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Arik Suicidal Howie


Real Name: Arik "Suicidal" Howie
Resides In: Hugo, MN
Height: 5'11
Weight: 160 pounds
Age: 16
Finisher: Howie Drop and Howie Ball
Titles Held: TWA Tag Team Championship w/ Shawn Willams (1), TWA IC Title (4)
Theme Music: "We're Not Going To Take It Anymore" by Less Than Jacob
History and Fun Facts: Arik Howie made his TWA debut in early June, aligning himself with Shawn Willams almost instantly. Carried fued with Carl and Tony the whole summer. Eventually beat Justin Webber for the IC Title, and defended it consistently for a few months. The "Suicidal" one will do almost anything for Shawn Willams, often ending up in him doing the "dirty" work for Shawn. Howie has always been a sound technical wrestler, and has just recently found himself as a terrific high-flyer. One of his most memorable fueds was a 1 week fued with Benny "Bottlecap", which occurred when Ben won the IC Title from Arik but then Arik captured it back on the next show. Arik was one of the few wrestlers (along with Willams) who didn't get involved with the Cox business when they planned to take TWA over. With his "take no prisoners" mentality, he has helped put many wrestlers on the shelf, including Justin Webber and the late Chris Smothers. Opponents often think they have him when he actually has his opponents where he wants them. Arik finally got his shot against Tony Peters for the World Heavyweight Title, but the Restless Duos' plan backfired and Tony retained. Arik then split up with Shawn Willams, and attempted to gain success by himself. This never occurred, and Arik lost his reason to wrestle and retired after he lost an "I Quit" match against Shawn Willams at Schitt Happens. He retired 2 weeks laters, only to become Phantom. "Phantom" was just a disguise to get the World Title, and Arik is currently back with his friend Shawn Willams. Arik enjoys playing Resident Evil: Code Veronica and chillin' in his free time, and also likes to play with Bryan Bohenstingle.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut June 14th 1999

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