September 23, 2013

The New HBK Is Back

1-17-1999 Snowblast Casey Wittner Tony Peters

Year 2 of the greatest backyard wrestling yahoo fantasy football league has started.

We have two new entrants this year; the Magnificent Bastard Reid Linwood and the New HBK Shawn Williams. It stands to reason this could be the best season ever. But, it will be hard-pressed to beat the Championship Final between Carl Durant and Tony Flash Peters that was almost as good as their Snowblast 99 match.

TWA fantasy draft Tony Peters Eric Zerwas

August 13, 2012

TWA Independent Wrestling Videos


Road to 10,000 for the TWA Wrestling videos continues. So many great videos, we now have 200 total videos on youtube. Thanks to Brad the Boar and Jimmy the Kid and Tony Flash Peters and all those special people that made it all happen.

Triple Threat Wrestling Promos

August 22, 2010

Willams works the mic

We just missed Justin Webber's speech which is unfortunate because I heard he talked about TWA the whole time. But Shawn Willams dazzled the crowd with his HBK-like mic skills and taunts a member of another fed (Isaac).

October 9, 2009

Brief TWA History Columbus Township

TWA History 12-3-98-Present

The Trampoline Wrestling Association had started before the date of 12-3-98, but it first hit television on that date with an IC Title match consisting of Champ Shawn Willams vs. Justin Webber. "Snowblast" on the 19th of January 1999 was the next big date for TWA, where European Champ Carl Durant headlined the event against Tony Peters. Tony won the match and helped put Carl Durant out of the TWA. TWA had several other shows starring the three "Founding Father's" of the TWA, Justin Webber, Tony Flash Peters, and Shawn Willams. Shawn was often the victor, and held 2 of the 3 TWA Titles. At "Schitt Happens", Tony Peters fulfilled his life-long dreams of becoming the TWA Champion when he defeated Shawn Willams who had held the belt for roughly 8 months before him. Carl Miller and Arik Howie joined the TWA in June, and have been high mid-carders ever since. "Champ of the Tramp" was the PPV of the summer, which had Justin Webber winning a single-elimination tournament to capture the label "Champ of the Tramp. The summer was filled with excitement, and the upcoming fall brought even more excitement with the arrival of 5 great wrestlers. The Spencer's, Eric "the Dominator" Zerwas, Polish Eagle, and Reid Linwood. Linwood, Eagle, and the Dominator planned to take over TWA with "The Coks", but the original TWA members quickly thwarted their plan. Due to backstage politics, the booker up to this point then resigned, causing a new booker and whole different change of state. TWA has been slowed down due to excess snow, and a broken Trampoline. But with Spring coming closer, TWA is all geared up to return to the greatness it once possessed.