October 10, 2010

Eric Dominator Zerwas Forest Lake MN


Real Name: Eric Zerwas
Resides in: Forest Lake, MN
Occupation: Minnesota Visalus Distributor
Height: 6'2
Weight: 245 pounds
Age: 18
Finisher: Dominator Fisherman Suplex
Titles Held: IC Title (1)
Theme Music: Ken Shamrock
History and Fun Facts: The "Dominator" made his debut in early September in an attempt to take TWA over with the other "Cox". He learned to wrestle back when he was a member of the FLWA, a rival organization that he was in before he joined TWA. Although Eagle and Linwood have enjoyed more success, Zerwas has also created a nice win/loss record for himself. His power, brains, and high-flying ability has given him one of the most well rounded arsenals of wrestling skills in the TWA ever. Many say his power even exceeds that of the 300 pound monster known as Tony Peters. At times his opponents claim he is "unbeatable" if he keeps himself focused on the match. After the disintegration of the Cox, Eric took a chance in singles competition and eventually fueded with Arik Howie when their personalities clashed. Zerwas captured the IC Title a little after this, but he couldn't overcome the backstage politics that have hounded him his entire career in the TWA, and has quit to pursue other goals. Rumors claims that Zerwas was on the return to wrestle Andy "The Krusher" Kne, but this rumor blew over and the match never occurred. Eric is currently employed at Novak's Car Dealership, and enjoys playing football and watching wrestling, while learning from his idol, The Rock of the WWF.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut September 27th 1999
Final Appearance - TWA Uncut February 27th 2000

Note: Eric Zerwas is retired from the TWA and is not planning on wrestling for the TWA anytime soon. Dominator was involved in College Wrestling in the mid 2000's..

August 22, 2010

Honorary TWA member Matt Jacobson


Matt Jacobson. This guy reeked of TWA potential from the minute I met him. I could see him feuding with Justin and Iceberg over Woodson. He also danced with Willams. Next TWA we're sending Jimmy to pick Matt up along the way to Rusty and Dusty's house.


Credit Forest Lake Wedding Photographers

October 10, 2009

Brad The Boar Spencer, Scandia MN


Real Name: Brad Spencer
Resides In: Scandia, MN
Works At: Assisted Living in Forest Lake
Height: 6'0
Weight: 211 pounds
Age: 17
Finisher: The Boar Stunner into a Boar Soar Splash
Titles Held: TWA World Heavyweight Champion (1), TWA Hardcore Title (3), TWA Royal Rumble Belt (1), TWA Tag Team Titles (2) with Jimmy
Theme Music: Push It by Static X
History and Fun Facts: Like Jimmy, Brad was brought up as a hardcore fan, and has transferred his hardcore knowledge into the ring. Both Spencers are strong, resilient, and big, but Brad seems to be just a little stronger, just a little more resilient, and just a little bigger than cousin Jimmy. The two Spencer's weren't a tag team right away, not until Brad had defeated Jimmy in 2 well-fought matches between the two. While great wrestlers when wrestling singles matches, with Brad's leadership, they have formed a tough team that'll back down from no one. Like Jimmy, Brad made his TWA debut in early September, and won the TWA Royal Rumble belt within weeks. After not being impressed with the belt, he threw it away and came up with the Hardcore Title. One of Brad's more notable fueds was with Jimmy, which lasted a month, with Brad often getting the better of the younger cousin James. Once the two Spencers formed a team, they quickly went after the tag team champions (Italian Mafia) and took their belts from them. They then reformed the NWO with Carl Durant, and kept their tag titles for 2 months with the help of Durant. They lost them to Greeken and the Magnificent Bastard, but won them back in a matter of weeks. During this time, Brad defeated the TWA Champion, Polish Eagle, and won the World Title! He lost the Tag straps to the newly formed team of Reid and Shawn, but is currently holding the TWA World Title and awaiting what looks to be the most dangerous match in TWA history, a First Blood Match against his disgruntled cousin Jimmy, at The Champ of the Tramp.. He is also one of the few TWA wrestlers to travel overseas as he wrestled at the Costa Rica Web Hosting tournament with wrestlers all over the world. In his free-time, Bradley enjoys playing video games with James Spencer. Brad also enjoys watching the Detroit Lions via television screen and playing foosball with Jimmy. Brad's role model also happens to be his favorite wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin of the WWF.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut September 27th

Justin The Web Webber

Justin "The Web" Webber


Real Name: Justin Webber
Resides In: North Branch, MN
Height: 6'1
Weight: 180 pounds
Age: 17
Titles Held: TWA World Title (2), TWA IC Title (2), TWA Champ of the Tramp 1999, TWA Tag Team with Madmat02 (1)
Theme Music: DX
History and Fun Facts: Justin Webber is 1/3 of the Founding Fathers of the TWA, and was in the first ever TWA match against Shawn Willams. Web does what he wants, shows up when he wants, and it has worked for him so far in his TWA career. His Tae Kwon Do background has helped him win at least a few matches, and he is in absolutely terrific shape, which helps him outlast his competitors. He started the fed with a big 3-way fued with him, Willams and Peters, until Web joined Shawn to form the NWO. NWO lasted until summer when Arik Howie influenced Shawn and gave him the idea to kick Justin out the NWO. NWO died out when Web was gone from it, but Web rebounded the same night to win the Champ of the Tramp single elimination tournament. Web was basically the front runner for the TWA IC Title throughout the entire summer with Arik Howie in the stiffest fued in TWA history. Web fueded with Howie and Willams throughout the summer, and often got the better of them, being that they were also fueding with Peters and Miller and couldn't concentrate on Web alone. Web even took Shawn's TWA World Title, but was cheated out of it a week after he won it. One of Justin's few downpoints of his TWA career was when his partner and friend Chris Smothers was paralyzed by Carl Miller after several implant DDT's. Web wasn't too happy about this, but bounced back to lead TWA vs. the rebellious Cox. Justin is currently preaching the importance of "family", with his sister Charles and brother MadMat02. With the help of Charles, Mat and Justin captured the TWA Tag Titles, but soon lost them to the devious Spencers. To say anyone in TWA has made a bigger impact than Justin is false, and it's just a matter of time before the Web finds himself on top of the federation like he's used to be. Justin has actually gave his notice to TWA that he won't be able to participate, and more importantly, not be able to wrestle again due to a busy schedule, filled with hobbies such as working and the military. Everyone in TWA including me wish Justin good luck in the future and hope he fulfills his dreams.

Web Webber 2002 update - Webber came over to guest referee in the final tWa at North Branch and even performed his patented tombstone piledriver on Shafer.
First Appearance - Non-Televised - Summer 1998
First Appearance - Televised - "The Match" December 3rd 1998
Final Appearance - TWA April 25th 2002

Reid Linwood Mag. Bastard


Real Name: Reid Linwood
Other Aliases: Darren Flagg
Resides In: Scandia, MN
Height: 6'1
Weight: 199.5 pounds
Finisher: Simply Magnificent
Titles Held: TWA World (1), TWA IC Title (3), TWA Tag Titles w/ Greeken (1) and TWA Tag Titles w/ Shawn Willams (1)
Theme Music: "Closer" by NIN
History and Fun Facts: Reid Linwood joined TWA when he arrived with the other Cox. He was overshadowed by the big Dominator and the charismatic Eagle, and never really got to showcase his skills until after the Cox broke up. His wrestling knowledge is unsurpassed, and he is in great physical condition. After fueding with Brad, he tried all he could to get a title shot against Eagle. After he got his shot, he defeated Eagle. He then answered many of Shawn Willam's challenges, and had a nice title reign of 1 week. Shawn eventually defeated him due to the antics of TWA Security, and Reid then begged for a rematch. He didn't get it for two weeks, and when he got it, he ultimately turned on his friend Carl and joined the Restless Trio with Howie and Willams. He then defeated Dominator for the IC Title, but took a leave of absence from the TWA and the IC Title for the great Charles Woodson and to tend to his back. He did come back, and was kicked out of the Restless Trio by Willams and Howie when he did. He then formed a tag team with the hot newcomer Greeken, and they captured the TWA Tag Titles at TWA Spring Break In Your Backyard against the Silly Spencers. The persistent Spencers eventually won the tag titles back from Reid and Greek, but Reid rebounded by winning the IC Title against Sloppy Joe the next month at TWA Schitt Happens. He joined up with Shawn Willams at the PPV, and won the tag titles against the Spencers at the next Uncut. He is currently defending both the TWA Tag Titles and the TWA IC Title against most comers in the TWA. He had a little block in his IC Title reign, when TWA Superstar Joe Halvarson beat him for the title, but Reid won it back shortly after. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with Charles Woodson and watching Japanese Wrestling. He is also working on his own homepage, and if you're looking for the specifics on Mr. Linwood, the information is there.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut September 27th 1999

Sloppy Joe


Name: SLoPPy Joe
Resides In: Wyoming, MN
Height: 5'6
Weight: 187
Age: 18
Finisher: SLoP SLaM
Titles Held: TWA IC (1), Tag Team Title w/ Phantom (1)
Theme Music: "Carousel" by Blink182
History and Fun Facts:
Terrific wrestler, probably the best wrestler when it comes to knowledge of wrestling holds and moves. Joe has probably made several suplexes, and has mastered nearly all of them. Made his debut when TWA came back after the trampoline broke. First match was in the IC Title Tournament, which he eventually won to gain the title he currently holds. Many opponents have underestimated him, thinking that he's just a rookie in the TWA and he'll be a pushover. Joe has also dumbfounded his opponents by having 3 variations of his infamous SLoP SLaM. Has surprisingly acquired a perfect record since his TWA debut. His good friend Carl Miller claims that "He's such a super wrestler and a super guy, I wouldn't be surprised if he won every match he was in.". He defeated the Polish Eagle in the finals of the IC Title tournament, and has been fueding with the Eagle ever since. Joe has already gained quite the following in the TWA already, and his undefeated record is probably responsible for this. Because of his success, he has also had a lot of top TWA stars after his head like Willams and Howie, who aren't too happy about this hot young star stealing their fame. After a 2 month tenure of holding the IC Title, he lost it to Reid Linwood in an Iron Man Match at TWA Schitt Happens. His knee was injured during the match, and has been out of commission for quite a while. In his spare time, he enjoys Baseball, Hockey, football and watching Mick Foley and other pro wrestlers on television. Joe also gets a kick out of Japanese Wrestling and the art of tape trading.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut February 27th 2000

Jimmy the Kid Spencer Columbus


Real Name: James Spencer
Resides in: Columbus Township, MN
Height: 5'8
Weight: 180 pounds
Age: 16
Finisher: The Jimmyliner
Titles Held: TWA World Tag-Team Championship (2), TWA Hardcore Championship (1), TWA World (1)
Theme Music: Sad But True by Metallica
Brief History and Fun Facts: Jimmy "The Kid" Spencer made his debut for TWA in September of 1999. After attempting to flourish in singles competition, he has just recently joined with his cousin Bradley the Boar to form an unintelligent, yet powerful duo. While competing in singles competition for TWA, he captured the TWA Hardcore Championship. While fueding with his cousin Brad for the Hardcore Title, they quickly bonded together to form a tag team. Jimmy is often considered by his foes as one of the toughest, scariest, and most resilient competitors in the TWA today. Along with cousin Bradley and Carl Durant, he reformed the NWO. Him and Brad eventually lost the tag titles after a month to The Greeken and Reid Linwood. They won them back a few weeks later, but lost them to the up and coming team of Reid and Shawn. Jimmy has since defeated his brother Brad for the World Title, and is set to defend it against the high flying Phantom.. In his spare time, James enjoys playing Foosball and video games with his best friend of 10 years, James Sletten. Jimmy is also a lover of cats, and has roughly 52 in his house in Columbus Township. He may be a sweetheart outside of wrestling, but history has proven that he loves sending his opponents to the hospital via ambulance.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut September 27th 1999

Arik Suicidal Howie


Real Name: Arik "Suicidal" Howie
Resides In: Hugo, MN
Height: 5'11
Weight: 160 pounds
Age: 16
Finisher: Howie Drop and Howie Ball
Titles Held: TWA Tag Team Championship w/ Shawn Willams (1), TWA IC Title (4)
Theme Music: "We're Not Going To Take It Anymore" by Less Than Jacob
History and Fun Facts: Arik Howie made his TWA debut in early June, aligning himself with Shawn Willams almost instantly. Carried fued with Carl and Tony the whole summer. Eventually beat Justin Webber for the IC Title, and defended it consistently for a few months. The "Suicidal" one will do almost anything for Shawn Willams, often ending up in him doing the "dirty" work for Shawn. Howie has always been a sound technical wrestler, and has just recently found himself as a terrific high-flyer. One of his most memorable fueds was a 1 week fued with Benny "Bottlecap", which occurred when Ben won the IC Title from Arik but then Arik captured it back on the next show. Arik was one of the few wrestlers (along with Willams) who didn't get involved with the Cox business when they planned to take TWA over. With his "take no prisoners" mentality, he has helped put many wrestlers on the shelf, including Justin Webber and the late Chris Smothers. Opponents often think they have him when he actually has his opponents where he wants them. Arik finally got his shot against Tony Peters for the World Heavyweight Title, but the Restless Duos' plan backfired and Tony retained. Arik then split up with Shawn Willams, and attempted to gain success by himself. This never occurred, and Arik lost his reason to wrestle and retired after he lost an "I Quit" match against Shawn Willams at Schitt Happens. He retired 2 weeks laters, only to become Phantom. "Phantom" was just a disguise to get the World Title, and Arik is currently back with his friend Shawn Willams. Arik enjoys playing Resident Evil: Code Veronica and chillin' in his free time, and also likes to play with Bryan Bohenstingle.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut June 14th 1999

Referee Harry Joe Halvarson MN


Real Name: Joseph Mack Halvarson
Resides In: Circle Pines, MN
Height: 6'0
Weight: 181 pounds
Age: 17
Finisher: Rug Burn
Titles Held: TWA Royal Rumble (1), TWA IC Title (1)
Theme Music: Kiss Off by The Violent Femmes
History and Fun Facts: Unlike most TWA superstars, Joe Halvarson was actually brought into the TWA as a referee! This changed, when the evil NWO referee Carl Durant got on his nerves. He took the TWA by surprise, and this former referee won his first TWA title a few weeks after his wrestling debut. Using his uncalculable intelligence, he somehow managed to survive a TWA Royal Rumble to capture the prestigious title. He was cheated out of it a week later by the evil NWO referee Carl Durant, but Joe is currently scheduled to wrestle Reid Linwood for the IC Title at TWA Champ of the Tramp. Joe has also taken a liking to another oddball in the TWA, Carl Miller. They have formed a tag team, and could beat any team in the TWA at any time. Joe wrestled for another wrestling organization before the TWA (DBCW), and this has helped him become the professional wrestler he is today. His main asset is his intelligence, and this will probably propel the superstar into the upper division of TWA in the upcoming months. He defeated Reid Linwood for the IC Title at TWA Champ of the Tramp, but Reid won it back a week later. Joe is currently doing nothing. In his spare time, he enjoys playing Everquest, Final Fantasy, and reading gaming magazines. He is also best friends with "Barry", and he is considering bringing in this youngster to be a valet for him.
First Appearance - May something, I'll find that out later. Sorry. Bye.

Shawn Willams aka Jeff Tripp

Shawn "Hot Commodity" Willams


Real Name: Casey Tripp-Schafer
Other Aliases: Jeff Pockett, Casey Michaels, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Tripp, Pockett Pool
Resides In: Columbus Township, MN
Height: 6'0
Weight: 160 pounds
Age: 18
Finisher: Superkick into the Heartbreaker
Titles Held: TWA World (6), TWA Royal Rumble (2), TWA Tag Titles w/ Reid (1) and w/ Arik (1), TWA European Champion (1) and TWA IC Title (2)
Theme Music: Master of Puppets by Metallica
History: Shawn started TWA, made TWA what it is now, and has basically controlled TWA and manipulated wrestlers on his way to the World Title, which he has captured more than some wrestlers have victories (Ben). Willams always goes into matches prepared, and rarely does he go into big-time matches without a master plan. He was a part of a huge monster fued with Tony "Flash" Peters that has started in late February of 99 and is going on right now. Shawn has been in the NWO with Justin, the Restless Trio with Carl and Arik, and the New Restless Trio with Reid and Arik. His knowledge of the sport tops almost all in TWA, and with that he took Arik Howie under his wing from day one and has turned Arik into a tough World Title contender. Many say he created a monster that he shouldn't have, because Arik may decide he doesn't need Shawn anymore and could possibly become another threat to Shawn's World Title. Shawn always finds a way to get extra help in his matches, and rarely finishes a match cleanly. His heartbreaker manuever is so devasting, that Tony "Flash" Peters said in an interview "My legs hurt when he did that". Shawn often cheats in his matches, but when the big match comes up, he always rises up to the challenge and is rarely dominated in a match. He participated in the first TWA match ever, when he defended his IC Title that he won at a house show against Justin Webber, and defeated him thanks to the crooked ref Carl Durant. From Feb 99-Late April 99, Shawn defeated both Tony and Justin 2 times each in singles matches, and many say that Shawn had their number until Tony beat Shawn at Schitt Happens in what is dubbed as "The Greatest Wrestling Match in Wrestling History". Many were impressed with Shawn's ability to bounce back and not let the loss effect him, and he came back to beat Tony at Champ of the Tramp for the Title again. The summer was a different situation for the Tony-Shawn fued, as Shawn brought in Arik Howie, and Tony partnered up with Carl Miller. The outcome was the same, with Shawn and Arik often using chairs, belts, and shed doors to defeat their opponents. Shawn wasn't able to spend enough time preparing for matches against his old foe Justin Webber when he had to deal with Peters, and this led to Justin taking the title from Shawn after a vicious tombstone piledriver. Shawn again was not to be denied, and beat Justin in the shortest World Title match ever, a 39 second match which consisted of a whole lot of interference and one superkick that won him the title back. Shawn then took Tony out of the World Title picture for a while when he turned his best friend Carl Miller against him and formed the Restless Trio. This put Tony on a "friend search", which he is still doing right now. Carl didn't follow the ways of Howie and Willams well enough, which led to discention and a surprising World Title win by Carl when Peters made a fabulous run in. Shawn was out of the World Title picture for a while, in which he was busy winning and defending the Royal Rumble Title. The World Title had been jumping all over the federation until Shawn again won it, and has had it since, for about a 2 month reign. He also won the Tag Titles with Howie which he lost right away. The TWA looks to be going in the same direction as last year this time, with Shawn controlling the federation and no one able to beat him. Many say the only way to put him out of the World Title picture is to get him fired from the TWA Presidency so he can't find loopholes to steal the title back. Shawn should get a lot of credit for his success, he does his homework and he knows what to do in the ring. His fued with Carl temporarily ended when he lost to Carl in a Strap Match at TWA Spring Break, but he rebounded from that loss by beating Arik at TWA Schitt Happens in an "I Quit" match. During this time, he teamed up with Carl Durant and Reid Linwood. A week after Schitt Happens, he captured the TWA Tag Titles w/ Reid, and is currently defending them. When Shawn has free time, he enjoys working at McDonalds and playing with Arik Howie. Shawn also enjoys cats, and pranking Gene Bahr's ass at 4am in the morning.

First Appearance - Non-Televised - Summer 1998
First Appearance - Televised - "The Match" December 3rd 1998

Polish Eagle Jake Karwhoasky

Real Name: Jacob Karwhoasky
Other Aliases: Star,
Resides In: Scandia, MN
Current Occupation: Graphic Illustrator in Minnesota
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 pounds
Age: 18
Finisher: DED (Dead End Driver)
Titles Held: TWA World Champion (2), TWA Tag Champion with Justin Webber (1)
Theme Music: "Last Resort" by Papa Roach
History and Fun Facts: This young TWA superstar made his debut as the leader of the COX in late September. After two weeks of ruling the TWA with Zerwas and Linwood, he captured the World Title from oddball Carl Miller. He kept it for two weeks, but had it stripped from him by President Casey Tripp for not showing up. He wasn't seen in the TWA from November to late December, when he showed up as "Sanddoggy". He seemed burnt out, but he had the chance to defend the TWA Tag Titles with Justin Webber against the Spencers. They lost the match, and the titles, and this superstar was gone again. He made his third comeback of his TWA career in late February, when his good friend Reid Linwood brought him in as a late entrant to the eight man IC Title Tournament. Eagle went on to wrestle in the finals, and lost to the phenom, Sloppy Joe. He fueded with Sloppy Joe, and even ended Sloppy's win streak in a non-title matchup. Eagle eventually got his IC Title shot at TWA Spring Break IYB, but lost to Joe after a grueling, yet impressive match. Eagle had luck on his side, and won the World Title for the second time the day after the PPV. He held it for a few weeks, until Bradley Spencer ripped his shirt off and did a Boar Soar on the flustered Eagle. Eagle lost the belt, and hasn't been seen in a month. Many say that this superstar has the talent to win every title in the TWA, but he hasn't been very committed to the TWA ever since he started. His strength is only surpassed by Andy "The Krusher" Kne, and his physical condition is surpassed by no one.

Summer 2000 update This superstar has returned as the Star, and is feuding with Reid Linwood over the IC Title. In Jake's spare time, he enjoys listening to WCW Mayhem, playing with Chris Chrisostomidis, and lighting fires into his High School wrestling opponents.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut September 27th 1999

Chris "Aspen", Forest Lake McDonalds


Aspen Chris S at Forest lake McDonalds

Real Name: Chris S.
Resides In: San Francisco, CA
Height: 5'10
Weight: 160 pounds
Age: 18
Finisher: Snake Bite
Titles Held: IC (1)
Theme Music: Vampiro's First Theme
History and Fun Facts: What a star. If only the TWA was able to have a digital camera before the FLWA kids, you'd see why this man nearly took the TWA over. His physique is scary, and his intellect rivals that of gods. This man was brought in by Shawn Willams as an "Assassin" with Iceburg to take out Tony Peters. Aspen beat Carl in a singles match, but couldn't perform the unthinkable and defeat Tony "Flash" Peters in a Gauntlet Match. He went on to tag with his good friend and fellow Assassin Iceburg, and they were quite the formidable tag team. Aspen showed no emotion, and was very serious throughout his entire stint in the TWA, which helped him have one of the best win/loss records in the TWA. His last day was quite memorable. He captured Tony's IC Title with the Snake Bite, and gave out an open challenge just minutes after the victory. His fellow Assassin Iceburg accepted the challenge, and took the belt away from Aspen. Aspen wrestled one more match for the TWA, and it was a dandy in which him and Carl lost to the late Chris Smothers in a triple threat match. He left TWA for California, and everyone in TWA, both past and present, wish him good luck in the future. In his spare time, he enjoys buying his girlfriend lava lamps, playing Shining Force 2, and working Grill at McDonalds. He then left McDonalds to work for the neighborhood affordable Minnesota assisted living center. He also has many piercings and tattoos, which are quite cool and odd.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut August 9th
Last Appearance - TWA Uncut September 6th
Update - We are still trying to contact Aspen who moved to California in 1999. We only know his last name starts with an S. So if anyone knows a Chris S in California please have him contact the TWA. Thank you.

European Champion Carl Durant : NWO


Resides In: Forest Lake, Mn. He lives right by where Casey's old house is.....!!!!!!
Height: 6'0
Weight: 145 pounds
Age: 16
Finisher: Rapper Dropper
Titles Held: TWA IC (1), TWA Tag Titles w/ Jordan Kimbel (1), TWA European (1), TWA Royal Rumble (2)
Theme Music: "Judgment Day" by Dying Fetus
thelord3.JPGHistory and Fun Facts: Carl Durant was one of 4 TWA superstars that actually started the TWA. He and friend Shawn Willams formed the infamous NWO, and with the help of fellow NWOite Shawn Willams, Durant captured the TWA European Title from Tony Peters at a TWA House Show in the Summer of '98. Durant then went on to beat Tony Peters in a handicap Tag Title Match with superstar Jordan Kimbel as Durant's tag partner. Carl Durant made his televised debut shortly after, at the famous PPV Snowblast in January '99. His grueling fued with Tony Peters ended here, with Durant losing his beloved European Title to the big man due to miscommunication between Durant and referee Shawn Willams. Durant then went on to challenge Shawn to an IC Title match at a TWA taping and captured his third title with a Rapper Dropper. Durant was then stripped of the IC Title and kicked out of the TWA altogether by Shawn Willams, and looked as if he had seemingly left the sport. Roughly a year later, Carl Durant's name resurfaced, and rumor had it that he was to return to in-ring action. However, Durant returned and reformed the NWO with the Spencer Boys, as a manager. He led the Tag Team Champions to several successful defenses, and occassionally stepped in the ring with the big boys of the TWA. The Spencers eventually lost the Tag Straps to the controversial Euro-Triad, and Durant decided that he'd reunite with Shawn Willams. He secretly planned an attack on the Spencers with Willams, and Durant and Willams reformed the original NWO shortly after the attack of the Spencers. A few weeks later, Willams enlisted the skills of former FLWA Champion Reid Linwood. Willam's win/loss record has been nearly perfect after the reformation of the NWO, and Willams has shown his appreciation by basically handing the TWA Royal Rumble Title to Carl Durant on a silver platter. Durant lost a retirement match, but came back as Chris Smothers, but that was used as a disguise to attack Peters. Due to his size, Durant has been forced to rely on outside interference and his experience edge to even compete in his matches. Durant is a superb cheater, and has prided himself on having one of the best win/loss records in the TWA. It is no secret that Carl Durant has wanted to win every title in the TWA, and at the rate he's going at, it looks possible. In his spare time, Carl enjoys thinking of Tony, wasting hours upon hours on this hot site, and eating. Carl is employed at County Market, and works with fellow TWA wrestlers Carl Miller and Andy Kne!
First Appearance - Non-Televised - Summer 1998
First Appearance - Televised - "The Match" December 3rd 1998

Tony FLASH Peters Hugo Blaine Minnesota

Tony "Flash" Peters


Real Name: Anthony James Peters
Other Aliases: Boobson, Flash, 'Da Big Man, The Whole Fucking Show, Dumbass
Resides In: Hugo, MN
Height: 5'5
Weight: 363
Age: 18
Finisher: Steaknife
Titles Held: TWA World (2), TWA IC (1), TWA European (2), TWA Royal Rumble (1)
Theme Music: "Love Dump" by Static X
History and Fun Facts: Tony helped get the TWA on track, and is one of the more recognizable stars in TWA entertainment today. Peters is most renowned for his European Title reigns. Although Tony has accomplished a lot, he has by far the worst win/loss record. Willams and Peters had the greatest feud in TWA history, with Shawn probably winning 3/4 of the matches the two were in together. This gave Shawn the idea to label Tony "A fat jobber with no talent or charisma". Opponents claim that the "Dumb Baboon" really has no idea what he's doing in the ring, and have gave evidence on tape of him running into trampolines, constantly slipping and falling down more than everyone in TWA has combined, and senselessly grabbing towels and running off the tramp to set the "fat barbarian" up for more punishment. However, minus all the crap, this kid comes to wrestle in the big games, and many say that you couldn't even stop the monster with a truck. He is basically like a WCW from the 1990's. Some think that Tony only is powerful, but he isn't called the "Flash" for nothing. He is extremely speedy, and that quality about him is almost always overlooked by an opponent, and by the time they attempt to adjust to his speed, he'll have them laid out with the steaknife. Tony has injured many with the steaknife, but this kid has taken everything from chair shots to baseball slides and has continued to get up and pursue his prey. Tony started off the TWA with a 6 month fued between him, Willams, and Web, with Willams getting the better of both men. Justin Webber decided he had enough and joined up with Willams, and the two combined to give Tony loss after loss after loss. Tony found his first real friend in Carl Miller, who just buddied up with Tony a show after Tony won the title. The two were friends throughout the summer, and often went tanning and swimming together. This friendship didn't last, when Tony was betrayed by Carl and Carl joined up with Arik and Willams to form the Restless Trio. Meanwhile, Tony lost the title in late June after winning it early May, and has never got back to that point since. However, he has just recently won the IC title, but lost that eventually too. After this, Tony got caught up in a hardcore fued with the Spencers. In a backstage interview, Shawn Willams was obviously happy that Tony wasn't going after him, and had this to say about Tony and his fued with the Spencers "The three are a match made in heaven because they are the three dumbest kids in the entire world and I hope those damn Spencer's kill that Rikishi-wannabe.". Tony has responded by going into a mad streak, claiming he can't take the crap that he has gotten since he was born, and that he is sick of losing friends left and right. It's almost crazy to say, but it seems as if Tony has become even more unstoppable, and has yet to fall out of the ring since he has become more focused. At Schitt Happens 99', Tony won his first World Title, and after the TWA started once again, he beat Willams for his second World Title. He was unfortunately stripped of the TWA Title by Shawn Willams, and was fired by Shawn Willams. It seems as if his days in the TWA are numbered. The fans have missed him being gone, but there are still hopes of a return by 'Da Big Man. In Tony's free-time, he enjoys playing video games and tending to his beautiful bird, Crash. He also enjoys dyeing fellow ex-wrestler Justin Webber's hair. Always looking for a challenge, he intends to be a cop!
First Appearance - Non-Televised - Summer 1998
First Appearance - Televised - TWA Snowblast January 19th 1999

Note: Tony broke the trampoline after running into it, and that is why TWA was postponed for the majority of the winter. Anyone who wants to thank Tony for this brilliant act of courage, e-mail him at

Mr Intensity Jacob Gale

Jacob Gale


Real Name: Jacob Gale
Other Aliases: Galle
Resides In: Forest Lake, MN
Height: 5'7
Weight: 202
Age: 15
Titles Held: TWA Royal Rumble Title (1)
Theme Music: "Dude Love"
History and Fun Facts: This talented superstar has had a storied past in the TWA. His first appearance was in early November, when him and Josh Galle came and announced at a TWA Uncut. He was then appointed commissioner by someone, and he stripped Reid Linwood of the TWA IC Title at a late February Uncut. He then made Shawn Willams defend his title against Tony Peters, in which Willams lost. He appeared off and on for the next few months, and won his first title when he captured the TWA Royal Rumble Title. He was stripped of it for not showing, but when he returned he managed the Spencers to several pointless defeats. The Spencers then separated, and Galle sided with Boar Soar. He led Boar to a World Title win over the Polish Eagle. While managing Boar and being a commissioner, this hard-worker was busy feuding with Andy Kne. They had several matches which exposed Kne's hot wrestling skills. Galle had the chance to manage Boar in the infamous first blood match at TWA Champ of the Tramp. Galle turned on Boar mid-match, allowing Jimmy to get a victory with a Jimmyliner off of the top of the truck through a table. Galle is currently tagging with Jimmy. In a sad moment, Jake came out of no where and resigned his role as TWA commissioner to pursue a wrestling career! His latest match was a hardcore match with Brad, where Brad stripped Galle of his shirt, exposing his fat gut. Galle is currently playing with Arik Howie. We all wish Galle a safe return to TWA! In his spare time, he enjoys eating at the WCW Nitro Grill, buying wife-beaters, and listening to the Foo Fighters.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut February 27th 2000 (Now in case any of you extremely observant TWA viewers are reading this, you know that Jake Gale ACTUALLY debuted November 15th 1999 in a non-wrestling role. I thought I'd add that to clear up any confusion.)

God King Greeken, Chris Chrisostomidis

The Greeken


Real Name: Chris Chrisostomidis
Resides In: Forest Lake
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 225 pounds
Age: 18
Titles Held: TWA Tag Titles with Reid (1), TWA Royal Rumble Champion (1)
Theme Music: Greeky Tunes
History and Fun Facts: The Greeken was brought in by the scheming Reid Linwood in late March. They turned out to be quite the formidable tag team, when Greek showed up. They feuded with the Tag Team Champions, the Spencer Boyz, which led to a Tag Title Match at TWA Spring Break IYB. The Spencers had the edge in the match, until the Polish Eagle came out and alligned himself with Greeken and Reid. Greek got the pin, and captured the Tag Titles for the Euro-Triad. Greek was then absent for a while, and while he was out, The Polish Eagle and Reid Linwood lost the tag straps to the Spencer Boyz. Greek made a comeback, but lost to The Phantom. He hasn't been seen since. This TWA superstar's major asset's are his agility and his strength. When he combines the two, he can make short work of the biggest stars in TWA. If this superstar decides to continue wrestling for the TWA, he'll probably have belts around his waist for a long time to come. In his spare time, he enjoys cheering for the Tampa Bay Bucs, playing football, amateur wrestling, and living in Greece.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut March 12th
Last Appearance - TWA Uncut May 28th (?)

TWA Iceburg, Jeremy Bzdok North Branch

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No Pic Available

Real Name: Jeremy Bzdok
Resides In: North Branch, MN
Height: 6'0
Weight: 150 pounds
Age: 18
Finisher: The Ice Pick
Titles Held: TWA Royal Rumble (2), TWA IC Title (1)
Theme Music: Harlem Heat's Theme
History and Fun Facts: Iceburg is definitely not the guy you would want to see in a wrestling ring. This superstar was brought in by Shawn Willams to destroy the man known as Tony Peters. He defeated Ben Cassidy in a warmup match, but ultimately lost to Tony in the Gauntlet Match. Tony never did pin him, Iceburg had lost by DQ after using an illegal object. Iceburg went on to win the TWA Royal Rumble belt a week after the Gauntlet Match. He kept that belt for a while, and successfully tagged with Aspen on many occasions. In fact, Iceburg held the Royal Rumble belt longer than anyone in TWA history. He lost it to Tony Peters in early September, but defeated his former tag team partner Aspen for the IC Title on the same night! He defended that for a month, and feuded with Tony Peters over this period of time. Iceburg enlisted the services of Charles Woodson to help combat Tony. This worked, with Charles allowing Iceburg to win several matches, and even allowing Iceburg to run Peters over with his beautiful red car! Iceburg disappeared, and the TWA was forced to strip him of his IC Title. Iceburg made an appearance half a year later, winning the Royal Rumble Title again out of no where! Iceburg then vanished, and the TWA was again forced to strip him of his title. The TWA is currently attempting to bring Iceburg back, but the negotiations are not going as smooth as one would have hoped. Iceburg was a tough competitor, and never gave up. These were his best qualities as a wrestler, and are the biggest reasons for his superb win/loss record. In his spare time, he likes playing with his little brother Fan, watching WWF Smackdown, and playing backup Free Safety for the North Branch High School Football team.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut August 9th 1999
Last Appearance - TWA Uncut September 20th 1999


Andy Kne Myth Krusher Scandia MN

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Andy "The Krusher" Kne

Real Name: Andrew Kne
Resides In: Scandia, MN
Height: 6'1
Weight: 238 pounds
Age: 19
Finisher: Doctorbomb
Titles Held: None
Theme: "Mission Impossible" by Reel Big Fish
History and Fun Facts: This superstar is new to the TWA, and he has already made his presence felt. His awesome display of power and brains show that this man could quite possibly be the most complete wrestler in TWA history. He made his debut at TWA Schitt Happens when he was brought in to wrestle Brad Spencer in a hardcore World Title Match. He lost, but certainly put up a good fight against the more experienced Boar. He has shown that he doesn't take any shit from no one, and seems to be "pissed off" quite a lot. His splendid mic skills are second only to former TWA Heavyweight Champion Tony Peters. He continues to improve, and is the strongest wrestler in the TWA. He can bench press three hundred and sixty five pounds! With his strength, agility, and stamina (SAS....ha....ha) he has quite the bright future and it's only a matter of time before he has a belt around that big waist of his. Myth has been fired by President Casey Tripp for picking on Casey Tripp's friend Carl Durant. In Andrew's spare time, he enjoys working at Country f'n Market (5 hours a week), watching wrestling tapes, and playing with friends. TWA superstars watch out, the Krusher is climbing his way to the top!
First Appearance - TWA Schitt Happens May 2000
Final Appearance - TWA Uncut July 17th 2000

TWA Phantom ( Arik Howie )


Real Name: Unknown
Resides In: Unknown
Height: 5'11
Weight: 160
Age: Unknown
Finisher: Phantom Drop (?)
Titles Held: TWA Champ of the Tramp 2000, Tag Team Title w/ Sloppy (1)
Theme Music: A catchy song off The Greeky Tunes soundtrack
History and Fun Facts: Not much is known about this youngster. He appeared in May, right after Schitt Happens. The TWA just lost Arik Howie, and they were quite glad to have another "body" in the Phantom. He started TWA by beating The Greeken, which made Greeken leave the TWA. He made his name in tag team wrestling, where he tagged a few times with the likes of Sloppy Joe. They were successful, and even beat the tag team champions, Shawn Willams and Reid Linwood in a non-title match-up. He then won the Champ of the Tramp tournament in late June, defeating veteran Carl Miller in the finals. He is currently waiting in the wings for his well deserved title shot at TWA Summer Sizzler at the end of July. In his free time, he enjoys giving his buddies free computer hardware and practicing wrestling with Sloppy Joe.
First Appearance - TWA Uncut May 27th 2000
Final Appearance - TWA Summer Sizzler July 31st 2000