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Justin The Web Webber

Justin "The Web" Webber


Real Name: Justin Webber
Resides In: North Branch, MN
Height: 6'1
Weight: 180 pounds
Age: 17
Titles Held: TWA World Title (2), TWA IC Title (2), TWA Champ of the Tramp 1999, TWA Tag Team with Madmat02 (1)
Theme Music: DX
History and Fun Facts: Justin Webber is 1/3 of the Founding Fathers of the TWA, and was in the first ever TWA match against Shawn Willams. Web does what he wants, shows up when he wants, and it has worked for him so far in his TWA career. His Tae Kwon Do background has helped him win at least a few matches, and he is in absolutely terrific shape, which helps him outlast his competitors. He started the fed with a big 3-way fued with him, Willams and Peters, until Web joined Shawn to form the NWO. NWO lasted until summer when Arik Howie influenced Shawn and gave him the idea to kick Justin out the NWO. NWO died out when Web was gone from it, but Web rebounded the same night to win the Champ of the Tramp single elimination tournament. Web was basically the front runner for the TWA IC Title throughout the entire summer with Arik Howie in the stiffest fued in TWA history. Web fueded with Howie and Willams throughout the summer, and often got the better of them, being that they were also fueding with Peters and Miller and couldn't concentrate on Web alone. Web even took Shawn's TWA World Title, but was cheated out of it a week after he won it. One of Justin's few downpoints of his TWA career was when his partner and friend Chris Smothers was paralyzed by Carl Miller after several implant DDT's. Web wasn't too happy about this, but bounced back to lead TWA vs. the rebellious Cox. Justin is currently preaching the importance of "family", with his sister Charles and brother MadMat02. With the help of Charles, Mat and Justin captured the TWA Tag Titles, but soon lost them to the devious Spencers. To say anyone in TWA has made a bigger impact than Justin is false, and it's just a matter of time before the Web finds himself on top of the federation like he's used to be. Justin has actually gave his notice to TWA that he won't be able to participate, and more importantly, not be able to wrestle again due to a busy schedule, filled with hobbies such as working and the military. Everyone in TWA including me wish Justin good luck in the future and hope he fulfills his dreams.

Web Webber 2002 update - Webber came over to guest referee in the final tWa at North Branch and even performed his patented tombstone piledriver on Shafer.
First Appearance - Non-Televised - Summer 1998
First Appearance - Televised - "The Match" December 3rd 1998
Final Appearance - TWA April 25th 2002

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