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Sloppy Joe


Name: SLoPPy Joe
Resides In: Wyoming, MN
Height: 5'6
Weight: 187
Age: 18
Finisher: SLoP SLaM
Titles Held: TWA IC (1), Tag Team Title w/ Phantom (1)
Theme Music: "Carousel" by Blink182
History and Fun Facts:
Terrific wrestler, probably the best wrestler when it comes to knowledge of wrestling holds and moves. Joe has probably made several suplexes, and has mastered nearly all of them. Made his debut when TWA came back after the trampoline broke. First match was in the IC Title Tournament, which he eventually won to gain the title he currently holds. Many opponents have underestimated him, thinking that he's just a rookie in the TWA and he'll be a pushover. Joe has also dumbfounded his opponents by having 3 variations of his infamous SLoP SLaM. Has surprisingly acquired a perfect record since his TWA debut. His good friend Carl Miller claims that "He's such a super wrestler and a super guy, I wouldn't be surprised if he won every match he was in.". He defeated the Polish Eagle in the finals of the IC Title tournament, and has been fueding with the Eagle ever since. Joe has already gained quite the following in the TWA already, and his undefeated record is probably responsible for this. Because of his success, he has also had a lot of top TWA stars after his head like Willams and Howie, who aren't too happy about this hot young star stealing their fame. After a 2 month tenure of holding the IC Title, he lost it to Reid Linwood in an Iron Man Match at TWA Schitt Happens. His knee was injured during the match, and has been out of commission for quite a while. In his spare time, he enjoys Baseball, Hockey, football and watching Mick Foley and other pro wrestlers on television. Joe also gets a kick out of Japanese Wrestling and the art of tape trading.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut February 27th 2000

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