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Eric Dominator Zerwas Forest Lake MN


Real Name: Eric Zerwas
Resides in: Forest Lake, MN
Occupation: Minnesota Visalus Distributor
Height: 6'2
Weight: 245 pounds
Age: 18
Finisher: Dominator Fisherman Suplex
Titles Held: IC Title (1)
Theme Music: Ken Shamrock
History and Fun Facts: The "Dominator" made his debut in early September in an attempt to take TWA over with the other "Cox". He learned to wrestle back when he was a member of the FLWA, a rival organization that he was in before he joined TWA. Although Eagle and Linwood have enjoyed more success, Zerwas has also created a nice win/loss record for himself. His power, brains, and high-flying ability has given him one of the most well rounded arsenals of wrestling skills in the TWA ever. Many say his power even exceeds that of the 300 pound monster known as Tony Peters. At times his opponents claim he is "unbeatable" if he keeps himself focused on the match. After the disintegration of the Cox, Eric took a chance in singles competition and eventually fueded with Arik Howie when their personalities clashed. Zerwas captured the IC Title a little after this, but he couldn't overcome the backstage politics that have hounded him his entire career in the TWA, and has quit to pursue other goals. Rumors claims that Zerwas was on the return to wrestle Andy "The Krusher" Kne, but this rumor blew over and the match never occurred. Eric is currently employed at Novak's Car Dealership, and enjoys playing football and watching wrestling, while learning from his idol, The Rock of the WWF.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut September 27th 1999
Final Appearance - TWA Uncut February 27th 2000

Note: Eric Zerwas is retired from the TWA and is not planning on wrestling for the TWA anytime soon. Dominator was involved in College Wrestling in the mid 2000's..

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