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TWA May PPV Schitt Happens


TWA Schitt Happens

TWA Schitt Happens is the May PPV, and is always great to view. It is the Wrestlemania of the TWA, and you can always expect a few twists and turns throughout the hot PPV. The first Schitt Happens is second only to the first Snowblast as far as TWA PPV's go. It had Tony Peters defeat the crooked Shawn Willams for the World Title, which was Tony's greatest accomplishment in the business. This match set up several matches between the two over the World Title, and many have claimed it's a turning point in TWA history. TWA Schitt Happens 2000 was also quite watchable. It had the appearance of a new wrestler in the TWA, Andy Kne. He challenged the World Champion, Brad Spencer, but was defeated. The other main event matches were Arik Howie vs. Shawn Willams and an Iron Man Match, which pit IC Champion Sloppy Joe vs. challenger Reid Linwood. Even though the PPV wasn't as great and as historically significant as the first, it was still a great TWA PPV, which everyone has come to expect from the annual PPV of the Year, Schitt Happens. Click the links to go straight to the reviews.

TWA Schitt Happens 1999 + 2000

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