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TWA News and Rumors 2000


Hot Newz

10:34 PM Wednesday September 13th 2000

Hi. I didn't do news last week simply because I didn't feel like it and there was really nothing to report. There still isn't, but I guess I could repeat the same things I've been doing for a month and give the card for those who like, want it.

Well Tony is still the hottest topic in the TWA right now. Tony and his cousin Justin Webber had to leave early for Tony's mom's birthday. Anthony told me at TWA that he was going to her 45th birthday party at Old Country Buffet. I talked to him online yesterday and he said he went to her 43rd birthday party at Old Country Buffet. Don't think for a minute that I buy Tony's shit. I already uncovered the lie that was his "wedding party", and why should I believe him again, especially since he made two different stories? Well whatever, it's not like I can force him to come, I just wish he'd tell me if he can come and how late he can stay. Same thing with Webber. Why the ____ would he have to go to his aunt's birthday party? Oh well, I'm sure he had fun. And I'm sure the Peters fam did up OCB like they did back in the WCW days..... That's another thing. Tony looks bigger. Way bigger. Just send his ass to WCW already. Well maybe I'm just thinking he's xtra big because he had a band shirt on.
Him and Justin had an interesting match against Shawn Michaels. It looked as if they tried to intentionally hurt Pockett, but Tony denies it. I watched the tape and it looked like he dropped Pockett right on his head, which he's done before. Justin then came in and kicked Pockett really hard. The match was very sloppy after that as it looked like Mullet was spending more time either recooperating or protecting himself then faking. Pockett is fine I think though.
I actually enjoyed TWA. Maybe it was Boobson and Justin coming back. Or maybe it was Boar doing a running buttsit and slipping and falling on his cock. I think it was Adam though. It's like when all new kids come, they always look funny because they don't really know what they are doing. His performance reminded me of when Kid Mike came to TWA.
Boar really got his ass kicked Monday. Galle f'ed up his wrist somehow, I didn't catch it. He slipped and fell on his cock, which I mentioned earlier. He was also on the receiving end of some extremely fast broom swings by Adam. Boar was right when he said he swung the thing like "Mike McGwire" would swing a baseball bat. I guess the Galle thing hurt the most since he has some type of brace or something.
Well everyone has been whining to me about having it, so I decided to have the Master of the Gimmicks Match tournament start Monday. I'm going to get rid of the tag belts and hardcore title, and just have this new belt, IC, and the World. The first round is last man standing matches, second round is tables match, and the final is a first blood match. The final is jimmy vs. boar, and jimmy is losing so i guess that means jimmy is bleeding. I don't think he wants to, but he hasn't told me he won't do it.
Oh ya, Boar came up to me Monday and said "Next week could I at least win 1 match!?!??!". I absolutely hate when people do this, because I try to explain to him how he's not "winning" anything but he'll just come and do it the next time he loses. I also reminded him that he only won about 6 straight matches when he won the hardcore title. Nearly everyone has done this in the past, although the question might be a bit different, but basically the same thing. I'll just say it now that that totally annoys me and saying it to me will more than likely result in me giving you the opposite of what you ask.
I'm done wrestling too. As soon as I saw Casey, Tony, and Justin f the ending up I just figured I waited long enough and I'd rather just be all-time camera or all-time ref. I enjoy doing camera/announcing when the weather is decent, which it is now. Oh well, maybe I'll ref too so I can make sure people don't f it fedup and so I can get a cheap cop on Boobson when I get to check him before the match. Anyway, onto the card.

- Willams and Howie Interview - Jimmy and Galle will get their titles stripped, and Arik will give up his hardcore title in order to create the Master of the Gimmicks Match Belt. Shawn then announces that for the co-main event, the match that everyone in the TWA has wanted for years will happen when Boobson wrestles Justin one on one.
- First Round - Last Man Standing Match - Jake Gale vs. Bradley Spencer
- First Round - Last Man Standing Match - Arik Howie vs. Reid Linwood
- First Round - Last Man Standing Match - Jimmy vs. Shawn Willams
- First Round - Last Man Standing Match - Adam vs. Sloppy Joseph
- Vignette of Carl getting attacked by Shawn and Arik by the garage or something.
- Second Round - Table Match - Brad Spencer vs. Arik Howie
- Second Round - Table Match - Jimmy vs. Adam
- IC Title Match - Return Match - Carl w/ Alyse defends against Shawn Willams w/ Arik
Willams will dominate the entire match but won't be able to put him away. Carl sets up for the DDT but Arik gets behind him and Howie drops him for the DQ. They beat Carl up until Reid comes out and cleans house.
- Justin Webber vs. Anthony Peters
The two will have a long match and it'll end with another DQ!!!!! Jimmy, Galle, and John (if he comes) will come out and beat both men up.
- Third Round - First Blood - Brad vs. Jimmy
Brad wins with something spectacular....they'll figure it out since they're willing to bleed for this shit.

I might add some matches for the lucky ones that don't get to wrestle more than once. I don't know, I think this might be good if everyone comes actually. Justin vs. Tony should be really hot and so should the First Blood, as one would expect.



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