "The Web" Webber vs. Jimmy "The Kid" Spencer

Typical hot TWA match with Justin "The Web" Webber using his height advantage to get the upperhand against the newcomer Jimmy Spencer. Jimmy was dominating Web after 2 minutes of wrestling until the Cox made their debut, taking out the referee, Justin, and Jimmy Spencer. Web received a superkick, while Cameron and Jimmy received spinning DVD's for their troubles. Cox had an interview after, with Polish Eagle introducing Reid Linwood and Eric Zerwas. Eagle claimed Zerwas is the strongest man in wrestling. He also made note of the fact that Reid doesn't have a gimmick. Eagle gave out an open challenge to anyone in TWA, then left the ring.
-Match was thrown out

Second Match - Royal Rumble - Carl Miller vs. Bradley Spencer start match
Brad made his debut here, coming out to a huge face pop. Willams was the next man in, and he teamed up with his partner Carl Miller to take out the Boar. Boar made a comeback with a double jumpkick on Miller and Willams! A Boar Soar splash took Miller out, while Willams received 3 jumpkicks. The commentator gave notice of how Brad has had many underwear shots during the course of the match, which is quite the interesting fact. Justin Webber was the next entry into the match, showing fatigue from just wrestling the last match. Cox came out shortly after Webber arrived, and the immediate intention was to grab Brad and eliminate him. Brad got a Cradle Piledriver outside the ring, while Eagle decided to do color commentary. Smothers came out and cleaned house, taking out TWA champ Carl Miller with the Backbubble. In an unprecedented event, Justin held up Carl Miller for his partner Shawn Willams to hit, but Willams instead hit Webber! Tony Peters, who the announcer mentioned was the "Super Heavyweight" of the TWA, was the next entry. Peters, Webber, and Smothers teamed up on Willams and Miller. Smothers was just about to be eliminated when Jimmy made his Royal Rumble debut. Meanwhile, Willams accidentally kicked Miller out of the ring and out of the match. Tony eliminated Jimmy, then Tony was eliminated from behind by his good friend Smothers, while Willams hit Webber with the Puckett Driver! Smothers then diverted his attention towards Miller, while Willams knocked Webber out of the ring. Miller hit Smothers with a DDT, then Willams rolled him out for the win and the Royal Rumble Title. Cox then routed everyone in the ring, then TWA cut to a commercial.
Winner via elimination and new Royal Rumble Champion - Shawn Willams (1)

Third Match - Brad, Tony, and Justin vs. Cox
Brad comes out to challenge the Cox in a 3 on 1 match. Cox accept challenge, but Tony and Justin come out to help Brad in his war. Tony donned the "Dominator" jacket, attracting Zerwas immediately. Referee Tim Cameron did a horrible job of keeping the match under control, being that 6 men were in the ring at nearly all times. The story behind this match was Zerwas vs. Peters, the two big men, dominating the match. The match was nearly lost by the Cox when Peters hooked Linwood in the Buzzkiller, but was broken up by the Dominator. After a long, grueling match, Tony hit Eagle with the Steaknife to claim victory for him and his team. The Cox were disgruntled after this match, while Peters, Webber, and Boar celebrated.
Winners via pinfall - Peters, Justin, and Boar

-Interview with Smothers
Smothers announced his formal retirement, saying he was paralyzed after several DDT's via Carl Miller earlier in the show. Miller then came out and attacked Smothers with more DDT's until Willams came out and attacked Smothers. The two laid it into Smothers and threw him out of the ring. Willams then challenged his partner Miller for a World Title match, which resulted in a big argument between the two. Willams hit Miller with a superkick, to start an impromptu match. Tony finally came out to help Smothers, but threw him off the deck! Tony then helped Smothers back to the top of the deck only to throw him off again! Camera then went to a shot showing Justin and Brad running! Meanwhile, Shawn was continuing to dominate the match, while Smothers sat down to do commentary. The ending was super climatic, with Shawn missing a super kick and Carl DDTing him for the victory to retain his TWA World Title
Winner via pinfall and still TWA Champ - Carl Miller

- Fifth Match - Tony Peters vs. Polish Eagle
Tony came out to a HUGE pop. The camera man asked for the ref to check Tone's tits, which did occur. Spectacular match with Peters doing ski-hi's left and right. In one of the most memorable moments in TWA history, the Polish Eagle picked up Tony Peters, which was the first time the fat man has ever been lifted up in the air by another man in his entire life! However, Eagle couldn't get the job done even with Cox interference, and Tony pulled the victory off and advanced to fight Carl Miller next week for the World title after a huge steaknife.
Winner via pinfall- Tony Peters

- Sixth Match - Hardcore Match for IC title shot vs. Iceburg next Monday...Willams vs. Zerwas vs. Bradley
Type of match that most TWA viewers have never seen before, with Zerwas and Brad pulling off some of the most extreme spots ever seen in TWA. Zerwas did a flying tornado DDT off the top, but the pin was broken up by Willams. During the match, Willams let the two big guys fight while he watched, and it was obvious that this type of match isn't his forte'. At one point, all the Cox teamed up and smashed Brad in the head with cookie sheets. Zerwas even went so extreme as to bring Brad to the steel fence and brutaly throw him into it! Zerwas even pulled off a rocker dropper on the grass. Zerwas ended it when he did a death drop onto the contrete while the Cox took Willams out. Willams recovered after Zerwas won to give both Brad and Zerwas a superkick, but it was for a lost cause, as Zerwas was the one to meet Iceburg next Monday.
Winner via pinfall- Eric Zerwas

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