October 10, 2009

5-21 Schitt Happens 2000 Myth vs. Gale


TWA Schitt Happens 2000

- Commissioner speaks out.
Jacob Gale started to read the card off for the PPV, but he was interrupted by Andy Kne. Andy said "I heard you're going to have an open challenge for the title today!" He then put Gale in a headlock, which forced Galle to give him the title shot. Galle then read the rest of the card off while the Myth ran back to get ready.

- First Match - TWA World Title - Falls Count Anywhere - Brad defends against Andy Kne
This was Andy's first appearance, and he sure looked dominate. These two had a great slopfest, with Kne getting punched, then stalling before selling the move! Andy no-selled throughout the match, showing his...resiliency. Kne then showcased a few beautiful kicks, and finished his offense with an absolutely fabulous elbow. Brad then picked up a broom, and hit Kne in the stomach with it, but Kne no-selled it and choke slammed Brad!!!! Myth continued to attack Brad, until Galle leveled Myth with a cookie sheet. Myth continued with a suicide dive, but Brad countered that with a vicious clothesline. Myth got up, and missed a really good jumpkick. Galle then slashed Myth with a cane, and Brad hit Andy with a Boar Stunner. He then set Andy up on a nearby table, and Boar Soared him through the table to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Andy got up right away, and walked after Brad and Jake to the back.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champion - Brad Spencer

- Shane Davis and Michael Henderson talk
Both of them say that Brad showed that he is a deserved champion, and Myth looked tough in his first match. Then they complained about how Durant sucks.

- Second Match - TWA Royal Rumble Title - Reid and Joe (start)
Reid and Joe put on their usual display of moves, until Krusher came out and jumpkicked both men out! Galle was next, and the two put on a wrestling clinic. Krusher then did a groundplex on Gale. Krusher then demolished Galle with a lazy slam. Krusher then did another hot move, some type of German Suplex. Shawn then went out, and he received a Casey chant. Gale then cleanly through Myth out of the ring. The announcer then asked Myth how he liked TWA, and he said it was totally awesome. The announcer then asked Myth what 8 * 7 was, and Myth didn't know. Brad then ran in. He double teamed Shawn with Galle. Shawn eliminated Galle, and took Boar out while Arik made his way to the ring. Durant came in, and hit Arik Howie with a Reserved sign. Durant then held Howie up for Willams, but Willams missed and hit Durant. Howie then Howie Dropped Willams and threw him out. Durant then took Howie out, and Shawn got back in and Superkicked Howie and eliminated him, which allowed Durant to retain. Durant and Willams then attacked Howie outside of the ring. Durant put Arik in the Heartbreaker, but fell down. Willams kept attacking Howie with a pan.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA Royal Rumble - Carl Durant

- Interview with Andy
Andy came out while the announcers were talking, and he said he was sick of getting bitched around and that he wanted Jake Galle! Galle came out which led to...

- Third Match - Andy Kne vs. Jake Gale w/ Brad Spencer
Very hot match. Andy dominated with his usual power moves, until Boar interfered on Galle's part. Myth was almost counted out, but Myth magically got up and ran in the ring. Myth then did a beautiful pump-handle slam. Krusher almost had the win with a sleeper, until Boar hit Kne with a cookie sheet. Myth then did a sloppy gordbuster. Galle then did a beautiful Van Galinator, but Myth kicked out at 1! Brad then did a Stunner, which Myth sold PERFECTLY. A Boar Soar followed this, and Brad put Galle over Kne, but Kne kicked out! The crowd and announcers then chanted TWA! Myth then did a shitty cross body block. Brad then hit Myth with a cookie pan, and Myth couldn't kick out. Galle won, and was pushed through a table.
Winner via pinfall - Jake Gale

- Fourth Match - Grudge Match - Shawn Willams vs. Arik Howie
Not sure why this is cut off. I guess I need to find Schitt Happens 2000.

October 9, 2009

Shawn Willams April 2000 PPV

TWA Spring Break in Shawn Willam's Backyard

$59.95 on PPV - To Order call Casey Tripp
April 9th 2000

Hi, staff writer Danny Resler here to give you a recap of the recently completed PPV. Many consider it a major letdown, mainly due to the fact that there were a few absences, and because everyone expects so much out of the TWA and TWA has a very hard time living up to such high expectations.

-TWA started with a pre-PPV Uncut, and the big man started it all with one of the greatest promos ever seen on live television.

- Interview with Tony Peters
Tony basically said that he'd beat Arik and beat up Shawn. He then yelled at fans.

- 1st Match - Arik Howie vs. Carl Miller
Willams cheated for the most part of the match. Howie won with the Howie Drop after he got a Butt Bomb on Miller. ***** for Arik pinning Carl at 3:16 PM.
Winner via pinfall - Arik Howie

- 2nd Match - Reid Linwood vs. Brad Spencer w/ Durant and Jimmy Spencer
Super match that saw Brad dominate the entire match. Linwood came back with a top rope billy kidman bulldog onto the steel garbage can. Jimmy then threw a brick at Linwood to slow down the M. Bastard. Reid was then thrown into the ring, and put in a super figure 4. Reid got back into the match when he attempted Simply Magnificent, but Boar resisted and hit a Boar Stunner, followed by the Boar Soar Splash for the win. Reid then cleaned house, taking out all members of the NWO on the outside to get revenge. Super match. *** for the figure 4 and extra-curricular activities on the outside.
Winner via pinfall - Brad Spencer

- Interview with Polish Eagle
Eagle cut a promo on how great his book was. He was then called a jerk by the announcer, which made Eagle go crazy and challenge Joe to a non-title match!

- 3rd Match - Polish Eagle vs. IC Champion Sloppy Joseph
Great, yet boring match. The two traded shots, nothing worth noting, until Joe nearly won it with a high knee lift! The two went through a super roll up sequence, where each man rolled eachother up! Wowwee! Joe then took it to the outside, giving Eagle a DDT on the mat, followed by the people's elbow. Eagle nearly won the match with a cockbomb, which nearly ended his streak. Eagle put Joe up for the DED, and got the pin which prompted the crowd to chant D.A.R.E. sucks. Joe's streak is ended, but the hot match between the two was the one later tonight. * for the D.A.R.E. sucks chant and the people's elbow by Joe.
Winner via pinfall - Polish Eagle

TWA Spring Break In Your Backyard starts now!

- First Match - TWA Royal Rumble Belt Match - Eagle vs. Sloppy vs. Willams vs. Gale start the match
Joe and Eagle are eliminated right away. Gale comes out and is punched once by Willams and is knocked out cold, but not out of the ring. Brad Spencer was next, but Willams took him out as well. Jim was the next man out and he was beat up on by Willams. Crowd was really on the Spencers this match, while Willams was taken out by the STD. Eventually, Jimmy turned on Brad, but the Spencers teamed up on the Greeks when they arrived. The Greeks both came out at the same time, and Greeken eliminated hmself and Jimmy soon after they got out. Reid then bulldogged Brad out of the match, and the rumble was left with Durant, Willams, and Gale. Durant received a super Casey Puckett Driver. At this time, Carl Miller came out, and him and Durant attacked Willams. Carl Miller was then thrown out by Howie when he arrived. Durant then cleaned house on the Restless Duo until Howie low blowed him and threw him out. Durant then got two low blows on the Restless Duo and threw Willams out. Jacob Gale then threw Howie out to win the title. Post-match beatdown ensued, with Durant and the Restless Duo beating up the "Security Guard". DUD, far too boring and predictable.
Winner via Elimination and new TWA Royal Rumble Champion- Jacob Gale (1)

- Second Match - Carribean Strap Match - Shawn Willams vs. Carl Miller
Great Strap Match that saw the two lose the strap right away. TWA superstar Tony Peters said that "It was a 12 secound strap match", which couldn't have been said better. Willams strapped Carl EXTREMELY hard, and was the kind of stiff action that the fans love. Carl rebounded with a strap on Willams' back. Shawn Willams then put the Figure 4 on Miller, which wasn't even close to being as good as Boar's earlier tonight. The referee got "tripped", which caused the announcers to wonder about Casey Tripp. Arik Howie then told Willams that Carl is invulnerable to X-Factors, which was quite the hot advice. Howie then strapped the referee EXTREMELY hard, which caused Willams to be distracted and caught with the Implant DDT for the Miller win. Howie then pulled a cute spot on Miller when he slammed him into the shed. No Puckett Driver in the match, which showed that Carl did his studying. DUD for the strap coming off right away, no Puckett Driver, and the announcer calling the referee gay.
Winner via pinfall - Carl Miller

- Third Match - IC Title Match - Joey Collins defends against the Polish Eagle
Eagle had the win earlier today, and it was obvious Joey wanted to return the favor. Eagle came out with his real book, and Joey came out to no tunes. Superstar Jake Gale was the referee and he put on quite a show by no selling. Joe took it to the outside and threw the metal trashcan at Eagle. Joe then t-boned Eagle onto the steel garbage can. Joe then did an elbow on the garbage can which hurt Eagle more than a regular elbow. Joe was then powerbombed on the steel garbage can by Eagle! Joe got back, however, and caught Eagle with a tornado DDT off a chair. He then piledrived Eagle on the steel garbage can. Eagle then threw Joe right into the steel garbage can! Eagle then powerbombed Joe off the trampoline onto the steel garbage can!! One of the hottest spots in TWA history, second only to the Aspen drivers. Polish was put into the Slop Drop, and lost the match to Joey. *****, would've been 4 but Jacob Gale's reffing elevated it to 5 stars.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champ - Joe, Sloppy

- Fourth Match - TWA Tag Title Match - Greeken and Reid vs. Spencers (Champs)
Super hot match, with Durant coming in halfway and Gale reffing the living shit out of the match. The 4 dudes took it to the outside, and linwood hit a bulldog on the trash can. Jimmy then received an Olive Picker on the steel garbage can. Greek then threw Brad through the shed, but the spot was missed by Tony "Slippery when wet" Peters. Crowd did more laughing then popping during the match. Greeken nearly won when he hit a Thunderbolt on Jimmy, but Jim kicked out. Jimmy then no sold an impaler which received a huge pop. Eagle came out and beat up Durant, which received a "Pat fucked up" chant. The Greeks then took out the Spencers, and won the Tag Titles. Eagle, and the Greeks then formed a team and cut a hot promo. Spencers = sloppy. Match = DUD
Winners via pinfall and new TWA Tag Team Champs - Greeken and Reid (1)

- Fifth Match - Some girl vs. Eagle
The girl did a peoples elbow on Eagle, but Eagle hit her with a DED, and then the camera stopped rolling.
Match thrown out

- Sixth Match - TWA World Title Match - Tony defends against Arik Howie
Tony came out, while everyone who ordered the ppv were notified that there was a New Baby. Tony was destroyed the entire match. The announcer mentioned that Tony broke his several month silence when he said "I do not have a computer". Tony pulled off a great move when he was about to punch Arik but he ended up "hitting" him. Tony then put Arik in the Butt Bomb, but Arik wasn't affected by the fun move. Tony then displayed his speed by running in the ring in 1 second from 20 feet away. Tony was then suplexed, and his belt broke. Unfortunately, the pants didn't go down. Tone kept getting up from all the hot moves that were done to him. The big man was then thrown out of the ring, and was laid out when he went to spear Howie. Tony was then propped up onto the steel recycling bin and was given a fameasser by Arik Howie. Willams tried a belt shot on Tony, but hit Howie instead. Peters then took Willams out and Steaknifed Howie for the pin to retain. DUD, no gut shots. Howie then pushed Willams, and was hit with a Superkick into the Casey Puckett Driver by Willams. The Restless Duo has been dismantled.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champ - Tony Peters

- I think it was an ok PPV, but was obviously lacking the talent of Benny and Kid Mike. It was an ok PPV with nice spots, but it'd be a definite thumbs up if Benny and Mike would've been there.

- Thumbs in the Middle

Danny "Professional" Resler

2-27-2000 Jake Gale IC Tourney

TWA Uncut February 27th

- Interview w/ Shawn Willams, Reid Linwood, and Arik Howie.
Shawn said TWA is back. Shawn then asked Arik if he thought that Shawn was a better wrestler than Tony, and Arik said yeah. Shawn then said that Tony doesn't deserve a title shot. Commissioner Jacob Gale came out with the Gale Crew at this point. The Gale Crew was Justin, Carl, The Spencers, and Tony. Gale said he has power and that he was going to take a belt away from one member of the Restless Trio. After deciding, Shawn and Arik chose Reid's IC Title, then they attacked Reid. Gale then took out Shawn and Arik with cookie sheets, and the rest of the Gale Crew attacked as well. Jake Gale then gave Shawn a Van Galinator, and the Gale Crew walked off with Reid.

- Vignette of Justin
Justin was shown doing jumping-jacks, and running. He was attacked by the Spencers, and the dirty brothers then administered the STD.

- Interview with Reid
He said that since he was stripped of his title, he was going to bring in the Polish Eagle to make a late entrant in the IC Title Tournament. This led to the GREATEST MATCH IN TWA HISTORY.

- First Match - IC Title Tournament 1st round - Tony Peters vs. Polish Eagle w/ Reid
Man, what a match. I don't know where to start. This match truly showed why Tony is far and away the most entertaining wrestler in TWA history. Tony nearly killed the Eagle with an Implant DDT to start the match. Tony then did a perfect surfboard on Eagle, which was REALLY good. Tony then did a choke slam on the Eagle, then stepped back too far and fell on the apron and eventually out of the ring. Laugh Out Loud. I can't even explain that move, you'd have to see it to truly appreciate the humor that goes along with it. Tony eventually got back in the ring and threw Eagle out. Eagle countered by doing a neckbreaker on Tony on the apron to knock him out of the ring. Eagle then did several high flying manuevers to take Tony out. Eagle then did a jawbreaker on Tony, and Tony FLEW through the air and landed right on his fucking head. Eagle was then attempting to do another move, but Tony was THROWN out of the ring! Reid then DDTed Tony on the mat. I can't stop laughing. Tony then Steaknifed Eagle somehow, but for some reason could pull his shirt down but couldn't pin Eagle. Shawn came in and got Tony with a Superkick when the referee wasn't looking, and this led to Eagle doing the DED on Tony for the 1-2-3. Shawn then came in the ring and got Tony with the Superkick again. But Tony got up and choke slammed him. Great match. I usually don't do this, but I want to thank the Polish Eagle for carrying Tony to arguably the best match in TWA.
Winner via pinfall - Polish Eagle

- Second Match - IC Title Tournament 1st round - Eric "The Dominator" vs. Jimmy
SLoPPy match. These two scrappers really were in a street fight in this match. Jimmy got help with Brad, which allowed him to dominate for most of the match. Zerwas got his shots in, and executed the best powerbomb ever seen in TWA, hands down. This match was so horrible and sloppy that it ended up being funny. The Spencers nearly had the win after a double team move, but Zerwas somehow kicked out. Zerwas came back with a Spinebuster and a Fisherman Suplex for the win. He then belly to belly suplexed Brad on the outside on his way to the back!
Winner via pinfall - Eric "The Dominator" Zerwas

- Third Match - IC Title Tournament 1st round - Arik Howie vs. Brad Spencer
This two put on a cute, yet rough match. Jimmy and Shawn attacked eachother on the outside for most of the match, with Shawn getting the upperhand. Brad almost had the match won with a Stunner, but Shawn pulled him out of the ring. Howie eventually won with a T-bone suplex. Arik and Shawn then attacked the Spencer Boys and left the ringside area.
Winner via pinfall - Arik Howie

- Fourth Match - IC Title Tournament 1st round - Justin vs. Carl vs. Sloppy Joe
Web came in and gave the referee money. Web then tried to give Carl some money but Carl attacked Justin. The match was then underway. Sloppy suplexed both Web and Carl, then gave Carl an Awesome Bomb. Justin came back with a knee to the back! Web and Sloppy then did a double choke slam on Carl. Justin almost had the match won with a Pedigree on Carl! Joe unfortunately broke it up. The referee was then knocked out, while the Spencers attacked Justin. Sloppy Joe did a Slop Slam on Carl, but Justin interfered. Justin then tombstoned Carl, then Joe threw Justin out and hit Carl with the Slop Slam again for the 1-2-3. The Spencers then attacked Justin while Joe celebrated.
Winner via pinfall - Sloppy Joe

- Fifth Match - IC Title Tournament 2nd round - Eric Zerwas vs. Polish Eagle
Zerwas came out with a brown dog. This was an even match right from the start, but Polish was on top for most of the match due to Reid's interference. Zerwas did several flips from the trampoline to the ground, which were amazing. Zerwas had the match won with his Fisherman Suplex, but Reid put Eagle's foot on the ropes. Eagle then hit Zerwas with DED for the pinfall.
Winner via pinfall - The Polish Eagle

- Sixth Match - IC Title Tournament 2nd round - Sloppy Joe vs. Arik Howie
This was an exciting match, with the two pulling hot moves all over the place. This was Joe's first day at Uncut, and he was very impressive. He had some nice things to say before the match too. Howie dominated for the most part, using suplexes on garbage cans and other sick moves. Howie eventually got caught in the Slop Slam and Joe got the win before Willams could interfere. Sloppy then did a double suplex on Howie and Willams.
Winner via pinfall - Sloppy Joe

- Interview with Jacob Galle
Gale said that he signed Tony vs. Shawn for Shawn's World Title for tonight, and that he was to be the TWA Special Guest Referee for that match.

- Seventh Match - IC Title Tournament Final - Sloppy Joe vs. Polish Eagle
Joe came out and said "last one baby". Eagle grounded Joe during this match, which left the odds on favorite, Joe, out of his element and it really looked as if this hot newcomer wasn't going to capture the title after all. Eagle pulled off the finishing manuever of nearly every TWA superstar, both past and present. During the match, Reid held up Joe for Eagle to jumpkick, but Joe moved, and Eagle missed, but Reid sold it like it hit him. After this point in the match, Joe dominated with kendo sticks and garbage cans. Eagle came back with help from Reid, and Eagle even ripped off his shirt to do a Boar Soar. He kept his shirt off, which pleased TWA Commissioner Jacob Galle. The crowd then chanted "Charles Woodson", and even "We want Chuck", which made TWA superstar Reid Linwood very angry. Reid was then attacked by Joe, and Joe then hurried into the ring to put Eagle into the Slop Slam to win the title while Linwood was down. Wowwie.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA IC Champion - Sloppy Joe (1)

- Eight Match- TWA World Title Match - Shawn Willams defends against Anthony James Peters
Peters walked out, focused as usual. TWA Commissioner Jake Galle was already in the ring when the men came out. Jake checked the men, then said "ding ding ding". These two had their usual, intense match. Both men used every trick they could muster up, as this year long feud looked to finally end. Willams dominated as usual, and Peters was at his best absorbing Willam's offense. Tony finally got too much for Shawn, and Arik had to interfere. Peters then countered a double Puckett Driver into a Double Choke Slam. Peters then Steaknifed Howie. Willams then superkicked Galle. Peters then Choke Slammed Willams, and put him in the Steaknife for the 1-2-3 and his second World Title!
Winner via pinfall and new TWA Heavyweight Champion - Tony Peters! (2)

Schitt Happens 1999 Peters win title

Schitt Happens

"Schitt Happens", like TWA "Snowblast", was a one match PPV. The match featured was the evil TWA Champion Shawn Willams defending against a high flyin' and upsurging European Champion named Tony "Flash" Peters. The European Title was not on the line, but the TWA World Title of Shawn's was. Before the match, a piece of paper was shown with the card, which was truely amazing. Shawn then was conducting an interview when Tony Peters quickly stormed the ring and took Shawn out with a Steaknife. Shawn later returned the favor with a Superkick into the Heartbreaker when Tony was attempting to answering some questions for the viewers. This match was built up for 6 months, and is by far the most popular and the most known match ever in TWA history.

Shawn Willams defends TWA World Title against #1 Contender and European Champion Tony "Flash" Peters

Before the match, Willams reported that Mr. Justin Webber (his partner) will not go out to the ring for this match due to the importance of this match. After both superstars were introduced, Shawn attempting to make a fool out of Tony with a little trash talkin', which sufficed quite nicely for the Champ, and Tony was absolutely dumbfounded like usual. Shawn immediately took the advantage with high flyin' moves, which included top rope elbows, DDT's, and numerous clothesline-type manuevers. Tony then caught Shawn in an act of courage and took him for the ride with the Steaknife and waited for the count and the title. It didn't happen, due to Justin Webber taking out the ref on behalf of Mr. Willams. Willams used every trick in the book after he got the advantage, but was soon worried when the 300 pound monster from Hugo wouldn't stay down. Chair shots, belt shots, and ref bumps were commonplace in this match, and put Tony in a situation he didn't want to be in. Shawn then took Tony to the shed, and used odd devices such as wooden sticks to slow down his fat foe. Tony refused to stay down, and threw Shawn right through the shed which was the turning point of the match. Tony was then distracted by Justin, which allowed Shawn to hit Tony with a door. Shawn then broke numerous glass windows over Tony's large back. Although Tony was slowed down, he was not stopped, and he came back when he broke a glass window over Willam's head! Webber attempted to interfere again, but was escorted into police custody by TWA officials. Shawn was flustered and confused, which led to him ending up into a big "Showstopper" by Tony Peters. Tony then tried a second, but Shawn expressed his athleticism when he turned the choke slam into a big DDT. Shawn then attempted to end the match with a Superkick into the Heartbreaker, but Tony wouldn't be denied of his lifelong dream, and quickly spun Shawn around for the Steaknife and his first World Title victory. Shawn was unconscious, while Tony was busy crying and savoring the moment that he waited for so long to occur. Tony had stripped Shawn of his title, and a new era occurred in TWA when Shawn lost his power and the title, with the young guns refusing to take any "Schitt" from the owner Shawn Willams, which will be covered later.

Winner and new TWA World Champion: Tony "Flash" Peters (1)

TWA Champ of the Tramp June 99

Champ of the Tramp

The annual PPV of June and the summer is "Champ of the Tramp", with the main attraction being a huge tournament to crown the "Champ of the Tramp". Other matches are also put in to entertain fans.

TWA Champ of the Tramp 6-28-99

1st round match- Justin Webber vs. Shawn Willams

1st round match- Tony Peters vs. Chris Smothers

1st round match- Arik Howie vs. Carl Miller

World Title match- Tony Peters defends against Chris Smothers

2nd round match- Tony Peters vs. Justin Webber (Arik Howie received bye)

Champ of the Tramp Finals- Justin Webber vs. Arik Howie

Main Event World Title match- Tony Flash Peters defends against Shawn Willams and Justin Webber

TWA Champ of the Tramp 6-28-99

1st round match: Justin Webber vs. Shawn Willams-
Justin Webber fends off interference by Arik Howie and hits a pedigree on Arik then a tombstone piledriver on Shawn to advance.
Winner via pinfall - Justin Webber

1st round match: Tony "Flash" Peters vs. Chris Smothers-
Tony withstands all of Chris' offense and advances after a huge steaknife.
Winner via pinfall - Tony

1st round match: Arik Howie vs. Carl Miller-
Match gets confusing once both Shawn Willams and Tony Peters interfere on behalf of their friends. While Carl is distracted, Arik hits a puckett driver to get the win.
Winner via pinfall - Arik Howie

World Title match: Tony Peters defends against Chris Smothers-
This match was brought about by Chris Smothers making fun of Tony's girth, which led to Tony challenging Chris. Chris was getting destroyed when he went out of the ring and ran away from Tony. Tony ran (seriously) after him but Shawn Willams came from under the tramp to hit Tony with a superkick to force a dq-win for Tony.
Winner via DQ and still TWA Heavyweight Champion - Tony Peters

2nd round match: Tony Peters vs. Justin Webber-
Exciting match which ended when Justin hit a low blow on Tony, then a picture-perfect pedigree for the pin on the TWA Champ.
Winner via pinfall - Justin Webber

TWA Champ of the Tramp Finals: Justin Webber vs. Arik Howie (Arik received 2nd round bye from President Willams)
Both wrestlers were on top of their games, with Arik getting a little help from Willams throughout the match. Ref bump led to Tony and Carl coming in and taking out Willams and Howie. Belt shot from Carl put Howie out for the count and Justin won the match with a quick pin.
Winner via pinfall and new champ of the tramp - Justin Webber (1)

Main Event: Tony Peters defends against Shawn Willams and Justin Webber
High flyin' and out-of-control match with high impact moves. Tony was too much for the two, but Willams got the advantage on both men when Howie interfered. Howie laid Webber out, then low blowed Tony, allowing Shawn to hit Tony with the superkick into, the heartbreaker. Shawn won the title and was again on top of the game and Tony went from a star back to midcard status in one match.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA Heavyweight Champion - Shawn Willams (3)

TWA Snowblast 99 Peters vs Durant

TWA Snowblast

TWA Snowblast 99 1-19-99

Only one match was scheduled for the card, and it was a dandy with Carl Durant defending his European Title against Tony Peters. The story behind this was that Tony was awarded the European Title in a tournament before this, and Carl Durant had defeated Tony due to the crooked Shawn Willams causing him to lose the European Title. This match is often considered the sloppiest and worst match ever in TWA, since the frozen tundra of Columbus Township effected the wrestlers.

Carl Durant defends the TWA European Title against Tony Peters

The ref for this match was the crooked owner and World Champion of the TWA, Shawn Willams. He favored Mr. Durant the whole match, and that gave him an immediate advantage. Suplexes, DDT's, and Stunner's were often executed by Tony on Carl Durant, which gave him the early advantage. Durant came back with cheap tactics such as a poke to the eyes and a few low blows. Tony then became infuriated when he had the match won after a high flying double arm DDT and Willams refused to count. At this point, Tony threw Willams off the tramp, which gave Durant the opportunity to take advantage. Durant worked on the ankle and knee of Tony Peters, while Willams got back into the ring. Then, in an unprecedented event, Tony "Flash" Peters grabbed a green towel out of nowhere and ran off the tramp onto the snow with it. Tony was all full of snow, and was rather cold, which led to a vicious chairshot by Durant on Tony. At this point, Tony looked as if he was on his way to another loss, while Durant was in charge and continued to capitalize on Tony's stupid mistakes. Durant attempted to hit Tony with 3 Rapper Droppers, but was shrugged off by the 300 pound monster from Hugo. Durant then made his only mistake of the match, and that was jumping right into Tony's big belly. Tony then sucked the life out of him in a bear hug, which left Durant weak and vulnerable for Tony's devasting finisher, the Steaknife. The Steaknife put Durant out for the count, and Willams was forced to count when Tony threatened to attack him (11:43). Tony left the fans a reason to hope and cheer for him when he preached "Never be a part of the NWO. Never!". Tony came home with the belt, and Durant left unhappy and later was fired from TWA after quitting the NWO. Many insiders say that Tony had scared Durant with his statement that he made after he defeated Durant and that was the reason why Durant quit NWO.

Winner and new TWA European Champion: Tony "Flash" Peters (2)