October 10, 2009

8-28-2000 Hugo TWA, Boar in Lake

TWA Uncut August 28th: Hugo

- Interview with Bradley Spencer
Before Bradley came out, the announcers mentioned that TWA had a new venue, and it was Casey Trapp's house. Boar said that he didn't know what Jimmy was thinking by stealing his truck, and that he was going to kick his ass in a Hardcore Title Match. He then said he wasn't leaving until he came out. Jimmy eventually came out.

- First Match - Hardcore Title Match - Brad Spencer defends against Jimmy Spencer w/ Jake Gale
As soon as Jimmy came out, Boar went to town on him with several chair shots. Jimmy came back by sandwiching the boar with two Perkins cooking pans. Boar made a short comeback, but Jake Gale viciously attacked him with a chair. Boar was actually cut open from the pan shots by Jimmy earlier, and it was visible at this point. Boar was lying in the ring bleeding while Jimmy was roaming the outside for chairs, and Boar came out of no where and did a suicide dive on Jimmy that knocked Jimmy on several rocks. Galle distracted Boar which allowed Jimmy to make a comeback with the keep right sign. Jimmy held Boar up for a van galinator, but Boar got out of it and kneed Jake Galle right in the face. Boar then stunned Jimmy and caught him with the Boar Soar for the victory. He then celebrated with his belt, and came back in the ring to give Jimmy and Galle a stunner. He then got both of them with a Boar Soar, and left, bloody nose and all.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA Hardcore Champion - Brad Spencer

- Interview with the Restless Trio
Reid said that he was sick of Joe whining in the back and he said he was going to have to work his way up the ladder once again if he wanted to get title shots. Shawn then said that Carl Miller would wrestle Chris Smothers for an IC Title shot. Arik then said he's wrestling Tony in the main event since he couldn't make it last week.

- Second Match - Carl Miller vs. Chris Smothers
The match started with a test of strength. This turned out to be quite the hot match. Smothers attempted a Steaknife midmatch, but couldn't pick up Carl, and Smothers rammed into the referee. Smothers won with a Backbubble out of no where for the pinfall and then he did another out of the ring Backbubble.
Winner via pinfall - Chris Smothers

- Third Match - IC Title Match - Shawn Willams vs. Chris Smothers
Shawn came out and attacked Smothers and Carl with his belt. Willams dominated the fatigued Smothers for the majority of the match, until Smothers got a second wind. This was stopped by Willams when he used several knee holds on Smothers to take him down. Willams eventually got a Superkick that allowed him to retain the title.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champion - Shawn Willams

- Fourth Match - Tag Team Title Match - Arik/Sloppy Joe defend against Jimmy/Jake Gale
Arik actually participated in this tag match, and it looked like it was only to beat up on his long time nemesis, Jake Galle. Sloppy still wrestled for the majority of the match, and his energy visibly wore down towards the end of the match. One of the more interesting spots in TWA occurred in this match, when Sloppy Joe did a huge plancha on Galle and Jimmy which knocked both men into a picnic table, a tree, and a pitchfork. After this, Joe got a Slop Slam, but wouldn't pin Jimmy, the victim of the move. Arik was upset and he was put into a Slop Slam as well. Joe then put Jimmy over Arik, and the 3 count was made. Arik was upset, but he ended up getting an STD for his troubles.
Winners via pinfall and new TWA Tag Team Champions - Jimmy Spencer (3) and Jake Galle (1)

- Fifth Match - TWA Hardcore Title Match - Brad Spencer defends against Reid Linwood
Reid came out with Hulk Hogan and Shawn Willams. Alyse Howie came out to Brad's music, but that was unexplained and nothing came of it. I'm assuming she wanted attention or something. Boar eventually came out, and he was caught with a horrible suplex by Reid Linwood. Reid then put him on a motorcycle, and he kicked his head off with some Sweet Chin Music. One could make a legitimate claim that that was the stiffest Superkick in TWA history, but nonetheless, the match continued. Reid then took Brad to the Howie playground. This match then took an extremely long break due to the fact that the wrestlers didn't plan on dealing with the deadly Hugo Thorns. The two eventually made it out to some lake in Hugo, and Reid then threw Boar into the lake, making him wet. Boar made his way back, and Reid put him in Simply, but Reid told him to counter, and Boar did! He got him with a Stunner into the Boar Soar.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA Hardcore Champion - Brad Spencer

- Sixth Match - Hardcore Title Match - Brad Spencer defends against Joseph, Jake Gale, and Jimmy
This match's claim to fame was the seemingly unlimited use of those damn Perkins cooking pans, stolen by Jimmy and Boar. Galle was the first eliminated, then Jimmy was taken out shortly after. This left Boar and Joseph. Boar won with a Stunner into the Boar Soar.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA Hardcore Champion - Brad Spencer

- Seventh Match - TWA World Title Match - Arik defends against Joseph
Arik came out and said he was going to defend his title against Joseph because Joe screwed him out of the tag titles and because he's stupid. These two had their usual match, and you could probably guess it. They had one different spot during the match that looked ok I guess, but I didn't catch it really. Brad and Jim announced the match, so watching it merely for that is definitely a wise choice. Jake Galle was also shown talking on the phone. Arik eventually reversed a slop slam into the Howie Drop. Howie then did the rest of his moves to close the show.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champion - Arik Howie

8-7-2000 Phantom Howie wins Belt

TWA Uncut August 7th: Phantom = Howie

- First Match - Jake Galle vs. Tony Peters
Jake came out, but he was attacked by Phantom who asked for his World Title Shot. He attacked Galle with a chair until Willams came out and awarded Phantom a shot at the belt.

- Second Match - World Title Match - Jimmy defends against Phantom
These two didn't gel too well, but Jimmy's power seemed as if it was too much for Phantom to overcome. Jimmy eventually reversed a Phantom Driver into a Jimmyliner. Shawn came into the ring and asked Jimmy if he could attack him, but Jimmy pushed him out. This gave Phantom enough time to catch him with the Phantom Driver for the title. Phantom eventually took his mask off, revealed that he was Howie, and hugged Willams. They made fun of everyone for falling for their scheme, then they left.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA World Champion - Arik Howie (1)

- Third Match - Vacant Hardcore Title Match - Brad Spencer vs. Rusty vs. Jimmy
Boar came out first, wielding a chair. He attacked the new kid, Rusty, who was next out. Rusty sold it beautifully, and it took him 5 minutes to gather himself after that hot chair shot. Boar then hid on the side of the house and attacked Jimmy with the chair. By the way, TWA changed it's set up again, in a new position, similar to the second formation, where the camera would get the entrance and the ring in the same picture. I don't know it's hard to explain. This was quite the hardcore match, and it's truly undescribable. Rusty showed natural talent, but Boar and Jimmy had the experience to show him how it's like in the TWA. Boar had the match won with a Stunnner on Jimmy, but Rusty interfered and no selled a Boar Stunner! Boar got it eventually, then he did an exciting running legdrop which you'd have to see to appreciate. After a few more minutes of shit, Boar got a double Stunner and a double Boar Soar for the pinfall on both men to become the TWA Hardcore Champion.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA Hardcore Champion - Bradley Spencer (3)

- Fourth Match - Carl Miller vs. Jake Galle w/ Jimmy
Jake came out and said that he's not in cohoots with Justin Webber, or at least not to his knowledge. Carl came out and pointed to his back saying "Think of this when you get lonely at night". This scientific match started immediately while Jimmy laid back on the outside. During the match, the announcers mentioned that Harry Joe Halvarson left the TWA for greener pastures. Carl also got the referee to do a double clothesline on Galle. Carl then teased an Implant DDT, and eventually gave Galle one and got the 1-2-3. Galle and Jimmy then administered an STD to him.
Winner via pinfall - Carl Miller

- Vignette of Boar
Boar was shown getting beat up while getting in his car. Galle and Jimmy gave him an STD and stole his truck. Boar tried catching them but to no avail. He said he had no way to leave TWA.

- Fifth Match - IC Title Match - Shawn Willams defends against Rusty
Shawn came out and gave an open challenge. Rusty came out and said "I'll accept your challenge, pussy!". Willams dominated the rookie, and even dropped him on his head while performing a sidewalk slam. Willams then dropped him on his head again when he did a really good belly-to-back suplex. Willams won this long match after a Pockett Driver into the Superkick.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champion - Shawn Willams

- Sixth Match - Tag Team Title #1 contendership - Arik and Boar start (Arik/Sloppy are champs)
Arik and Boar wrestled for a while until Jimmy and Galle came out with Boar's truck. Rusty was next, and while he was walking out, Jimmy and Galle were eliminated. Boar was then eliminated by Howie, and Rusty was then eliminated by Howie. Willams came out....and was attacked by Willams. Willams and Arik were the last 2 left, and Willams won the match without having to do anything. They were then promised tag team title shots, despite the fact that Arik is the tag champ.
Winners via pinfall - Shawn Willams/Arik Howie

- Seventh Match - World Title Match - Arik Howie defends against Jake Galle
Arik destroyed Galle, as one would think. Galle got a Van Galinator but he got a 1 count. Eventually Howie got the Howie Drop into the Howie Ball for the pinfall victory. The announcer then kicked Jake and knocked him down. Howie then attacked the ref but the ref no sold everything.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champion - Arik Howie

07-24-2000 Smothers and Peters return


TWA Uncut July 24th: Stittew

- Interview with the returning ToNy BoObSoN!
Boobson said he's come back to please the fans, and that he was just glad to be back. He also said that he wanted everyone to have a little "TFP" in their lives.

- First Match - Squash Match - Tony Peters vs. Jake Gale
Tony basically came back, and showed why he was once a 2 time TWA Champion, and why he was once the top face in the federation. Peters won with a Steaknife, and on his way back was attacked by Jimmy Spencer. Jimmy attacked him, and Tony laid on the stairs. Tony then got 5 belt shots from Jimmy, and fell.

- Second Match - Non-title match - Reid Linwood vs. Sloppy Joe
Reid came out first. Then Carl was about to come out, but realized his flaw. Sloppy then came out. This match was a sad moment in TWA history, when Reid got DDTed, and screwed up his back. The camera then cut, and rightfully so, as Reid was in terrible condition. Watching it on tape is sick.
Match is thrown out

- Interview w/ Carl Miller
Carl said he wanted Galle at Summer Sizzler. He called Jake fat. He then challenged Galle for a No Scream Match at the PPV. Jimmy then came out, and the team of Jimmy and Galle surrounded Carl, beat him up, and put him in the Spencer Tag Drop. Carl convulsed, then ran after the two, but they locked the door and Carl couldn't get in.

- Third Match - Jake Gale w/ Jimmy vs. Phantom
Galle really reminded everyone of his intellect in this match. He first sold a clothesline from hell perfectly, then he sold a fameasser really good. After this, Galle got on the offense, and put the Phantom in a precarious position. Phantom countered with a knee pedigree. About mid-match, Galle revealed that he tucked his wifebeater under his boxers, so that made the fans realize there wouldn't be any gut from Galle. Phantom picked up the pinfall after two Phantom Drivers. Jimmy came in to save Galle, and had Phantom down for a while, until the masked superstar countered and did his sommersault into a splash, then he said that's what'd happen to Jimmy at Summer Sizzler.
Winner via pinfall - Phantom

- Fourth Match - TWA World Title Match - Jimmy Spencer defends against Carl Miller
Jimmy came out, and cut a promo about Summer Sizzler. He said he had a plan for Sunday, and that Phantom wouldn't get the belt. Jimmy showed a display of power throughout the match. Carl had Jimmy towards the end of the match, but Jake Galle came in to perform the STD. They continued to beat the fuck out of poor Miller, until Joseph Mack Halvarson came. He cleaned house, threw Jimmy out, and did a Rugburn on Jake Galle. Carl and Joe then did three legdrops.
Winner via DQ - Carl Miller

- Interview w/ Reid
Reid said he injured himself prior to TWA. He then said he'd have to step down and leave TWA as a front line wrestler. Willams ran out casually, and Reid let everyone know of a surprise. Reid said he wanted one last match, and that was against Willams for the IC Title.

- Fifth Match - IC Title Match - Reid Linwood vs. Shawn Willams
The match started with a handshake, and Reid gave up to Willams! This was obviously a ploy to get the title around a friend before he leaves. Willams then destroyed the referee, and took the IC Title with him to the back. Winner via pinfall and new TWA IC Champion - Shawn Willams (2)

- Interview w/ Tony Peters
Tony said he came back because of his drinking buddy Ben Cassidy, who is also the commissioner. He said that Ben looked over his contract, and brought him back. Willams then came back, and taunted Peters by calling him fat. Peters then spit all over Willams. Willams then gave him a superkick. Chris Smothers then came back, and gave Willams a backbubble, and walked off with Peters.

- Shoot interview w/ Jake Galle
Tony Peters asked Galle how he got into wrestling. Galle didn't respond.

- Sixth Match - Tag Title Match - Shawn Willams vs. Phantom
These two had their usual match. Willams did pull off a good pedigree too, not them knee ones that Galle does. Willams then put Phantom into a buzzkiller, shades of Syxx. Too many hot moves for me to type. A release Zerwasplex was used by Willams. Match ended after a few suplexes by Willams, but Phantom countered with a Phantom Driver. Phantom then said he was happy to have 2 belts. He then said he had an idea as to who would get the other tag belt. It turned out to be Sloppy Joe. So in all actuality, Sloppy did nothing and got a belt.
Winners via pinfall and new Tag Team Champions - Phantom and Sloppy Joe (1)

- WARNING!!! STOP THE TAPE AT THIS POINT!!! (Go ahead, watch it if you want. But don't tell me I didn't warn you once you realize that you're bored out of your mind.)

- Seventh Match - Smothers and Peters vs. Galle and Jimmy
Arik Howie said this is the worst match in TWA history. I beg to differ. Peters and Smothers reminded everyone of old school TWA, and taught Galle and Jimmy a lesson. The match started with Smothers crushing Jimmy with a suicide dive. Peters had a new arsenal of offensive weapons, which included a seated missile dropkick. Boobson even did a Pizza Cutter. Boobson then punished Jimmy with a chairundertheasssentonbomb. This match was truly undescribable for the most part though. The announcer, however, thought the match was unrecordable. Smothers and Peters eventually won with some quick move. The cameraman then left the camera on. Smothers then said that he can carry anyone. Then the nice cameraman made an ass out of everyone. Good for him, eh?
Winners via pinfall - Tony Peters and Chris Smothers

- Galle vignette
Galle was shown getting misted by an unknown man. Blue mist.

- Eighth Match - Tag Team Title Match - Sloppy Joe Collins/Phantom vs. Carl/Joe H.
I don't know, same old . How about this, I'll tell you the moves, and you just imagine the wrestlers performing them. punch, suicide dive, kick, choke, slow motion punch, dropkick, legdrop, atomic drop, suplex, armbar, slow motion spinebuster, slap, kick to mouth. Phantom misted Galle midmatch. Sloppy and Phantom won the match with their finishers.
Winners via pinfall and still TWA Tag Champs - Sloppy Joe and Phantom

- Ninth Match - IC Title Match - Shawn Willams vs. Sloppy Joe
At least these two had a decent match, but they were still off their "game". Joe dominated Willams with high flying moves, and when Willams was on the outside, the referee Carl Miller said "get my hat out of your mullet". I thought that was funny, because he doesn't have a mullet. The match got progressively slower, and slower, and too slow to watch. It started off decent, and viewable (nice word eh?). Sloppy pulled off a groundplex towards the end of the match. Shawn then held his hand up, and Sloppy ran into it. Shawn retained his title with a Superkick I think, I missed the ending.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champion - Shawn Willams

7-10-2000 Star Karwoski vs Krusher

TWA Uncut July 10th

- First Match - Carl Miller and Joe Halvarson vs. Phantom and Sloppy Joe
This match was a regular match until about midmatch, when everyone involved came in and made it a cluster. Sloppy Joe complained about Jake Galle's lazyness throughout the match. The announcers mentioned that the winner of this would go on to wrestle the champions, Reid and Shawn, next week. Phantom cheated often, and the referee didn't stop it. Willams eventually came in after all four men were winded, and he superkicked each man several times, but they kept getting up. He then resorted to a Pockett Driver, which put all four out.
Match was thrown out.

- Second Match - Jake Gale vs. Brad Spencer
Great match. Boar beat Galle up, until Jimmy got involved. Then Brad and Jimmy no selled their way to the shed, but cooler heads prevailed and Brad got back to the match. Jake Galle eventually won clean with a legdrop. Jimmy and Galle then gave Boar an STD. The announcer then got on Jimmy for cheating.
Winner via pinfall - Jake Gale

- Interview w/ Star
Star said that he didn't care that he didn't live up to Reid's expectations. He then said that Reid was going to be the one who was going to fall, while Star would rise.

- Third Match - IC Title Match - Reid Linwood vs. Star vs. Joe Halvarson
Star got caught up with Willams at the beginning of the match, while Joe and Reid traded shots. The match continued with each man controlling the match for a while. Eventually, Shawn Willams saw an opening, and he took Joe Halvarson out of the and beat him out. Meanwhile, Linwood was controlling Star, the former high school wrestling star. Linwood went for Simply Magnificent, but Karwoski countered with a clothesline, which was countered into a successful Simply Magnificent for the pin.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champion - Reid Linwood

- Fourth Match - Hardcore Battle Royal - Star vs. Boar (start, Myth = champion)
Star and Boar started, but really didn't start being hardcore until Star got a trash can lid 5 minutes into the match. Galle was the third man out, and he, with Star, double teamed Boar. Boar came back with a few Stunners. Shawn Willams then came out with Reid Linwood. Galle immediately did a Van-galinator on Boar, then hit Star with a lid. Andy "The Sweating Myth" Kne came out next. He wore an extra shirt, which he took off once he got to the ring. Myth then no selled a few moves like he always does when he goes out to wrestle, and chaos ensued. On the outside, Galle got Boar Soared by Brad, and was eliminated. Shawn Willams was then stunned by Boar, and pinned by Star. This left Star, Boar, and Mythster. Star was then eliminated when he was stunned and pinned by Willams and Myth. Boar and Myth were left, and Myth pinned him after a Doctor Bomb. Oh yeah, Myth kicked out of a Boar Soar and a Superkick. Mr. No Sell is still the TWA Hardcore Champion.
Winner and still TWA Hardcore Battle Royal Champion - Myth

- Interview w/ Myth
Myth answered some questions, and really elaborated. He's not a mic person, so it's no big deal.

- Fifth Match - TWA World Title Match - Jimmy vs. Andy
Myth did what he does best, and that's perform slow motion moves, and no sell. Jimmy did a huge clothesline, hit Myth in the chest, but Myth stalled before falling. Myth did display some power however, and nearly won it with a huge belly to belly. Jimmy got up, and pushed Myth off the trampoline and through a table! He didn't actually go through, so Jimmy jumped on his back and Myth finally went through. Jimmy then hit a Jimmyliner for the pinfall, and did an STD with Galle at the end.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champion - Jim Spencer

- Sixth Match - Shawn Willams vs. Loopy Joe Collins
Reid was out with Willams, but didn't factor into the match much. Some nice, back and forth action, that ended when Willams got out of a Razor's edge, and hit Joe with a Superkick into, the pinfall.
Winner via pinfall - Shawn Willams

- Seventh Match - Star vs. Carl vs. Phantom vs. Gale
Galle was somehow eliminated first, I missed it. Star was then pinned by Carl and Phantom. Phantom and Carl then went at it for a while, until Phantom got the win after a Phantom Driver.
Winner via pinfall - Phantom

- Eighth Match - Shawn Willams w/ Reid and Bradley vs. Jimmy and Galle
Great match. Boar and Willams tried to get Galle throughout the entire match, but Galle was too elusive. Jimmy showed why he was the world champion, by enduring 15 minutes of punishment from the two stars. Jimmy made a comeback by Jimmylining Willams, but Boar was right behind him to deliver the infamous Boar Stunner to allow Shawn to cover Jimmy for the pinfall. Galle watched.
Winners via pinfall - Shawn Willams and Brad Spencer

- Ninth Match - World Title Match - Jimmy vs. Brad vs. Shawn
Brad and Shawn did the obvious, and that was double-team Jimmy. After all, Jimmy just got back from hanging out with his parents at cheap assisted living in Minnesota. Like the tag match, Jimmy eventually overcame it, but it was often stopped by either Brad or Shawn, or by Reid who was at ringside. Brad eventually hit a stunner and it looked to be over for Jimmy, but Willams gave Boar a diamond cutter, which was the signal of the match actually being a triple threat match. Boar ripped off his shirt and did a Boar Soar on Jimmy, then him and Willams got ready for High Times, but Jimmy reversed it into a double Jimmyliner. Possibly his biggest defense, he basically defeated two men in a handicap match. Boar was irate, and he stunned Willams, ripped off his own shirt, and Boar Soared him. He then stunned Reid too. He showed crack as well. Andrew Kne was shown a little too close to ringside area, and he paid for it by getting stunned and Boar Soared by the shirtless Spencer.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champion - Jimmy Spencer

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7-3-2000 Durant loses, retires

TWA Uncut July 3rd

- Interview w/ Jimmy Spencer and Jake Galle
Jimmy put over Brad for being a tough competitor. He said he was glad to have the belt, and that he'd do that horrific "First Blood" match again! Jake said it was a damn good match.

- First Match - TWA Royal Rumble - Joe Halvarson vs. Jake Galle (start, Willams = champ)
Halvarson dominated "No Offense" Galle. He even got to use his triple legdrop manuever. Halvarson went off the top rope, but slipped and fell out of the ring. The camera didn't get it in time, so it looked like Joe merely fell down on the trampoline, rather than the ground. Phantom came out shortly after this, and said that a fan stole his sandals. Halvarson was then eliminated by Phantom, when Phantom flipped Halvarson off the trampoline and onto the flaming mat. Jimmy Spencer came out RIGHT after this. Jimmy and Jake teamed up on Phantom, but couldn't pull off the STD, which was their initial intention. Phantom came back by separating the two, and giving them both DDT's. Myth came out after this, and he teamed up with his masked friend, Phantom. Durant came out a while after, but he tripped (!) when he came down the stairs. He made it to his feet and he ran to the ring to attack Jake Gale. Phantom took care of Durant in the ring, while Jim and Jake STDed Mythster. Myth came back, and did a GREAT splash on Jimmy. You'd have to see it to appreciate it. Sloppy Joe then came out, with a new mask and a new uniform! Meanwhile, Durant jumpkicked Myth, and Jimmy was pushed out when Myth got dropkicked into him. Linwood was next. He came out, and mouthed "help me" to the camera. Durant then eliminated himself for some reason, and Galle was thrown out by Sloppy. Galle then took Durant down, and threw a football at him. In the ring, Reid got back body dropped by Myth, and Reid grabbed Myth's ass when he flipped over. Willams came out a few minutes after this point, and he showed off his RR title. After about 10 minutes of fake wrestling, the announcer asked for someone to be eliminated, and Phantom jumpkicked Joe out. Shawn then jumpkicked Phantom. Reid was then chased out by Kne. This left Myth and Willams. Willams was bumped out by Reid, who went back in the match. Myth then did a fall-a-way slam on Reid, and he went in front of the camera and said "I declare this, the hardcore battle royal title"! Myth then chased Willams around, until Reid clotheslined Myth.
Winner via elimination and new TWA Hardcore Battle Royal Champion - Myth (1)

- Interview w/ Durant
He said that he'd put his career on the line for a title shot against Jimmy tonight.

- Second Match - Shawn Willams vs. Boar
Shawn Willams came out and blamed Reid for his title loss. Reid said that Shawn wanted to be like Chris Adams. Brad then came out for a match against Willams. The match was controlled by the veteran, Willams, and Reid often got involved at ringside. Willams won it after Reid came in with a Simply Magnificent on Boar, and Willams hit a superkick for the 1-2-3.
Winner via pinfall - Shawn Willams

- Interview w/ Brad Spencer
This was right after the match, and Brad was visibly winded. He said that he lost his belt because of Jake Gale, and he was going to kick his ass "hardcore" style.

- Third Match - Masked Superstars Match - Myth vs. Phantom
Myth wasn't used to Phantom's high flyin' style, which gave Phantom the edge despite Myth's strength. Phantom did a fameasser, but Myth sold it wrong. Myth really had no offense, other than a few slams. Phantom showed why he won the Champ of the Tramp tournament a week before. Myth pulled off his finisher, the Doctor Bomb, and had the 3 count, but insisted that the match continue. This revealed how stupid Myth really is, either way you look at it. Andy then hit a sick neckbreaker, which messed up Phantom's back, seriously. Phantom got back, and hit a jumpkick for the 1-2-3. Myth jobbed to Phantom and his jumpkick. You want to know why Andy isn't going to be a pro wrestler? Watch this match. You'll see stupidity, ignorance, and lack of improvising on Myth's part.
Winner via pinfall - Phantom

- Fourth Match - Hardcore Match - Jake Gale w/ Jimmy vs. Bradley Spencer
What a hot match. Any match where you can see a Gale is always a ***** match, there's really no way around it. Galle had no offense, until after the tree of woe.

6-19-2000 Jake Gale Gauntlet Match

TWA Uncut June 19th

- First Match - IC Title #1 Contender Match - Phantom vs. Halvarson
Harry came out and said he loves DBC. These two made the crowd with high flyin' moves, and the crowd went especially crazy after the Halvarson Triple Leg Drop. Harry fended off the inexperienced Phantom and won with the Rugburn. Harry was then to receive an IC Title shot against Reid Linwood at TWA Champ of the Tramp.
Winner via pinfall - Joseph Halvarson

- Interview with Halvarson
Halvarson says something but it's impossible to hear him since there is wind. Sorry Joe H!

- Second Match - Jimmy vs. Shawn Willams
This match showed why the two are constantly getting World Title opportunities. These two really got the crowd all fired up too. Willams dominated, and the match also saw the return of Jake Galle! Jake was the referee, and he did a splendid job. Willams eventually caught Jimmy with a Superkick and was about to give him a Puckett Driver but Jimmy reversed it into the Jimmyliner for the 1-2-3. Jimmy left saying Brad would bleed and Shawn attacked Jacob after the match.
Winner via pinfall - Jim Spencer

- Third Match - Carl vs. Joe Collins
Carl came out, and said he likes being Joe Halvarson's partner. Carl Durant was shown in the background flexing and doing jumping-jacks. Joe C then came out. They started wrestling. It was exciting. Joe eventually won with the famous Slop Slam. After the match, the two then teamed up to attack Jacob Gale.
Winner via pinfall - Joe C.

- Fourth Match - 3-way Hardcore Dance - Kne vs. B. Spencer vs. J. Galle
This match was so hot that Jake Galle even attacked Kne while Kne was walking out. Gale and Spencer teamed up on Kne for the most part, but Brad eventually got fed up with Gale and gave him a Stunner and Boar Soar and pinned him. Kne and Spencer then showed the crowd how stiff TWA gets sometimes, but Brad had the upperhand for the entire match. Brad even toyed with the youngster by sticking a stick up Kne's you know what. Brad then dodged a Kne jumpkick, stunned him, and Boar Soared him for the 1-2-3. Kne laid in the ring in a pool of his own ear blood, while Brad said Jim would bleed next Monday at the PPV.
Winner via pinfall - Brad Spencer

- Fifth Match - Gauntlet Match - Jake Gale vs. Carl Durant (start)
The reason for this match was because Jacob was gone for the last 2 weeks in TWA. The stipulation was that if Jake couldn't defeat 4 out of 7 TWA wrestlers in the match, he'd be fired. The first man was Durant, and he came out with beer! He drank it and entered the ring. Gale was fresh and fighting for his life, and he eventually got the win after hitting Durant with a cookie sheet. Carl Miller was next, and he and Durant double-teamed Gale. Gale eventually fended Durant off and pinned Carl Miller after a Van Galinator. Brad was next, and he laid down for his friend Jacob. Kne was next, and he dominated Jake. At this point, Gale was extremely fatigued, while Kne was the fresh man, and Kne took this opportunity to impress the bookers by defeating Gale with the Doctorbomb. The Phantom was next, and he had Gale beat right from the start. TWA then went to a commercial break. When it was back, Jake said that Phantom hasn't been looking over his contract, which prompted Phantom to attack Gale viciously. Phantom then defeated Jake with a top rope leg drop. Durant then came in to ref. Sloppy Joe was next in, and he and Durant teamed up on Gale. This match was unusual for the reason that men who normally hate eachother teamed up in order to eliminate one man. Odd. Sloppy eventually won after misting Gale and taking him out with the Slop Slam. Gale had 3 wins and 3 losses, which made this final match against Shawn Willams vital. Willams and Durant teamed up and nearly had Jacob beat. Willams even hit Jake with a PERFECT Superkick. Jake persevered, and stayed in the match as long as he could. Eventually his hero Brad came out and stunned Willams twice and Durant once. He splashed Willams, and put Gale over Willams and made Durant count the three. Even the announcers wanted Jake to lose, and the crowd was behind Willams as well, but that wasn't enough to keep Jacob Gale out of the TWA. After the match, Willams took out Brad and Jake with a suicide dive, and performed an odd double team move with Durant on Gale.
Winner via pinfall - Jake Gale

- Sixth Match - TWA Royal Rumble - Shawn vs. Brad (Durant = champ)
The former Heartbreak Wannabe and Brad started the match. These two were still pissed at eachother from the match prior to this, and they yelled at eachother. Brad eventually started punching Shawn, and dominated Shawn until Andy Kne entered the rumble. Kne jumpkicked Brad on the apron, and pushed him out. Brad got back in the ring, saying that "his feet never touched the ground". The match went on with Shawn and Myth teaming up on Brad. Gale was the next man in, and Kne and Willams teamed up on Gale as well. Joe Collins was the next man in, and he misted Gale and Gale left the ring. Brad then eliminated Kne. Durant was the final entry, and he teamed up with Shawn to attack Brad. Shawn Superkicked Brad out of the ring, then Durant turned on his own partner and pushed him out to retain his title! Durant took his title and fled, but Brad caught him after Durant stopped running, and he stunned Durant while the show went off the air.
Winner and still TWA Royal Rumble Champion - Carl Durant

6-12-2000 Brad Spencer drives the truck

<BGSOUND SRC="nwo.mid">

TWA Uncut June 12th 2000

- Interview w/ Reid Linwood, Carl Durant, and Shawn Willams
Willams says that he's sick of people bitching him around and that he wants to wrestle Jake Galle. Reid then says the Polish Eagle has quit TWA to get married to Greeken in San Francisco. Willams then says the two masked retards, SLoPPy Joe and The Phantom, should be friends because they both have masks. He then says that the two masked stars get a handicap match against Durant/Willams/Reid. Carl Durant then says he's going to win the Champ of the Tramp Tournament in 2 weeks.

- First Match - Non-Title - The Phantom and SLoPPy Joe vs. Reid Linwood and Shawn Willams
Joe and Phantom come out by themselves, while the NWO went out together. Basic TWA match, with Willams and Reid controlling until it went to the outside. Reid and Willams were allowed to cheat, since the referee was Durant, and Joe seemed to be hurt from Willams eye pokes for the entire match. During the match, Andrew Kne was shown watching the match several times. The crowd was really behind the masked stars, but they were dominated for the most part. Joe eventually got a hot tag from Phantom and cleaned house on everyone including Durant. The masked stars eventually got the win after a sick double team fameasser. The two stars cleaned house after the match and then left.
Winners via pinfall - Joe and Phantom

- Interview w/ Harry Joe and Carl Miller
Harry said that he's happy he has a belt, but wants to get a title around Carl's waste too. They say that the only way they'll get title shots is to get the Presidency of the TWA off of Willams waste and give it to a good kid like Jake Gale. Halvarson says he'll put up the Rumble Title if Durant puts up Willams' Presidency in a 4-way Rumble style match.

- Second Match - Carl Miller and Joey Halvarson vs. Carl Durant and Krusher
Durant comes out, and says that he picked Krusher as his mystery partner. Krusher dominated Carl Miller the whole match, while Halvarson dominated Durant. Durant and Kne even pulled off a double team move, with Kne picking up and throwing Durant on Carl M and Joe. Kne eliminated Carl M by backdropping him onto the ring apron then giving him a seated jumpkick to push him out. Halvarson dominated for a while, but Durant and Kne eventually beat him down. Halvarson even eliminated Durant, but Durant got back in, saying both feet didn't touch the ground. Durant accidentally fell out again, but was supposedly still in the match. Willams came in to take Joe out, and Kne threw Halvarson out. Willams then hit Kne with a Puckett Kick and eliminated him to allow Durant to capture the RR Title again.
Winner via Elimination and new TWA Royal Rumble Champion - Carl Durant (2)

- Third Match - Hardcore Match - Non-Title - TWA World Champ Brad vs. Jimmy
Brad drove up in his truck. Brad said Jimmy was going to bleed at TWA Champ of the Tramp. Jim came out and was attacked on his way to the ring. Brad his in the back of his truck later in the match, and Jimmy couldn't find him. The referee eventually told Jimmy where Brad was, and Jimmy demolished Brad with a steel chair. Brad used his own truck door and sandwiched Jimmy. These men used everything but the kitchen sink in this match, and it was by far the most hardcore match in TWA history. Brad even put Jimmy on the top of the truck and gave him a Boar Stunner. He then did a huge Boar Soar on the ground to win it. After the match Brad said Jim was going to bleed at Champ of the Tramp. He then got in his truck and was about to run Jim over, but Jim got up and chased after Brad and his truck. Jim climbed on Brad's truck, but Brad drove wildly and Jim was thrown off the truck. Brad went for a Stunner, but Jim countered with a Jimmyliner, which was also countered by Brad into a Choke Slam. Brad left in his car while Jim laid on the ground fatigued.
Winner via pinfall - Brad Spencer

- Fourth Match - Lumberjack Match - CotT Qualifier - The Phantom vs. Sloppy Joe
The Lumberjacks were Jimmy, Shawn Willams, and Reid. The match was refereed by Joe Halvarson, to ensure fairness. The two put on their usual match, but more risk was involved, due to the importance of the match. Joe even used an Orange Crush Pin, which was never seen in the TWA until that point. For the most part, the lumberjacks weren't used, put they got themselves involved by tripping (!) the wrestlers. Phantom eventually was thrown outside the ring, and he ended up taking out Jimmy and Reid while Joe took out Willams in the ring. The referee was then knocked out of the ring, while Shawn and Reid administered their finishers to Phantom and Joe. The referee got back in the ring and counted both Joe and Phantom out. Jimmy was then shown playing with bugs and water.
Double DQ via standing 10 count - both men were eliminated from the CotT tournament.

- Fifth Match - IC Title Match - Reid defends against Harry Joe Halvarson
Typical match between the two, with Halvarson using his brains to get on top. Reid eventually dominated after Joe's antics weren't working, and Reid even signed Joe's hand! Reid then did repeated eye pokes, and caught him with Simply Magnificent for the pinfall to retain his title.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champion - Reid Linwood

TWA 6-5-2000

James Spencer vs. Brad Spencer
One of many bouts between these two over the years. The first-blood match between these two is just a few weeks away at the Pay Per View. Boar means business in this match, taking off his brace and giving Jimmy a Boar Stunner. Then he takes the chair out, and does a powerbomb on a chair. He's trying to hurt Jimmy bad. Jimmy is never able to mount a comeback, and Bradley wins after a stunner.

The Magnificent Bastard defends his Intercontinental Title vs. Carl Miller
Carl Miller's return to TWA nets him an IC Title shot vs the Bastard. But the Bastard doesn't have any pity for Carl as he unleashes a myriad of moves on Miller, and then blinds him with his own headband. Carl gets some offense in, but Reid puts a stop to it and then gets Simply Magnificent on Carl to retain his IC Title.
Winner via pinfall, Reid Linwood

Carl Durant and Shawn Williams defend the TWA Tag Team Titles vs. Harry Joe Halvarson and Carl Miller
The special stipulation in this match is that Reid Linwood is the referee; a member of NWO with Carl Durant and Shawn Williams. Reid spends most of his time preventing the other team from having 2 men in the ring, while Durant and Williams are in the ring double-teaming Milla. Order is eventually restored and Carl gets on the offensive, then Halvarson is tagged in. The NWO prove too strong to hold down, with all their cheating, and Durant gets the pin on Milla to retain the TWA Tag Team Titles.

5-28-2000 Jimmy Gauntlet, loses tag belts

TWA Uncut May 28th

- First Match - Jimmy vs. Andrew Kne
This was Andrew's Uncut debut. He had Shamrock/Zerwas tunes. Basically a squash match. Andrew won quickly, despite Boar cheating. Myth sure is talented. He pulled off some great moves. The Spencer Boyz attacked Myth with an STD after the match. What a good win for the newcomer.
Winner via pinfall - Andrew "The Krushing Myth" Kne

- TWA Commercial
Boar fell, and Jimmy told Boar to call before you dig.

- Vignette of Linwood
Linwood was shown walking around the locker room. Eagle approached him and congratulated him on his recent title win. Reid said all he did was fool around.

- TWA Commercial
Boar fell, and Polish Eagle gave him Aquafina, which healed Boar. Boar then stunned Polish, and Polish no selled it. It was funny

- Willams interview
Willams said that Jimmy was going to be in a Gauntlet Match. Willams said the winner gets a million bucks, and Jimmy gets fired if he loses. He also congratulated Reid on his title win.

- TWA Commercial
Boar was smoking, but Jimmy told him to not smoke, and Boar agreed with Jimmy. Boar then ran around the house.

- Second Match - Gauntlet Match - Jimmy vs TWA Superstars
Eagle started, and he said he was going to be rich. Jimmy was fighting for his life, and Eagle wasted a lot of his energy. Jimmy was pooped, but won with a Jimmy Liner. Boar came out and went one on one with Jimmy. Jimmy won with a Jimmyliner. Myth was next, and Jimmy was super tired. Myth eventually fell victim to the Jimmyliner. Reid was next, and he lost to the Jimmyliner too. Shawn came out, and Jimmy was WAY tired at this point. Eagle and Boar came out to Limp Bizkit, and helped Jimmy get the win via Jimmyliner. Jimmy drank water, and said he wanted more!
Winner via pinfall - Jimmy Spencer

- Third Match - Tag Team Title Match - Spencerz defend against Shawn and Reid
This was a long match that started RIGHT after the Gauntlet match. Shawn and Reid eventually won the long match with a superkick to become the new tag team champions.
Winners via pinfall and new TWA Tag Team Champions - Reid Linwood (2) and Shawn Willams (2)

- TWA Commercial
Arik was shown getting hurt, and Boar said to leave it to the pro's.

- Fourth Match - Greeken vs. Phantom
Phantom was called Sloppy's kid. Greeken said he went to college, and he can talk now. Greek did a nasty german suplex on Phantom, it killed him. Phantom won with a Phantom Driver. God-king did his the Olive Picker on the referee. Phantom then attacked Greeken when he started dancing.
Winner via pinfall - Phantom

- TWA Commercial
Boar said don't smoke, and dont steal signs. He then hit Greeken after catching him smoking.

- Fifth Match - TWA Royal Rumble - Greeken vs. Eagle (start, Durant = Champ)
Greek was thrown out, but went through the middle ropes. Boar was next. Greek then threw Eagle out. Greek then went through the middle ropes to get the same sign that Boar hit him with earlier. Phantom came out too. Krusher was next. Greeken then picked up Phantom and went back on him and slammed him down. They fell on Boar, and Boar was seriously hurt. Boar was then thrown out. Myth was really lazy in this match. You'd have to see it to believe it. jim was next. Krusher fell out next, followed by Phantom. Linwood was next out. Jimmy was thrown out. Willams was next out. Greek threw him out immediately. Greek then threw Linwood out for the win. Linwood came in, did a Howie drop on Greek, which got Phantom to hit Linwood with a belt. Greek celebrated with Phantom.
Winner via elimination and new TWA Royal Rumble Champion - God-king (1)

- Sixth Match - IC Title Match - Reid defends against The Polish Eagle
These two did their usual gig. Linwood won with help from Shawn Willams.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champion - Reid Linwood

- Seventh Match - Shawn Willams vs. Brad Spencer
Again, the usual Brad Spencer TWA match. The ref got bumped, Linwood ran in and cheated, but it wasn't enough to get the win. Boar won with a Stunner into the Boar Soar. Shawn superkicked him after.
Winner via pinfall - Brad Spencer

5-14-2000 Brad takes shirt off, wins title


TWA Uncut May 14th

- Interview with Jake Gale
He said that HE WASN'T GONNA DO IT!

- Interview with Jake Gale
He said he's seen Shawn Willams cheat lately, and he put Shawn in a handicap match against himself and a mystery partner.

- First Match - Handicap Match - Shawn Willams w/ Carl Durant vs. Jake Galle and Jimmy w/ Boar
This wasn't really a handicap match, because Durant allowed lots of cheating by Shawn. Durant kept Shawn in the match. Galle had no offense, and he said he was feeling super about being fat. Galle and Jimmy eventually hit an STD on Shawn, but Durant wouldn't count. Galle then counted instead! Boar came in, and Jimmy helped him with an STD on Durant.
Winners via pinfall - Jimmy and Galle

- Second Match - Jobber Joe vs. Arik Howie
Durant helped Jobber Joe cheat. Jobber Joe had some nice moves, and was the third "Joe" in the TWA! Arik won after a Howie Driver, and then he attacked Durant. Willams came in and saved Durant, and superkicked Howie. Durant then put Jobber Joe over Howie, and restarted the match. Howie was then counted down by Durant, and Jobber Joe won the match.
Winner via pinfall - Jobber Joe

- Third Match - World Title Match - Polish Eagle defends against Brad Spencer
This match looked like another victory for Eagle. During the match, Jimmy was shown talking with his mom. Jimmy and Galle then went to look for Jimmy's keys. Cameraman Shawn Willams was disrespectful towards the Eagle, and didn't show his moves. Eagle eventually got a devastating choke slam through a table on Boar. Arik Howie and Carl Durant were then shown talking to eachother in Casey's bedroom! The referee made it a no-DQ match halfway through. Boar then threw Polish through the table! Boar then ripped off his shirt, and did a Boar Soar on Eagle for the pinfall and the title. This was a very controversial moment in TWA, as Joe Collins (referee) allowed Boar to get the pinfall, despite what Shawn Willams had booked. The cameraman then showed Boar shirtless, he looked nude.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA World Champion - Brad Spencer (1)

- Fourth Match - TWA Royal Rumble Title Match - Boar vs. Jobber Joe (start, Durant = champ)
Boar got a stunner, which knocked Jobber Joe out RIGHT away. Polish Eagle then came out with a weapon, and attacked Boar. Boar took off his shirt AGAIN, and Eagle's moves weren't shown AGAIN. This hatred of Eagle got way gay, and was probably why he left. Even I hated not seeing his moves. It was just dumb. Arik Howie was the next out, and he called Boar a fatass. Boar was then eliminated by Eagle and Howie. Jimmy was the next man out. Meanwhile, Howie hopped around with one foot. Willams was the next man out. Galle was next out. Durant came out right after. Someone told the wrestlers to go home. It was raining. Jimmy was then eliminated. Willams then eliminated Galle. Willams then eliminated Eagle. Howie then threw Willams out, but Willams took Howie out, and Durant won! Eagle was shown saying that was gay.
Winner via elimination and still TWA Royal Rumble Champion - Carl Durant

5-8-2000 Spencer Tag Titles

TWA Uncut May 8th

- First Match - "Harry" Joe Halvarson vs. Reid Linwood w/ Polish Eagle
Here is the first match that Joe Halvarson ever wrestled for the TWA. Joe looked a little ring rusty, probably since he's never wrestled in the TWA before this. Joe eventually won after Eagle missed a sneak attack, and was pushed out by Harry. Harry then slipped doing his finisher, but recovered and did the Rugburn for the 1-2-3 on Reid Linwood.
Winner via pinfall - Joe Halvarson

- Second Match - World Title Match - The Polish Eagle defends against Jimmy
Polish demolished Jimmy, and showed why he is a legit World Champion. During the match, a fan hit on cameraman Harry Joe Halvarson. Jimmy sucked some more, until Linwood ran in and attacked Jimmy, allowing Eagle to DED him for the pinfall.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champion - The Polish Eagle

- Third Match - IC Title Match - Sloppy Joe defends against Shawn Willams
The two skirmished for a while, until Carl Durant came out and reffed the match for Shawn Willams. Durant and Willams cheated for a while, until Harry Joe Halvarson came out, attacked Durant, and counted Willams down after a Slop Slam. Willams got up after the loss, and delivered Superkicks to both Harry and Sloppy Joe. Durant then traded brick shots with Harry Joe.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champion - Sloppy Joe

- Fourth Match - Tag Team Title Match - Reid and Polish defend against the Spencer Boyz
These four had a rough match that was too hard for Referee Joe Halvarson to control. Reid did a legdrop onto a chair that was on Boar's face, which looked vicious. Polish was then fighting Boar in the ring, but Boar just pushed Eagle through a table! This left Reid alone, and he couldn't fend for himself, and was caught in the STD for the Spencer pinfall. After the match, Reid said Polish sucked and he cradle-tombstoned him on the ground.
Winners via pinfall and new TWA Tag Team Champions - The Spencer Boyz (2)

- Fifth Match - World Title Match - Shawn Willams w/ Durant as referee vs. Polish Eagle
Polish was still feeling the effects of the tombstone. He eventually got a powerbomb off the trampoline apron, through a table! Shawn was dead, and Durant called for a DQ. Durant ran off, while Shawn hit Eagle with a superkick after the match.
Winner via DQ - Shawn Willams

- Sixth Match - Tag Team Title Match - Spencers defend against Reid Linwood and Shawn Willams
Spencers were unhappy that they had to defend their newly won titles. They were so fatigued that Shawn and Reid nearly killed Brad with a double suplex through a table! Jimmy was then set up for a double puckett driver, but he reversed it into a double Jimmyliner for the pinfall to retain the titles.
Winners via pinfall and still TWA Tag Team Champions - The Spencer Boyz

- Seventh Match - TWA Royal Rumble Title Match - Carl Durant vs. Joe H.(start, Iceburg = champ)
Carl came out flaring, with 3 atomic drops. This was a pin Royal Rumble, and Durant hid under the ring from Harry Joe. Durant came out and attacked Harry after a few minutes, and Shawn Willams eventually made his way to the ring. Sloppy Joe was next, and he helped Harry Joe. Jimmy was the next superstar. Harry Joe was eventually pinned by 2 people. Reid Linwood was the next man out. Jimmy was then eliminated after a Superkick. Reid was then eliminated after a Slop Slam. Joe then got pinned after a Superkick. Shawn then laid down for Durant, and Durant won the title.
Winner via pinall and new TWA Royal Rumble Champion - Carl Durant (1)

October 9, 2009

april 30 2000 Iceburg wins in return

TWA Uncut April 30th

- Vignette of Shawn Willams
Shawn asked Eagle for a title shot, but Eagle said that him and Reid decided Shawn needed a belt shot to the head. Eagle hit him then left.

- Vignette of Shawn Willams
Shawn was shown with a piece of red paper covering his head. Reid came in, and Shawn complained to him about Eagle knocking him out. Reid then gave him Simply Magnificent.

- Vignette of Shawn Willams
Shawn added a piece of red paper on his nose. He asked Boar if he could tag with him, and in return, Boar would get a Tag Title Shot with Jimmy. Boar started off talking to Jimmy on the phone, and Jimmy said he burnt himself lighting a cigarette. Boar accepted, and Shawn had a partner for the day/

- First Match - TWA Royal Rumble - Polish Eagle vs. Sloppy Joe (start, Ben = champion)
Ben, the Royal Rumble Champion, didn't show up, so he was stripped of the title. Eagle and Sloppy went at it, until Shawn Willams entered the ring. After a long while of wrestling, Shawn hit a superkick that knocked Sloppy out. Sloppy hit Willams with his IC Title on the way out. Linwood was next, and he double teamed Shawn, with the help of Eagle. Shawn eventually got a break and knocked Eagle out quickly, to allow him to go one on one with Reid, until Boar made his entrance. These three fought for a while, until Willams got knocked out. Iceburg then came out shortly after. He speared both Linwood and Boar, and eliminated both of them to become a two-time Royal Rumble Champion. Iceburg then screamed "ICEBURG IS BACK!"
Winner via elimination and new TWA Royal Rumble Champion - Iceburg (2)

- Second Match - Shawn Willams vs. Iceburg
Iceburg came out to HBK's music. This was a very stiff bout, that ended when Shawn was distracted by the referee, and was speared out of his boots by Iceburg. Iceburg made the pinfall over the 5-time champion, and was never seen again.
Winner via pinfall - Iceburg

- Third Match - Non-title Match - Sloppy Joe vs. Reid Linwood
These two had their usual match, with both men getting near falls, but not being able to put the other away. Reid, with the help of the Eagle, came very close to defeating the IC champion. He eventually did, when Eagle came in the ring when the referee was knocked out, and took out Joe. This led to a Simply Magnificent, and a one-handed cover for the pinfall over the IC Champion in this non-title matchup.
Winner via pinfall - Reid Linwood

- Fourth Match - World Title Match - The Polish Eagle defends against Brad Spencer
Shawn came out with Boar, and he announced that it was a hardcore match. This was quite the hardcore match, that saw Reid and Shawn actually hang out together during the match. Boar and Eagle had some hot spots, with several weapons being used. Polish eventually won with a DED on the trash can.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champion - The Polish Eagle

- Fifth Match - Reid Linwood and Polish Eagle vs. Shawn Willams and Brad Spencer
Eagle and Linwood had the edge, while Willams had a hard time taggin' with Boar. They weren't cohesive. At all. The team of Brad and Shawn eventually got the win after a Boar Soar. What a win for those youngsters.
Winners via pinfall - Brad Spencer and Shawn Willams

TWA Uncut April 24th Cassidy Rumble

TWA Uncut April 24th

- First Match - Jimmy "The Kid" Spencer vs. Carl Miller
After a 2 week hiatus, Carl made his return here. Ring rust was evident here, and this allowed Jimmy to be in control for the majority of the match. Jimmy nearly won the match with a perfect powerbomb, and almost won again with a pump-handle slam. Carl had too much energy left, and got up and jumpkicked Jimmy. He then did a single-arm DDT, but Jimmy got right back up and gave him his signature bulldog. The match went back and forth from this point, until jimmy got the victory with the Jimmyliner after he countered a Jumping DDT by Carl.
Winner via pinfall - Jim "The Kid" Spencer

- Interview with Arik Howie
Arik said Shawn was a piece of shit for turning on him. He said he had the title won against Tony, but that Shawn "The Glory Hog" Willams ruined it for him. Willams then came in and attacked Howie, but Howie countered with a Howie Drop. Howie went for the Howie Pretzel, but Durant came in and gave Howie a Rapper Dropper and put Shawn over Howie for the unofficial victory. Durant then put the Heartbreaker on Howie, while Willams celebrated. Carl and Shawn then left together while Howie was knocked out in the ring.

- Second Match - TWA Royal Rumble - Joe Blo vs. Shawn Willams (start)
Willams dominated, and really showed why they call Joe a jobber. Jobber Joe actually had some offense in this match, and controlled the former 5-time champion for a while! A man dressed up as Tony then came in, and the fun started. He came in and Steaknifed Willams. He then attacked Joe and gave Willams another Steaknife. He then choke slammed Willams, picked him up, and gave him a butt bomb. No one understands how this man did so good, but he sure was successful in the ring. Brad Spencer was next in the ring, and the Tony lookalike put Brad in F'n Spectacular. A commercial break followed, and when it picked up the action sure was hot. Carl had got into the ring during the break, and got eliminated shortly after by Brad. Arik then pushed Shawn out of the ring. Tony then choke slammed Joe out of the ring, and Tony went with. This left Brad in the ring alone. Reid then came out, and joined Brad in the ring. Benny then came out shortly after, and Boar gave Reid a stunner and Reid fell out. Ben then snuck up on Boar and pushed Boar out to win the TWA Royal Rumble Belt. Boar then kicked Benny outside the ring, and gave him a huge Boar Stunner to send the viewers into a commercial break.
Winner via elimination and new TWA Royal Rumble Champion - Benny (1)

- Third Match - Shawn Willams vs. Brad Spencer
Brad asked anyone who could explain to him the situation with Carl Durant to come out and tell him. Shawn Willams then came out to accept Brad's challenge. He attacked Brad without answering his question, and even attacked him with a candy cane. Brad was bare foot during the match, which was quite amazing. Brad was in control for the first part of the match, and worked on Willams' knee. Willams came back with a low blow, and then took Brad's head off with a few deadly clotheslines. Willams then went to the outside as Brad came back in the match, but Brad then missed a suicide dive on Willams. Willams then went for a Superkick, but Brad countered it with a Boar Stunner and a Boar Soar Splash for the win. Boar then Stunned Durant, who just came in. Willams then Superkicked Brad, and had Durant restart the match and award it to Shawn. Durant and Shawn then attacked the referee and Boar after the match.
Winner via pinfall - Shawn Willams

4 17 2000 Tony Peters belt strip

TWA Uncut April 17th: Tony Gets Screwed

- Interview with Shawn Willams
Shawn decided that since Tony no-showed, that he'd be stripped of his title. Shawn then proceeded to call Tony a player, and he also set up a World Title Tournament for tonight to decide a new champion. Shawn said he had a bad ankle so he'd get a bye.

- First Match - World Title Tournament 1st round - Jim vs. Polish Eagle
Jimmy came out with a Ricky Watter's jersey and Carl Durant. The former champion, Polish Eagle, came out with Reid Linwood. This was a back and forth match until the referee got knocked out. Reid came in to double team Jimmy, while Durant stayed on the outside with nothing to do. Eagle nearly won with an Eagle Bomb, but Jimmy came back with a Jimmyliner. Reid then knocked the referee out again, to prevent Jimmy from winning. Eagle then did his infamous powerbomb off the ring apron onto the garbage can. Jimmy was dead at this point, and Eagle finished him with DED. Eagle got one step closer to reclaiming his title that he never lost. Durant was disappointed, but helped up his buddy Jim to the back.
Winner via pinfall - The Polish Eagle

- Second Match - World Title Tournament 1st round - Reid Linwood vs. Arik Howie
Reid came out with his friend Polish Eagle, while Arik came out depressed, and looked clinically exhausted. Eagle immediately knocked the referee out and hit Howie with the belt to give Reid the advantage. Reid then did a Falcon Arrow on Howie, and then threw Howie outside for Eagle to attack with his tag belt. The announcer mentioned that Tony was wrestling Casey Willams for the WWF Title, and that was why he couldn't make it to the show tonight. Reid continued to dominate with the help of Eagle. Howie was then thrown out to Eagle again, but Howie ducked an Eagle clothesline and gave him a Howie Drop on the garbage can. Howie then came in the ring and gave Reid a Howie Drop and got the 1-2-3. Eagle came in, but was too late obviously. Reid and Eagle then attacked Howie, and Reid gave him Simply Magnificent on the garbage can.
Winner via pinfall - Arik Howie

- Third Match - World Title Tournament 2nd round - Arik Howie vs. Shawn Willams
Arik wasn't as pumped up as one would think for his first match against his former best friend Shawn Willams. John Capetz was the referee in the match, and he did a damn good job according to the announcer. These two pulled off a SUPER good match, with Howie missing a clothesline but Shawn fell down anyway. Willams gave Howie a Howie Drop immediately after the match began. Willams was about to give Howie a Puckett Driver, but when Howie hit the ground he rolled over and nearly had Shawn pinned! Howie then got up and gave Willams a Peters butt bomb. Willams then attempted to poke Howie in the eye, but missed, but Howie's eyes hurt anyway. Shawn then attempted to hit Howie with a top rope elbow, but he tripped (!) and Howie nearly pinned him after it. Shawn got a low blow on Howie, and put him in the Heartbreaker, but Shawn fell down while administering the hold. Howie then nearly won the match with a Howie Pretzel, but Shawn grabbed the ropes. Shawn then threw Howie into the ropes, and Shawn missed a neckbreaker but it was sold by Howie anyway. The camera then zoomed in on spit in the ring. Howie then set up a steel box and put Willams on it, and did a fameasser on Willams and Willams' face hit the steel box! Howie then went for a suplex on the outside, but Willams countered it into his own suplex. Willams then took it into the ring, and grabbed a chair. He hit Howie in the head and nearly killed him. He then hit Capetz, and got DQ-ed. Howie got up and taunted Willams, and Willams then spit on himself.
Winner via DQ - Arik Howie

- Fourth Match - TWA Royal Rumble - Winner gets IC Title Shot - Shawn vs. Jimmy (start)
Shawn and Kidster fought for a while, and Jimmy pulled off one of the sickest DDTs ever seen on TV. Shawn came back and dominated from this point on until Carl Durant came in and gave Jimmy a slap in the face to get him back in the match. Jimmy then beat Willams up. Durant then held Willams up for Jimmy to hit, but Jimmy accidentally hit Durant. Durant was pissed and he threw Jimmy out at this point. Eagle then came out at this point. Jimmy got back in the ring and got beat up by both Durant and Willams. Eagle then got beat up by Shawn and Durant, while Reid made his way to the ring. Reid ran in to help Eagle, but Durant eliminated himself when TONY PETERS ARRIVED! This left Eagle, Reid, and Willams. Eagle was thrown out by Willams, but Tony came out and took Willams out. Tony then tried steaknifing Willams, but Durant interfered. Durant and Willams then took Tony apart with all sorts of weapons. Reid was your winner, and he didn't really have to waste any energy in winning either.
Winner via elimination - Reid Linwood

- Fifth Match - TWA World Title Match - Arik Howie vs. Polish Eagle
Eagle came out and demolished Arik right from the start. Arik got his socks knocked off when Eagle performed a super fall away slam. Eagle then grounded Howie with sleepers, chinlocks, and other high flyin' moves. Howie came back with dropkicks, but Linwood distracted him allowing Eagle to get back on top. Howie came back by attacking Reid, but while Howie was doing this, Eagle hit Howie from behind with an illegal object. Eagle then hit the DED on Howie, and won his second World Title!
Winner via pinfall and new TWA Heavyweight Champion - The Polish Eagle (2)

TWA Uncut Ben Cassidy 3 26 2000

TWA Uncut March 26th

- Opening Scene with the TWA theme music being played, and the main event being shown on a piece of paper.

- First Match - Champ vs. Champ Match - Tony (World Champ) vs. Sloppy Joe (IC Champ)
Great match that showed why these two are the champs in the TWA. Joe's quickness and knowledge of moves put him on top for a lot of the match, while Tony's power proved to be too much for Joe. Tony had the match won with a Steaknife, when Joe kicked out of the Steaknife which was the first time anyone has ever kicked out of that move. Tony got up and did another which probably would've had him for sure, but Arik Howie came in to interfere and cause Joe to lose by DQ to Tony. Arik beat Tony up, but Joe ran in for the save and Slop Slammed Arik. Bogus match, with both men retaining titles, much to the dismay of the fans.
Winner and still TWA World Champ - Tony Peters

- Second Match - Reid Linwood vs. Polish Eagle
Reid came out, with no Greeken again, but still confident about his talent. Eagle came out without a book, but with an attitude and upset about wrestling Linwood. First ever actual "Snow" match that brought back memories of Snowblast 99 to the fans. The two put on quite the show, with the fans loving every bit of the match and with them executing every move to perfection. Reid hit Simply Magnificent for the pin on Eagle, but Eagle got up after the match to administer a beating to Linwood. Eagle stumbled back to the locker room after the big loss while Reid laid in the ring hurt.
Winner via pinfall - Reid Linwood

- Third Match - Number 1 Contendership for the Tag Titles - Joe/Tony vs. The Restless Duo
Tony started the match by getting beatdown, but eventually got the upperhand with an Olympic Slam. Tony made the tag to Joe, then lost his balance and fell to the ground. Howie and Tony continued their fued on the outside, while Joe and Shawn put on a show for the fans in the ring. Match ended when the ref got bumped, and Carl Miller made his first appearance since around January! He came in and cleaned house on Willams and Howie, and he DDTed Willams several times, while Tony Steaknifed Howie.
Match thrown out - No Winner

- Interview with Shawn Willams and Arik Howie
They complained about Carl coming back, and Willams challenged Carl to a strap match at "Spring Break In Your Backyard" on April 16th. Carl and Peters came out and cleaned house on the two Restless ones. A match was later signed to have a match with those 4 for the main event.

- Fourth Match - Royal Rumble in which whoever gets eliminated first is the #1 Contender! Howie/Ben start
Cute little match in which Howie really dominates the returning Benny Bottlecap. Miller was next, and he made the match funner than it already was. Willams was next, and he went right after Miller. Arik rekindled the fire he had in his fued with Benny, and it was obvious by him taking Benny out nearly every chance he could get. Howie even mocked Tony "Bubba" Peters by doing the sit-down butt bomb on Benny, which almost killed the man. Benny got revenge on Howie for stealing his IC Title half a year ago by throwing him out of the ring. Carl Durant cleaned house by taking out Benny, Shawn, and Carl Miller in one fell swoop. Willams got a Pedigree, while Miller got a rapper dropper. Benny stopped his momentum with a huge DDT that threw Durant across the ring. Carl Miller was caught reaching in his pants, which provided a loud cheer. Joe was the next man in, and his technical wrestling tore apart Miller and Benny. Tony was shown getting out of a car and playing his music, and when he entered the ring, his old foe Carl Durant left the ring and eliminated himself. Willams was thrown out by Benny Cassidy shortly after. Durant ran around the ring and hit Tony, and continued to pester Tony during the match. Tony was then thrown out, and Willams and Durant took him out, with Durant screaming about Snowblast and Willams just kicking. Tony then spoke for the first time in 6 months and said "I don't even have a computer". Joe, Carl, and 'Cap were the last 3 left, Benny pushed Joe out, with Joe almost hanging on. Carl baseball slided Benny out, and Carl wins and is the last entry in the Royal Rumble for the Royal Rumble belt in 2 weeks at the ppv. The real story here was Benny eliminating Arik, Casey, Tony, and Joe. Benny impersonated Carl by saying "My name is Carl Miller".
Winner via Elimination - Carl Miller

- Fifth Match - Carl Miller vs. Carl Durant
The two put on quite a show, with Durant wearing the World Title belt of Tony's that he made Tony surrender to him, or so he claimed. Hot match, with the two pulling out all the stops and using every move in their arsenal. The crowd had several "Durant is a Monkey" chants going on, and Tony Peters even mentioned that technology creates cameras, which is quite the observation. Durant was distracted by the fans, and when he went for a fameasser, he was brushed off by Carl, and was set up for an implant DDT when Willams came in to give Carl Miller a Puckett Driver. Durant pushed Willams out of the ring, then pinned Carl Miller for the win.
Winner via pinfall - Carl Durant

- Sixth Match - Peters and Miller vs. Howie and Willams
Great match with Tony being dominated on the outside by Howie, while Miller and Willams went at it in the ring. Peters showed the world how to sell by taking a DDT by Howie on the concrete! Peters then came in the ring and did a super gut wrench powerbomb that nearly got the victory for the team of Miller and Peters. Howie then set Tony up on the outside and put a garbage can on him, then jumped on him from the top rope to inflict pain on the big boy. Howie did a Puckett Driver, then did the peoples legdrop on Tony, but that only infuriated the big blueberry muffin and he used his power to take Howie out. Ref was bumped a few too many times, and that led to Arik taking Tony out with illegal weapons. Willams looked like he had Carl, but Howie asked if he could pin Tony to show him what it'll be like at the ppv. Willams then hit Peters with a super kick, and Tony amazingly got right back up after one of the most devastating moves in the TWA. Howie got the Howie Drop on Tony to end it.
Winners via pinfall - Willams and Howie

TWA Uncut Kid Mike Randall 3-19-2000

TWA Uncut March 19th

-Vignette of Eagle attacking Sloppy Joe, then asking people to buy his book. Camera then zooms in on Joe's butt.

-First Match - Brad Spencer w/ Jimmy & Durant vs. Willams w/ Howie
Exciting match which consisted of a lot of interference between Howie, Durant and Jim Spencer. TWA then cut to a break, only to come back with Arik and Jimmy swinging at eachother. Boar almost won when he hit a stunner, but Willams moved when Boar tried following it up with a Boar Soar Splash. Willams distracted the ref while Howie beat on Bradley on the outside. Willams won when he hit Boar with a super kick out of no where for the pin.
Winner via pinfall - Shawn Willams

-Second Match - Polish Eagle vs. "Kid" Mike
Kid Mike got a great response with his hot tunes, while Eagle came out with his brand new book, that is supposedly number 1 on the New York Best Seller List. Mike showed quite the athleticism and he proved to be resilient as well. Kid Mike also botched a moonsault and landed on Eagle's penis, which got a "you f'ed up" chant from the crowd. Mike then put an ankle lock on Eagle, then pinned him for his first win in his first match!!!!!!!
Winner via pinfall - Kid Mike

- Third Match - IC Title Match - Arik Howie vs. Sloppy Joe (Champ)
Joe did his usual routine to put away Howie for most of the match. Joe got great crowd support, and the fans were really against Arik. Arik suplexed Joe onto a garbage can, which caused a "Holy poop" chant. Willams was out with Arik, and he cheated several times. Joe was put into the Howie Pretzel, which tortured Joe's leg and almost made him submit. Joe came out of no where to hit an Outsider's Edge, which almost got him the win. Joe then followed up with a Slop Slam, which got him the win.
Winner and still TWA IC Champ - Sloppy Joe

- Fourth Match - Reid Linwood vs. Shawn Willams
Shawn came out with an upset Arik Howie, and Shawn was pushed by the ref in the ring. Back and forth match, with the two doing some hot sequences. At one point during the match, Reid got out of a sleeper, only to fall right into a Puckett Driver. Shawn reversed "Simply Magnificent" into a super kick for the 1-2-3.
Winner via pinfall - Shawn Willams

- Fifth Match - Jimmy "The Kid" Spencer vs. "Kid" Mike
Jimmy was rough on the newcomer, and threw him around the ring like a rag doll. Jimmy even threw him out of the ring onto the garbage can, which nearly knocked the youngster out! Durant and Brad worked Mike over outside the ring, and it was obvious Mike wasn't ready for this kind of match against outside forces. Durant came in and hit Mike with a belt, splashed him, then low blowed him, which really put Mike into a whole world of trouble. Jimmy nearly won the match with a perfect powerbomb, but Mike managed to kick out. Mike hit an odd form of the DDT on Jimmy for the pin. A beatdown of Mike ensued, which included a huge Spencer Death Drop that put Mike out. Mike got the win in adversity, and has shown he's capable of beating stars.
Winner via pinfall - "Kid" Mike

- Sixth Match - IC Title Match - Polish Eagle vs. Sloppy Joe
Crowd was behind Joe the entire match. Eagle had the advantage for the majority of the match because of his strength, but when the two went outside the ring, Joe came back with suplexes and garbage can hits. Joe blatantly low blowed the Eagle in front of the referee, which caused the crowd to turn against Joe for a while. Eagle almost had the win after a backdrop and a brainbuster, but the referee was outside the ring at the time and couldn't get the count. The match had even more high points, but one of the most intense moves was when Eagle did a huge Implant DDT on referee Joe H. Joe came back with a brainbuster, a Puckett Driver, and a Slop Slam to beat Eagle. Joe retains the title and is still undefeated in singles wrestling.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champ - Sloppy Joe

- Seventh Match - World Tag Team Title Match - Spencers w/ Durant vs. Linwood and "Kid" Mike
Linwood was Greekless, and he decided to call upon the services of that new "Kid" Mike. They proved to be a tough team, but their team chemistry wasn't quite as good as the Spencer's. Reid used his technical wrestling to take out the Spencers, while Durant proved to be the main factor of the Spencer's success on the outside. Reid nearly killed Jim when he did a perfect belly-to-belly suplex that nearly threw him out of the ring. Crowd chanted for Mike's moonsault, but they didn't get it. The camera man, who is also the announcer, was busy being mocked the entire second part of the match, and the match was barely being shown due to the big argument. Mike nearly had the pin when Durant got the ref's attention and the Spencer's teamed up for the Spencer Death Drop, which beat Mike.
Winners via pinfall and still TWA Tag Champs - The Spencer's

3-12-2000 Greeken TWA debut

TWA Uncut March 12th - Debut of Greek

- Vignette of Reid Linwood and the Polish Eagle
Polish Eagle first put over his new book, "The Eagle Says..." Eagle then told Reid that it was all of his fault that he lost the IC Tourament. Reid was "snoozing". Reid said he nearly handed it to him on a silver platter, but Eagle had enough, and he left, upset. Reid then said he's bringing in a friend that the Eagle knows very well.

- First Match - Greeken w/ Reid Linwood vs. The Polish Eagle
Greek and Reid came out together, and Reid introduced Greeken. Eagle then came out, and gave everyone a tour of his book. He said you can buy it at E-bay for $59.95, and that in chapter 52 it says that Reid is gay. The match eventually got started. We had a new referee here, and his name was "Sloppy" Joe Halvarson. Eagle dominated the youngster until Polish botched a fall-away slam, and his back was hurt. Greek then held him up for Reid to hit with a kendo stick, but Polish ducked, and Reid hit Greeken. Polish then gave Reid a quick DED, and pinned Greek. They waited for the ref, who was shown standing next to fat Tony. The referee eventually got in and counted the 3. Polish then went outside and gave Reid a Boar Stunner, but was then slashed by Greek with a kendo stick. Polish went back after Reid, but Greek threw him in the ring, and gave him an Olive Picker onto the Eagle's book! Reid and Greek then danced, and left.
Winner via pinfall - Polish Eagle

- Vignette of the door
The door was shown, with Shawn Willams' music playing. The music stopped, and "Harry" Joe Collins yelled out "I am a ****ing moron".

- Second Match - Reid and the Greek vs. Shawn Willams and Arik Howie
Reid and Greek went out, and played paper-rock-scissors, which Greek won by using Zeus. Willams came out, and said he should wrestle "those sillies" to get a tag title shot. The match was brought to the viewers by the Eagle's new book. This was an interesting match to say the least, with Greeken showcasing his power. He had the match won with the Olive Picker, but he tagged Linwood in. Linwood dodged a Superkick, and put Willams into Simply Magnificent for the pinfall, and the right to wrestle the Spencers next week. Howie and Willams then destroyed the referee, "Sloppy" Joe Halvarson.
Winners via pinfall - The Greeken and Reid Linwood

- Third Match - IC Title Match - "Harry" Joe Collins defends against Reid Linwood
Joseph came out, and somehow got the idea to put his hand out like he was giving a fan a hi-five. Where'd he get that idea? But anyways, this match was the usual wrestling clinic, which was hot. Greek and Linwood would try to double team him, but Joe always fought it off. Linwood eventually had Joe with Simply Magnificent, but Eagle ran out, took out Greeken, and smacked Reid in the head with his book to cause the DQ. Greeken came back by SMASHING Eagle with a Kendo Sick right in the face, which caused Eagle to bleed.
Winner via DQ - Reid Linwood

- Interview w/ Joe Collins
Joe said he wasn't pleased with Arik Howie and Shawn Willams. He said he was also unhappy that the Lesbian Seagul attacked him. He also stated that he beat The Polish Eagle many times (once). He then walked onto a mat, and was jumped on by Shawn Willams! The move was similar to that of ijumponyourbackandyoufalldown that Carl Durant uses exclusively. Willams and Howie got a ton of heat for beating up on the helpless Joey. Willams through him in the ring, and took it like it was a one on one matchup without a referee. He did a Pockett Driver, and said wham-bam-Willams slam. Willams slam. Right. It's a Puckett Driver. Meanwhile, Joe made a comeback by doing several suplexes on Willams. Joe then won the unofficial match with a Slop Slam. Eagle then came in, and beat up Sloppy. This continued for a while, but the carnage eventually ended.

- Fourth Match - Arik Howie vs. The Polish Eagle
Polish came out and said that he had another book coming out in a few weeks. He then stepped on a white mat, and declared that it's the Eagle's Nest, and that no one can ever stand on it. Howie came out, and revealed that The Eagle conned everyone. The referee was spit upon during the match. Howie and Polish did wrestle, and it reminded me of the stiff feud that Howie was in with Justin the year before. Howie eventually jumpkicked the referee out of the ring, and The New Fucking Show Tony Peters came out and hit Howie with a pan that turned the tide of the match. Polish eventually hit the DED on Howie for the pinfall. Tony then chased after Willams, but couldn't catch him. Tone then rolled into the ring, and showed off his crotch rolls. Seriously.
Winner via pinfall - The Polish Eagle

- Fifth Match - The Greeken vs. Jimmy Spencer
Jimmy came out alone, while Greek had Linwood at his side. Durant and Boar couldn't make the show due to a car accident. Actually I sprained my ankle, but it doesn't matter. Jimmy eventually won with a Jimmyliner.
Winner via pinfall - Jimmy Spencer

- Sixth Match - World Title Match - Tony Peters defends against Polish Eagle
Polish came out, and showed off his scar. He then said sorry to his mom, because he didn't bring her dinner. He then went on the Eagle's Nest, and said "finally I have returned to the Eagle's nest". I thought it was funny. Peters did the usual, and looked like a dipshit. He basically changed his attitude during the match. He started off "pissed", but then laughed the whole time. This was a pretty boring match, but Tony won with the Steaknife. Tony then stared into the camera, and was attacked by Arik Howie and Shawn Willams. Arik attacked Peters with a chair, and Tony clutched Greeken's Tampa Bay hat for no reason. Eagle tried to attack the Restless Duo, but Arik got the best of him with the chair.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champion - Tony Peters

3-5-2000 Durant Spencers NWO

<BGSOUND SRC="Beastie_Boys_-_Fight_For_Your_Right_To_Party.mid">

TWA Uncut March 5th - NWO Reigns Supreme

- Interview with Willams and Howie
Willams comes out and says that Gale let Peters cheat. He says that he's the hottest wrestler and that he deserves a rematch at this very Uncut. "Dude Love" blasts, and Benny "'Da Bottlecap" comes out to a huge ovation. He says that Willams needs to earn his way back to the title. Ben lets him pick his own opponent, and Shawn picks SLoPPy Joe. Shawn then asks Ben if Arik can get a title shot, and Ben allows it.

- First Match - TWA Title Match - Tony Peters defends against Jim Spencer w/ Brad
Match starts with the announcing telling the crowd that the Spencers are getting so popular that many Green Bay Packers are actually watching the match in honour of James S. Peters actually dominated the match, for once, but Brad allowed Jimmy to make a comeback about halfway through the match. Brad eventually got in the ring when Peters was about to Steaknife Jim, and Brad got Steaknifed. Tony was then about to Steaknife Jimmy when his Archnemesis Carl Durant came in and hit Tony with a chair! Tony was then STDed by the Spencers, and Durant gave Brad an NWO shirt, signalling the reformation of the NWO! Carl Durant said the Spencers needed a brain behind them and that he was the brain that would take the very capable Spencers anywhere they wanted to go.
Winner via DQ and still TWA Champion - Tony Peters

- Second Match - TWA IC Title Match - Joe defends against Shawn Willams
Willams is in the ring, like a jobber. Joe comes out, and the match begins. Typical wrestling match between the two, with Joe actually dominating the highly talented Willams. Arik had a mask on during the match. Whee. Joe eventually won clean with the Slop Slam. After the match, Arik hit sloppy with a garbage can. Arik then went in and took Joe out and left with Willams.
Winner via pinfall and still IC Champion - Sloppy Joe

- Third Match - IC Title Shot Battle Royal - Jim vs. Reid start
John Spencer is shown telling the cameraman that they're ready. Carl Durant is then shown running. Fast. Reid then comes out, followed by Jimmy. These two fight, while Shawn Willams makes his way to the ring. Jimmy was then pushed out by the Bastard, while Ben made his way to the ring. Ben actually dominated Reid and Shawn with kicks. Brad and Durant come out next, and at the same time. Brad was thrown out quickly. Reid then DDTed Benny and threw him out. Arik then entered. Arik, Shawn, Reid, and Durant squared off at this point. Durant was pulled out by Tony Peters, and Tony then Choke Slammed Durant on the outside, but it wasn't shown by the cameraman (Thanks Joe, I want your cock for that one). This left Willams and Howie to beat on Reid. Reid attacked the two with a double clothesline and threw Willams out. Reid then did a spin kick on Howie to eliminate him and to earn an IC Title shot against Joe C. Reid then went to get water.
Winner via elimination - Reid Linwood

- Fourth Match - Brad w/ Jim and Durant vs. Benny
Benny came out to a huge ovation as usual, and he actually surprised everyone will his wrestling ability. He beat Brad for the most part, and even laid into Jimmy on the outside, but couldn't catch Durant. Brad eventually won after Durant distracted Ben and Brad caught Ben with a Stunner into the Boar Soar for the 1-2-3. Ben then got an STD after the match. Jim then attacked Ben with the Tag Team Titles. The NWO celebrated on their way to the back.
Winner via pinfall - Brad Spencer

- Fifth Match - Arik and Shawn vs. Tony and SLoPPy Joe
Shawn comes out and challenges the two champs to a tag match to soften them up for their matches later. The IC and World Champs accept, and the match is underway. Joe started, and was in for most of the match, being that Willams and Howie wouldn't let him tag and Tony would do nothing when they'd double team Joe. Howie and Willams even did a double suplex on Joe onto the garbage can! Tony at one point had the match almost won with a three count, but Tony argued with the referee that Arik's foot was on the rope so the referee continued. Howie then executed a beautiful reversal on Tony, and won with the Howie Drop! Howie then took out Joe with a plancha, and attempted to smack Peters with a cookie sheet but Tony reversed it and took Willams and Howie out.
Winners via pinfall - Arik Howie and Shawn Willams

- Sixth Match - TWA World Title Match - Tony defends against Arik Howie w/ Shawn
Tony was on top of this high flying match until he attempted a horrible suicide jump and missed. Howie then took Tony apart with several suicide dives and quick kicks. Tony then made a comeback with several power moves, including the famous Olympic Slam. Howie then ducked a clothesline and hit Tony with the Howie Drop but Tony kicked out! Arik then took out the referee and hit Tony with a chair. Tony came back with a Steaknife on Howie, but Willams was there to hit Tony with a pan. Willams and Howie then left after the referee called for the bell.
Winner via DQ and still TWA Champion - Tony Peters!


1-10-2000 Howie Pretzel

TWA Uncut January 10th

- First Match - Arik Howie vs. Tony Peters
Tony started the match by choking Howie. He then went and attacked Shawn Willams, which led to Howie hitting Tony with a suicide dive. Tony was thrown into the ring, and punched by Howie. It didn't hurt Peters, and Peters came back with a choke slam. Tony went for another, but Howie reversed it into a belly to belly suplex. Peters got back into the match with F'n Spectacular! Yes, that's right, the only time Tony has ever used the hold in TWA history! Howie got ropes and threw Tony outside, and Tony made a snow angel on the mat. Tony was then put into a tornado DDT on the outside! Howie threw him in the ring, and gave him a ski-hi into a Howie Pretzel. Peters powered out of the Howie Pretzel, and hit the Steaknife on Howie for the 1-2-3.
Winner via pinfall - Tony Peters

- Second Match - IC Title Match - Reid Linwood defends against Jimmy Spencer
This was a hot match. Reid threw Jimmy around the ring, and Jimmy seemed confused, and staggered everywhere. This match showed why Jimmy is a tag team wrestler, not a singles wrestler. Jimmy had the match won with a stunner, but Willams distracted the referee and hit Jimmy with a stick, which allowed Reid to administer Simply Magnificent for the pinfall to retain his title.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champion - Reid Linwood

- Third Match - TWA World Title Match - Shawn Willams defends against Carl Miller
This match was incredibly long, and neither wrestler dominated. They both knew each other pretty well so they were able to counter or reverse most of the moves. Carl had the match won with an Implant DDT, but Willams had ropes. They then threw each other around for a while, until Shawn caught him with Sweet Chin Music for the 1-2-3.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA Heavyweight Champion - Shawn Willams


1-3-2000 triple threat world title match

TWA Uncut January 3rd

- First Match - TWA World Title Match - Tony Peters vs. Carl Miller vs. Shawn Willams
The match started with Tony and Carl fighting, with Shawn on the outside posing. Shawn eventually broke up a pin by Peters, which enabled Carl to do a double jumpkick on both Shawn and Tony. Reid, who was on the outside, dragged Tony out of the ring and beat him up while Carl got devastated by Shawn Willams. Willams hit a Puckett Driver, but Peters interfered just in time to stop the count. Reid then took the referee out of the ring and gave him Simply Magnificent. Reid then announced, while the match continued with all three men fighting. Reid then told Tony he's fat, and Tony "chased" him, while Shawn hit Carl with a Puckettkick for the 1-2-3. Tony then came in and choke slammed Carl, Shawn, and Reid.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champion - Shawn Willams

12-27-1999 Sanddoggy Restless Trio

TWA Uncut December 27th prelude to Snowblast 1999-2000

- Vignette of the Restless Trio and Justin
Shawn told Justin that he'd have to defend his tag titles despite Madmat02 not being at the show. They said they'd get him a tag partner. The Restless Trio then found Sanddoggy, who was urinating on a pole. Sanddoggy wanted to go to California, but the Restless Trio told him they'd get him a gold belt. Sanddoggy said he wrestled for his high school and he pinned a guy. The Restless Trio then went with Sanddoggy to explain some details about his wrestling situation.

- First Match - Carl Miller vs. Arik Howie
Shawn and Reid came out with Arik, and Shawn smoked a cigar. Both men were completely covered with clothing, being that it was cold. The announcer said that after this Uncut, there was to be Snowblast 99', the last PPV of the century. This match was dominated by Howie the whole time, thanks in part to Willams and Linwood cheating. Carl made a comeback with a clothesline that missed, but Howie was hurt from something. Willams and Reid then came in and threw the referee into the snow. Willams gave Carl a Puckett Driver. Reid and Willams then left and put the referee back in. Carl made a comeback at this point, which infuriated The other members of the Restless Trio. Carl then got a quick Implant DDT for the 1-2-3, while Willams and Reid were playing in the snow. Howie then attacked him after the match and put him into the Howie Pretzel
Winner via pinfall - Carl Miller

- Second Match - TWA Tag Title Match - Sanddoggy and Justin Webber vs. The Spencer Boyz
The Spencer Bras came out with cigars, and were actually smoking them! Sanddoggy took the punishment from both Spencers for most of the match, until Webber, who was smoking a cigar, came in and took out both Spencers. Sanddoggy then pulled off some interesting moves of his own, until he noticed Brad's crack and stopped attacking him. He tagged in Justin, and Justin reverted back to his old form and took out both Spencers. The Spencers came back when Brad did two Stunners on both of his opponents. Brad then set up Justin for the STD, and got the 1-2-3 while Sanddoggy played in the snow. They then brought Sanddoggy in the ring and gave him an STD. Jimmy then gave Justin a Jimmyliner.
Winner via pinfall and new Tag Team Champions - The Spencers (1)

- Third Match - IC Title Match - Eric Zerwas vs. Reid Linwood
Shawn came out with Reid, and said that they need better cameras. Justin and Tony did camera and announce, and they were extremely funny. Tony even made sense and said "I am so exciting I can't wait for Snowblast to occur". Tony then said Shawn and Reid suck ass. Reid eventually won this rather quick match with Simply Magnificent to capture his second TWA Title. Tony asked Dominator if buggets or boxes are better. Dominator said Boxes. Tony said he was right. Funny joke by Peters. Watch this match if you haven't, you'll hear two of the smartest men speak for 10 straight minutes.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA IC Champion - Reid Linwood (1)

- Vignette of Sanddoggy and Willams
Sanddoggy said Willams cost him a belt of gold. Tony came in and Steaknifed Shawn, and Sanddoggy.

TWA Uncut December 6th 1999

- Vignette of Tony
Tony was shown walking nowhere, and Charles Woodson confronted him and said he was sorry. Tony Chokeslammed him, then chokeslammed Madmat02. Madmat02 then got a "Cheap Cop and Feel" according to Tony Boobson. Justin Webber then came back out of nowhere and said that Charles and Matt was his family and that he needed some knuckleheads to make his Italian Mafia complete.

- 1st Match - Jimmy Spencer and Brad Spencer vs. Justin The Web Webber and Matt Byland
This was a great match, but Justin was really handicapped with Matt in his corner. Boar got his stunner off quick, but allowed Matt to tag in Justin. Justin dominated, and he kept his shoes on which made the shots super stiff! Justin left his Italian buddies alone and the Spencer's absolutely destroyed Matt. Woodson looked on, unable to do anything. The Spencers won with the Spencer Death Drop. Justin then came back and cleaned house on the Spencers, but it was too late. Justin said that he left his calling card for the Spencer's and that his decision is in the mail.
Winners via pinfall - The Spencers

- Interview with Restless Trio 2000
The three were saying that they couldn't believe Tony and what he was doing. Willams gave himself and Reid the night off. Willams then gave Reid a shot at Zerwas if he could be Matt.

- 2nd Match - Reid Linwood vs. The Italian Chef, Matt Byland
Reid came out with Howie and they both joined DX and gave the camera a suck it. Howie came out with an air freshener. The Chef came out with Justin Webber, and he looked quite confident. Reid just dominated the match, and Matt had no offense, and Reid eventually won. Reid actually started bleeding too!
Winner via pinfall - Reid Linwood

- 3rd Match - Arik Howie vs. Tony Peters
Arik came out with the other two, and all three danced to Tony's music. Tony laughed when walking out, but took out Willams and howie right away. Howie couldnt get any offense other than low blows. Howie lost via DQ after a chairshot on Tony. Howie then took it to Tony with the chair, but Tony got up! Tony then took out the entire Restless Trio. He even pulled off a double chokeslammed on Howie and Willams.
Winner via DQ - Tony Peters

- 4th Match - Non-title Match - Eric Zerwas vs. Shawn Willams
No one knows why the match happened, and it makes no sense that it did since Shawn said he was going to have the night off. The match just started in the ring, where Reid and Arik spit water in Zerwas' face. Zerwas hit the Fisherman Suplex, but Reid hit Zerwas with a chair. The Restless guys then beat up Zerwas until Justin came out and knocked Reid out with a chain and left. Howie then did the People's Elbow on Zerwas.
Winner via DQ - Eric Zerwas

- 5th Match - TWA Tag Title Match - The Italian Mafia vs. The Restless Duo vs. The Spencers
Howie and Willams were the members that were wrestling. This was another one of those so called Clusterfucks, that went wrong due to everyone being in the ring at the same time. It was pretty back and forth, and no one really dominated. Some guy who sounded EXACTLY like Tony Peters was the announcer, and he made a ton of sense, something that Tony does a lot. The Peters wannabe did an "Oklahoma" impersonation, which was funny if you like hearing nothing but him making no sense, and I do. You couldn't see anything at the end, but you could hear the referee say that the Mafia won the belts, so I guess they won via Tombstone Piledriver.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA Tag Team Champions - The Italian Mafia (1)

11-29-1999 TWA Tag Titles return

TWA Uncut November 29nd

- Interview with Willams and Howie
Willams decided to get rid of the Hardcore Title because they didn't have enough funds to keep it, but they were able to return the Tag Team Belts! Brad was asked to come out and give the belt back. Brad came out and attacked the Restless Duo and returned his belt, saying he was going to continue to be the most hardcore Spencer in the entire world! Willams and Howie then decided that they should get a tag title shot against Reid and Carl.

- Interview with Tony Peters
Tony said Brad is a sloppy eater and he is embarrassed to be around him when he's also around "chicks". Tony was playing with his lower gut throughout the entire interview, and dedicated the upcoming match for Reid.

- 1st Match - Brad Spencer vs. Tony Peters
Brad came out and danced. He wanted Tony to come to him, and Tony did. Tony said he was a sloppy eater and Brad then attacked him. The announcers said Snowblast (Peters!) was coming up soon and the card would be out next week. Brad showed a little too much gut during the match, and Peters even. Match was boring and lazy, but Tony Peters beat the former TWA Hardcore Champion with the Steaknife! Peters, being the smart kid he is, tripped and fell off the trampoline HARD. Nasty bump big man.
Winner via pinfall - Tony Peters

- Interview with Tony, Carl, and Reid
Carl accepted the challenge from Howie and Shawn. Carl said he'd get the tag straps. Carl then asked Reid why he hit him with a chair. Reid said it was accidental and they made up and were friends again.

- 2nd Match - TWA IC Title Match - Eric Zerwas defends against Jimmy Spencer
Dominator really dominated Jimmy during this match. Zerwas even took it to the outside and to the cold snow, where he punished Jimmy with powerbombs and piledrivers on the outside. Eric Zerwas won after the Fisherman Suplex, but Brad came out to do the Spencer Death Drop on Zerwas. The Spencers then reunited.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champion - Eric Zerwas

- 3rd Match - Justin Webber vs. Arik Howie
Arik came out, and the camera wasn't even showing Howie when he was coming out. The two pulled out all the stops, like usual, and it really looked like this was seriously the final match in their 4 month fued. Justin finished it off quick with a Spear off the top, and then a Pedigree for the 1-2-3! Webber then celebrated and it was a great moment to see Justin back to where he should be in the TWA after months of jobbing.
Winner via pinfall - Justin Webber

- 4th Match - TWA Tag Title Match - Reid Linwood and Carl Miller vs. Shawn and Arik
This wasn't even a match, because early in the match Reid turned on Carl and Tony and allowed Shawn and Arik to pin Carl and win the Tag Titles. Restless Trio 2000 then attacked Carl and Tony and the show went off the air.
Winners via pinfall and new TWA Tag Champs - Arik and Shawn Willams (1)

Uncut 11 22 1999 Reid & Puckett

TWA Uncut November 22nd

- Vignette of Steven Howie
Steven Howie was shown taking a little nap backstage.

- Interview with Shawn and Arik
Shawn said it's great being the 5-time Champion. Shawn also said that he's going to beat up Carl for being a penis. Arik then said Dominator had to cheat to beat Arik and win his belt. Arik and Shawn then left.

- Vignette of Reid Linwood
Reid was shown impersonating his favorite wrestler, Raven. He said a bunch of stuff then left.

- 1st Match - Jimmy Spencer vs. Justin "The Web" Webber
These two put on the sloppiest match ever seen on TWA. This was just a brawl between two hardcore superstars. Justin was obviously trying to get back to where he used to be in the TWA by taking Jimmy out. Jimmy wanted to elevate himself from mid-card jobber to main event status by beating a former World Champion. Justin had the advantage due to his height advantage and his reach, and he even went off the top of the deck and hit him with a jumpkick. Justin then brought Jimmy to the top and Speared him off the top onto the tramp! Arik came out, attacked the referee, then hit Justin with a Howie Drop and put Jimmy over him and Jimmy got the 1-2-3!
Winner via pinfall - Jim Spencer

- 2nd Match - Tony's Freedom Match - Brad Spencer vs. Reid Linwood
Tony came out with Brad, and wanted to give Reid a handshake but Brad wouldn't let him. Brad ordered Tony to do several things against Reid during the match, which didn't please Peters but Peters did it anyway. Because of Peters help, Reid couldn't get any offense for the majority of the match. Willams came out during the match and missed a chairshot on Reid and he hit Brad instead! Reid pushed Willams out and pinned Brad and Tony was free! What a match. Peters left with Reid Linwood.
Winner via pinfall - Reid Linwood

- 3rd Match - IC Title Match - Eric Zerwas defends against Arik Howie
Arik Howie came out and did the Rock impersonation. These two put on a classic. Zerwas dominated because of his strength, but Howie had his own shots due to his speed and intelligence. Dominator showcased some of the fastest punches ever seen in TWA. Zerwas eventually won clean with the Fisherman Suplex, and after the match he said he was going to get Casey Willams! Shawn Willams came out and attacked Dominator while Arik Howie took out the referee. Howie and Willams celebrated to the back.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champion - Eric Zerwas

- 4th Match - TWA World Title Match - Carl Miller vs. Shawn Willams
Great match, but the two were really overshadowed by the referee who showed crack several times. The announcing was superb as well, but Reid came in to stop the announcing from sucking. Carl was actually controlling the match, and Howie's outside interfering was nullified by Reid Linwood. Linwood accidentally hit Carl with a chair when he was aiming for Shawn and Shawn got the 1-2-3.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champion - Shawn Willams

11-16-1999 Zerwas IC Title

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TWA Uncut November 16th

-1st Match - TWA Hardcore Title Match - Jimmy Spencer defends against Tony Peters
Match was hot and sloppy, the usual for these two superstars. Tony had some of the weakest chair shots ever seen on TWA, and he even did a splash on Jimmy with the chair on Jimmy which hurt Jimmy even more! Jimmy then beat up Tony "Boobson" with a candy cane, and nearly decapitated the overweight 18 year old. Tony came back with a Steaknife on the chair, which gave him the pin!
Winner and new TWA Hardcore Champion - Tony Peters! (1)

-Interview with Tony
Tony wanted a friend, and asked for a slave match against Brad. Brad said that he'd only get into the ring with Tony Boobson in a slave match, so the match was signed.

-2nd Match - TWA Hardcore Match - Tony defends against Bradley
The two went back and forth for the majority of the match, with Brad mouthing off to Tony. Tony nearly had the pin when he hit that big 300 pound splash of his. Tony kept that hot smile on his face the entire match, and well, it was a great idea since the smile is the key to success. After Tony hit a big sidewalk slam, Brad got him up and low blowed him, then hit him with a Stunner and a Boar Soar for the pin! Brad was the winner and Tony was Brad's slave at this point. Brad celebrated by dancing and showing crack.
Winner and new TWA Hardcore Champion - Brad Spencer! (2)

-3rd Match - TWA World Title Match - Reid defends against Shawn Willams
Willams walked out. Linwood walked out. FLHS wrestling superstar Josh Galle was the special guest commentator, and did a super job. The two put on their usual real wrestling match, with Willams doing everything he can to win the match. Jimmy Spencer also did commentary, and he proved to be quite the sensemaker. Jacob Gale even attempted to do commentary, but he just said "oh" a few times. Senior official Benny Bottlecap was the referee, and he did a super job like usual. Some fan even flashed a flashlight into the camera a few times during the match! TWA Security came out during the match and hit Linwood, and Willams paid him off and then attacked him. Willams then hit the Superkick into the pinfall for the win. The 4-man announce crew did a super job the entire match, and Kip Krasean even did commentary, much to the approval of Jacob Gale. Linwood's title reign ended at 1 week, and Shawn Willams captured his 5th World Title. Reid Linwood came back after the match to hit a chair that Shawn was holding which caused Shawn to hit himself in the face with the chair, which was called a Van Daminator by Kip Krasean.
Winner and new TWA World Champ - Shawn Willams (5)

-4th Match - IC Title Match - Arik defends against Eric
Zerwas came out to a Dominator chant. It was then announced that he missed TWA the week before because of hunting. Howie then came out and made fun of Dominator for going hunting. Dominator came back with "It's none of your business if I go huntin', now you're my hunted!" Great match between two superstars, with Howie cheating and Zerwas showcasing his inhuman strength. Justin came out when the ref was bumped, which was early in the match, and Justin pedigreed Howie outside of the ring! Zerwas then suplexed Howie, and got the 1-2-3, even though both men's shoulders were down on the ground. Zerwas celebrated with the fans, and Zerwas was quite happy to win his first TWA Title.
Winner and new TWA IC Champ - Eric Zerwas (1)

- That's right folks, all 4 matches resulted in title changes!


11-8-1999 Tripp strips Eagle, Reid wins

TWA Uncut November 8th: Linwood Breaks Through

- Interview with Shawn Willams/Arik Howie
Willams came out and stripped Eagle of the TWA World Title and decided to create a Royal Rumble for the belt later in the night! Shawn Willams then told Carl he's in trouble and would have to beware of a Superkick in the near future. Carl then came out and beat up both members of the Restless Duo with a wooden stick! Carl then hit a DDT on Willams and then clocked Howie with a wooden stick! Carl then hurt himself while jumping out of the ring.

- 1st Match - TWA Hardcore Match - Tony "I don't have RVD's Theme" Peters vs. Brad
Brad had the prestigious TWA Hardcore Title at this point, and really did anything to make sure he could keep it. He came out with his cousin Jimmy, and the two took Tony out. Jimmy's job was mainly to supply Brad with items, which would enable Boar Soar to work over the man with the largest arms. Tony nearly had the match after he pushed Brad down and put him into a "Come on baby " cover. Tony then did a top rope move, which was basically him just sitting on the apron of the ring, jumping to the ground, then doing a double axehandle on Boar. Jimmy interfered to stop Tony's offensive streak at this point. Willams then came out and hit Tony with two Superkicks, and then Brad ripped his shirt off and splashed Tony for the 1-2-3. Boar showed it all which pleased the crowd.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA Hardcore Champion - Bradley Spencer

- 2nd Match - Tony/Reid vs. Arik/Shawn
Tony first challenged the Restless Duo to a handicapped match, but Reid intervened and decided to tag with Tony in the match. Tony was still dominated for the entire match, but was saved by Reid during many pinfalls and submissions. Bradley Miller was the announcer for this match, and even pulled out a double negative when he said "Oh look at that fat skinny partner of Reid's". Reid eventually was tagged in by Tony, and when he was, he cleaned house and won with Simply Magnificient. Tony and Reid celebrated after the match by beating on the Restless duo.
Winners via pinfall - Reid and Tony

- Interview with Brad
Brad said he carried Jimmy's ass in the TWA.

- 3rd Match - TWA Hardcore Match - Brad defends against Jim
Jimmy and Brad pulled off some super stiff action during this high flyin' and excitin' match. The two used the brick several times, and the shovel a few times as well. Jimmy even pulled off a horrible Tornado DDT. Jimmy hit the Jimmyliner out of nowhere for the win and asked for the his belt. Brad then attacked Jimmy after with a Boar Soar.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA Hardcore Champ - Jimmy Spencer (1)

- Vignette of Reid/Tony
Reid and Tony were seen looking at eachother in a parked car. The two got out once they noticed the camera was on, and they went towards the ring and were attacked by the Restless Duo. Tony, being the kid he is, came out with no socks!

- 4th Match - TWA Rumble to determine new TWA Champion - Everyone in TWA involved
Brad and Jimmy started, and Jimmy was thrown out nearly immediately. Reid was next, and the two put on a great show. The Great 1 was next, and he helped Reid. Carl Miller was next, and he laced into Reid. Benny then reprimanded Boar for showing asshole. Arik Howie was next, and Carl and Brad eliminated themselves before Howie even got in the ring. Howie eventually did get into the ring and beat up the two fatigued superstars. Howie nearly put the big man through the mat after a Howie Driver. Peters and Arik were eliminated when Shawn Willams made his entrance. This left Linwood and Willams, and those two pulled out all the stops to give themselves a good chance to win the title. Linwood hit Simply Magnificent on Willams to win the Title. Carl came out from the back to attack Tony, then Reid got in front of the camera and mumbled something.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA World Champion - Reid Linwood (1)

10-25-1999 TWA Security bleeds

TWA Uncut October 25th

- Interview with Willams
Willams challenges Carl to a #1 Contenders Match for the World Title, and that he is going to prove how strong he is by beating up a fan.

- 1st Match - TWA Security vs. Shawn Willams
Shawn Willams picks TWA Security out of the crowd, and he gives him a few Puckett Drivers, but refuses to pin him. He even makes Security bleed from the mouth. Carl comes out and distracts Willams long enough so that Security to roll him up for the pin.

- Interview with Justin Webber
Justin says that Ashley, Arik's partner, is Justin's sister! He then challenges Howie to a no-DQ IC Title Match, and says that he has something special planned for Ashley.

- Interview with Zerwas
Zerwas says he doesn't want to get screwed any longer, and he gets a hold of David Jensen via cellphone and he enlists him as his bodyguard.

- 2nd Match - TWA Hardcore Title Match - Jimmy vs. Brad vs. Tony Peters!
Tony comes out to a huge pop, while Jimmy and Brad get mixed reactions from the crowd. These three put on one of the better hardcore matches, mostly due to having a lot of motivation to impress the crowd. Tony almost won the title from Brad when he Steaknifed him on the outside, but Jimmy interfered. The Spencer cousins then teamed up on Tony Peters, and Brad even did a Boar Soar Splash from the top! Jimmy had Tony after the Spencer Death Drop, but Brad Boar Soared Jimmy and pinned him to retain his title.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA Hardcore Champion - Brad Spencer

- 3rd Match - IC Title Match - World Title Match - Arik Howie vs. The Polish Eagle
These two put on quite a show right from the start. Eagle pushed the referee into Howie, knocking Howie out of the ring. Willams jumped on Eagle at this point, and Howie did a suicide dive and took out both men! Security even came out to take away Eagle's hat. Willams interfered at the end, but still couldn't get Eagle down for the 3 count. Woodson then came in and hit Eagle with a low blow! The locker room cleared at this point and everyone brawled. Eagle left right away, after hitting several people including Charles Woodson with the belt. TWA Security even joined the brawl. And then in a great TWA moment, Justin speared the referee Zang Dong right off the top of the tramp onto the hard mats. Fans were restless during these time, and couldn't help but attack themselves while there was a brawl in the ring. It finally ended when all the men were too fatigued to continue.
Winner via DQ - Polish Eagle

- 4th Match - Carl Miller vs. Reid Linwood
Carl came out first and said that Reid doesn't deserve the title shot he's getting tonight and that he deserves the shot. He then challenges Reid to a match right here. Reid came out and beat the poop out of Carl, obviously upset that Carl called him out. Eagle then came out during the match, and just watched for a while. Reid then Cradle Tombstone Piledrove Carl on the outside mat, and Eagle hit Linwood right after this with his belt. The match was a double DQ.
Match thrown out

- 5th Match - The Spencers vs. Justin Webber and Tony Peters
Tony and Justin came out to the biggest pop of the night. This match was pretty stiff, with stiff men in the same match, and one big lovable kid named Tony who used his power to nearly win this match on several occasions. The match was hard to keep under control, but referee Zang Dong did the job eventually. At one point, Tony did a Choke Slam on Jimmy but lost his balance and fell out of the ring! Tony was getting destroyed the entire time nearly, and the match was saved by TWA superstar Justin Webber when he hit a Pedigree on Jimmy for the 1-2-3. Justin was ungrateful and he attacked Tony because Tony did nothing during the entire match. Justin really beat up Tony with a chair, seriously.
Winners via pinfall - Justin Webber and Tony Peters!

- 6th Match - Carl Miller vs. Shawn Willams
These two put on their classic match, but Howie was more a part of the match than he usually is. Fans were littereted around ringside area, and really popped for the entire match. Willams nearly won the match with the Casey Puckett Driver, but Carl kicked out. Carl nearly won after a super Spinning Heel Kick, but Willams kicked out. The referee, Ted, was ejected due to being a horrible referee throughout the match. At this point, Carl Miller hit Shawn with an Implant DDT and only got a 2 count! Howie then hit Carl with a shoe when the referee wasn't looking. Willams then hit Carl with a chair and Howie made the referee count the 3.
Winner via pinfall - Shawn Willams

- 7th Match - Jordan vs. Pat
Jordan ran in the ring and got an Aspen Driver from Pat and won off of it.
Winner via pinfall - Pat

- Vignette of Brad
Brad was shown in the ring doing Moonsaults. Then Jordan Kimbel was shown sucking a popsickle.

- 8th Match - IC Title no DQ Match - Arik defends against Justin Webber
Howie came out with his partners Shawn Willams and Charles Woodson. Justin came out to a huge reaction. These two had quite the stiff match as usual, which shows how long and how intense their fued really is. Reid came out during the match to talk to the fan who was on the top of the deck. Willams even found a towel during the match! The Vice-President came out to restore some order but was beat up by Shawn Willams. Arik Howie won after help from Shawn Willams with the Howie Drop! Justin came back to attack Arik and Shawn, and eventually attacked Charles!
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champion - Arik Howie

- 9th Match - Jordan vs. Pat
This time Pat called out Jordan but Jordan caught him with an Aspen Driver for the pinfall!
Winner via pinfall - Jordan Kimbel

- 10th Match - TWA World Title Match - Eagle defends against Reid Linwood and Joe Collins
Joe was just a regular fan but entered the match on his own power, and actually did a super job for his first time in the TWA. Joe didn't come out until mid-match, and before he came out Eagle and Reid did a super job on the outside. Reid and Eagle decided to beat up the newcomer, and they kinda set their fued aside to get at Joe . Joe nearly had the title when he hit a Moonsault on both men! Eagle also was about to win the match with the Steaknife, but he was jumpkicked by Joe . This match was extremely hard to see by the end, which took away from the match obviously. Joe was eventually eliminated after a double Sidewalk Slam. Joe came back and did a DDT then a Moonsault on Reid. However, there was a time limit draw.
Match thrown out

Uncut Oct18 1999 Justin, Ashley's sister

- Interview with Shawn Willams
Shawn comes out and talks trash about Carl Miller, then says he's going to show how tough he is by beating up a fan.

- 1st Match - TWA Security vs. Shawn Willams
Willams picks TWA Security, and really lays into him with 4 Casey Puckett Drivers. Carl Miller comes out right after the 4th, and he distracts Willams long enough for TWA Security to roll him up and get the 1-2-3! Carl is then chased to the back by Willams.
Winner via pinfall - TWA Security

- Interview with Justin Webber
Justin Webber says that Arik's sister is his sister, and to stop it and do it over.

- Interview with Justin Webber
Webber says that Ashley is HIS sister! He then challenges Arik to a DQ for the IC Title.

Oct 11 1999 Cox, Eagle world champ

TWA Uncut October 11th

- Interview with Cox
Eagle challenged Miller for a World Title shot, and asked if he could unify the FLWA Title with the TWA Title. Meanwhile, Carl came out and answered his challenge by saying no, which prompted the Cox to destroy Miller in the ring. Boar came out to help, but was flattened by Zerwas and repeatedly kicked by Linwood. Carl managed to excape with his belt, and Uncut went for a commercial break.

- Vignette with Carl
Camera started by showing Carl walking to his car and entering the passenger seat. Willams and Howie came out and attacked Miller and brought him to the ring to beat on him. Willams and Howie then left when the Cox came out. Eagle choked Carl and asked for his shot, and finished him with a spinning DVD. Carl was put into a submission, then gave in and gave Eagle a shot. Carl was left with an injured knee, while Eagle left to the back.

- First Match - IC Title match - Arik Howie w/ Willams vs. James Spencer
Second match after coming back from an injury for Howie, but showed little if any ring-rust. Arik Howie pulled off an amazing top-rope clothesline which almost put Jimmy out cold. During the match, Willams went to Miller's car to shut the door. Meanwhile, Howie continued to dominate with a Howie Driver, while Willams found the same towel that Tony Peters had when the greatest moment in TWA wrestling occurred. Match ended when Howie went on the top rope but was hit with a chair by Jim for the DQ victory for Howie. After the match, Jimmy hit both Howie and Willams with a chair, but was distracted and hit with a Superkick.
Winner by DQ - Arik Howie

- Interview with Carl
Carl challenged Eagle for a no dq World Title match later tonight.

- Interview with Boar which led to....Second Match - Boar vs. Zerwas
Boar got rid of the Royal Rumble, and then gave himself the Hardcore Title! Wow! He then gave out an open challenge, which was answered by Eric Z. Match started with the two big men flyin' all over the ring. Chair was used by Boar on Zerwas repeatedly to give him the upperhand. Zerwas gained control when Linwood helped cheat for Zerwas. The shed door was used by Zerwas to help take Brad out. Zerwas then did a hot powerbomb on the concrete, but Brad kicked out! Reid turned on Dominator after Dominator couldn't get the job done, leading to a Boar Stunner into a Boar Soar Splash for the victory. Eagle came out to figure out what was going on, then when Reid told him the truth, he too laid into Zerwas, leaving the Cox with 2 members left, Eagle and Reid.
Winner by Pinfall - Boar Soar

- Interview with Cox
Cox claimed that Zerwas couldn't get it done. Eagle then turned on Reid, to completely break the Cox up. Eagle hit a spinning DVD on Reid to put him out.

- Third Match - Tony vs. Eagle vs. Webber
Match started with Webber and Eagle coming out, then Peters flying out of the locker room. High flying action ensued, with Tony doing a top rope double axe handle. Tony then hit a super gut-wrench powerbomb on Webber for a 2 count. Vice-President of the TWA Pat Krasean came out to give some secret instructions to Senior referee Benny Cassidy during the match. Eagle hit a backbubble on both Peters and Webber to give him the upperhand for a while. Eagle hit Webber with a steaknife, then Peters through Eagle out of the ring, followed by a Steaknife on Webber for the victory. After the match, Tony went aerial and flew out of the ring with a double-axe handle to take out Eagle.
Winner via pinfall - Tony Peters

-Fourth Match - Shawn Willams vs. Reid Linwood
Willams walked out with Howie, and while walking out Willams grabbed Howie's penis after Linwood claimed that the two were gay. Match was great otherwise, with the usual hot action that can be expected from the TWA. The two did their usual moves, with Willams nearly knocking Linwood out after a super Pucket Driver. During the match, Reid threw Willams out of the ring, then did a suicide dive on both Howie and Willams! The match ended when Willams reversed a punch into the Pucket Driver for the 3 count!
Winner via pinfall - Shawn Willams

- Fifth Match - Hardcore Title Match - Boar vs. Jimmy
Match started when Boar snuck up from behind on Jimmy to get the upper-hand. Very hardcore match that consisted of the two constantly throwing eachother off the top. During the match, Bradley actually crawled under the trampoline to sneak up on Jimmy but didn't work. At this point, Tony broke kayfabe and screamed out "Oh Hell Yeah!!!!!". The match continued to be extreme and hardcore, with Jimmy using a big stick to inflict pain. One of the two announcers also decided to say that the Vice-President was moving the mats, but there seemed to be no evidence of this crime. A new ref was in action by the name of TWA Security, if you care. Brad continued his assault by using 3 consecutive jumpkicks. Jimmy then went for the Jimmyliner, but Brad reversed it into a Stunner, then a Boar Soar Splash. Boar and Jim then embraced after the match.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA Hardcore Champ - Bradley

- Interview with Dorsey Levens
Dorsey was showed in the crowd. One of the announcers asked him what he thought about the Packers, but Dorsey refused to answer.

- Sixth Match - IC Title Match - Arik w/ Woodson and Willams vs. Webber
Hot match with the two pulling off great spots. Willams enabled Howie to get the upperhand by cheating, while Woodson did little or nothing to help her boyfriend. Ref was bumped, which led to Willams getting in the ring to help. Pat Krasean mentioned that Iceburg was banished from TWA from skipping too many shows, and his excuse was unacceptable. Howie used several cross-body blocks to take Webber out. Justin performed a super move when he touched Howie's leg, causing the entire crowd to laugh. Justin had the match won after a Tombstone on both Willams and Howie, but Webber was low-blowed by Woodson, and lost after the Howie Drop.
Winner via pinfall and still IC Champ - Arik Howie

- Seventh Match - World Title Match - Miller vs. Eagle
Before the match started, Jimmy came out for no reason. Miller also came out with Howie's IC Title, for no apparent reason. Eagle dominated the entire match. About mid-match, Jim Spencer and Justin Webber were shown driving away in the Web's car. Eagle had too much power, and Carl was truly the loser in this match. Eagle won the match with the spinning DVD, and after the match Carl attacked the referee, Vice-President Pat Krasean. He even went so far as to DDT him.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA Champ - Polish Eagle (1)

- Eighth Match - Tony vs. Shawn in a Hardcore Match
Probably the most extreme TWA Hardcore match was this one, with Tony taking a ton of punishment. During the match, Carl Miller came out to attack Willams, but him and Howie eventually teamed up to attack TWA Security, who was acting as announcer. The entire crowd was more interested in the outside battle than the actual match. Tony did pull off a great spot, and it was a piledriver on the concrete! Willams matched this with a Casey Pucket Driver on the concrete! Tony then Steaknifed Arik right on the concrete! Tony eventually got distracted by the fight outside, and got caught with a Superkick for the Willams victory.
Winner via pinfall - Shawn Willams

10-4-1999 3 team tag best ever

TWA Uncut October 4th: RIP Tripp Trampoline

- 1st Match - Tony vs. Reid Linwood
Tony said that he wasn't going to let any tragedies like what happened to Smothers occur. Zerwas then came out and said he's the biggest man in the company and doesn't deserve to wrestle the Dominator. Linwood was then sent out to fight Tony. Tony's nipples were visible, and it was quite evident that Winter was coming. Peters almost won the match after his infamous Pull Piledriver into a pin. Tony was just dominating Linwood the entire match nearly, which is unusual for 'da big man. Zerwas, who was at ringside, was taken out of ringside area by TWA Security. Zerwas made his return when Tony was on the deck, and hit Tony with a chair and Tony flew off the trampoline! Tony, always giving the crowd its money worth, fell right onto the side of the trampoline and bent the trampoline! The trampoline was crippled and officially died a few months later after it couldn't support that 'boon any longer. Tony was then hit with Simply Magnificent for the pinfall.
Winner via pinfall - Reid Linwood

- 2nd Match - Handicap Match - Carl vs. Zerwas and Reid
This match was structured differently compared to other handicap matches. It was Carl vs. Reid, then Carl vs. Eric, that is, if Carl was to beat Reid. Anyways, Reid dominated for the most part, and nearly won several times after he pulled off suplexes and DDT's. The referee DQed Linwood after he cheated, which resulted in Linwood bumping the referee. Linwood then did his Cradle Tombstones to punish Carl and soften him up for Zerwas. He did two devastating Cradle Tombstones, and Zerwas came in and gave Carl a Casey Puckett Driver for the win. Zerwas and Reid then beat Carl up after.
Winner via pinfall - Eric Zerwas

- 3rd Match - Hardcore Match - Jimmy vs. Shawn Willams vs. Justin Webber
Willams came out and said that Tony claimed that 2 * 4 = 4. Jimmy came out next, followed by Justin. These 3 put on quite a show, and used several weapons. The only man who had wrestled Hardcore Matches before was Jimmy, and he was quite the pro at Hardcore Matches. Match was less hardcore and more in the ring action, which the fans still approved. Justin hit a Tombstone on Willams eventually, and pinned him after leaving him alone for 20 seconds. Justin then was put into a Jimmyliner and lost.
Winner via pinfall - Jimmy Spencer

- 4th Match - Vacant IC Title Match - Arik Howie vs. Brad Spencer
These two have never wrestled before this, and they really had some stiff action. Howie showed no ring rust at all, and he still showed the resiliency that made him who he is. Brad did a Knee-Piledriver right on the mat and nearly killed Howie. Howie came back with kicks and high flyin' moves. Linwood came out eventually, and he distracted Bradley enough for Howie to put him into the Howie Drop for the pinfall and the IC Title.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA IC Champ - Arik Howie (3)

- Interview with Boar
Boar got the microphone and nearly tripped (!) when he jumped off the trampoline. He said Reid was dead for costing him the IC Title.

- 5th Match - TWA Royal Rumble Match - Brad vs. Jim start
Brad and Jimmy showed no family love, but instead showed gut and crack. Brad even pulled off a Jimmyliner, which had to be Jimmy's most embarassing moment in TWA yet. These two superstars fought until Carl came out and attacked Jimmy! The action was intense at this point, and Carl took out both Spencers for most of the time the 3 were in together. Tony "Rhino" Peters was next, and he came in and was eliminated after being in the ring for 11 seconds! Carl then jumped on Tony and was eliminated too. Tony then powerbombed Carl on the mat. Tony then said that every time he goes for a royal rumble he loses. Cox came out next, and they all came out together. They took the Spencer's out, and while the Vice President was escorting Tony out, Tony threw Krasean off the top onto the Trampoline! Eagle was thrown out shortly after he entered, which left the 2 Spencers vs. the 2 Cox. Howie was next, and he took his time before getting into the ring. Brad then pushed Zerwas and Jimmy out at the same time! Howie and Linwood kinda teamed up until Willams came out. All three men then attacked Brad! Brad then cleaned house on everyone, and threw Reid and Arik out. RR Champ Willams and Brad were left, until Brad pushed Willams out to win the Title!
Winner and new Royal Rumble Champion - Brad Spencer (1)

- 6th Match - Tony and Brad vs. Arik and Shawn vs. Zerwas and Eagle
I'll have to take a word out of Reid's vocabulary and say that this match is best summed up by the word Cluster. Everyone was in the ring at the same time, and tags were scarce. Tony and Zerwas had an epic battle during this match, where Zerwas jumped right onto Tony's head, a great, innovative move. Peters really dominated during the match, and showed why they call him Mr. Monday Afternoon. I am not even capable of explaining all of the high spots in this match, because there were far too many. Just get a copy. Zerwas was the story here on the other side, showing how he got the name Dominator with how power bombs. He was REALLY pumped up, which allowed him to take out the remaining 4 members in the triple threat tag match. Justin came out to take out Willams and Howie, and Tony got the Steaknife for the 1-2-3. Great end to a great match. No more can be said. WATCH THIS MATCH, ITS 30 MINUTES OF PURE ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!!!
Winners via pinfall - Tony Peters and Brad Spencer

- 7th Match - TWA World Title Shot- Polish Eagle vs. Shawn Willams
Great match. Seriously. Zerwas and Reid came out with Eagle, and Howie was with Willams. The 2 Cox on the outside were too much for Howie, and they often times allowed Eagle to get the upper hand. Match dragged on a little too much, but the two had some nice spots, and the extra curricular activities on the outside just added to the fun. Eagle won after the DED.
Winner via pinfall - Polish Eagle

9 27 99 Uncut Cox + Spencers

TWA Uncut September 27th "Arrival of the Cox"

First Match - Justin "The Web" Webber vs. Jimmy "The Kid" Spencer

Typical hot TWA match with Justin "The Web" Webber using his height advantage to get the upperhand against the newcomer Jimmy Spencer. Jimmy was dominating Web after 2 minutes of wrestling until the Cox made their debut, taking out the referee, Justin, and Jimmy Spencer. Web received a superkick, while Cameron and Jimmy received spinning DVD's for their troubles. Cox had an interview after, with Polish Eagle introducing Reid Linwood and Eric Zerwas. Eagle claimed Zerwas is the strongest man in wrestling. He also made note of the fact that Reid doesn't have a gimmick. Eagle gave out an open challenge to anyone in TWA, then left the ring.
-Match was thrown out

Second Match - Royal Rumble - Carl Miller vs. Bradley Spencer start match
Brad made his debut here, coming out to a huge face pop. Willams was the next man in, and he teamed up with his partner Carl Miller to take out the Boar. Boar made a comeback with a double jumpkick on Miller and Willams! A Boar Soar splash took Miller out, while Willams received 3 jumpkicks. The commentator gave notice of how Brad has had many underwear shots during the course of the match, which is quite the interesting fact. Justin Webber was the next entry into the match, showing fatigue from just wrestling the last match. Cox came out shortly after Webber arrived, and the immediate intention was to grab Brad and eliminate him. Brad got a Cradle Piledriver outside the ring, while Eagle decided to do color commentary. Smothers came out and cleaned house, taking out TWA champ Carl Miller with the Backbubble. In an unprecedented event, Justin held up Carl Miller for his partner Shawn Willams to hit, but Willams instead hit Webber! Tony Peters, who the announcer mentioned was the "Super Heavyweight" of the TWA, was the next entry. Peters, Webber, and Smothers teamed up on Willams and Miller. Smothers was just about to be eliminated when Jimmy made his Royal Rumble debut. Meanwhile, Willams accidentally kicked Miller out of the ring and out of the match. Tony eliminated Jimmy, then Tony was eliminated from behind by his good friend Smothers, while Willams hit Webber with the Puckett Driver! Smothers then diverted his attention towards Miller, while Willams knocked Webber out of the ring. Miller hit Smothers with a DDT, then Willams rolled him out for the win and the Royal Rumble Title. Cox then routed everyone in the ring, then TWA cut to a commercial.
Winner via elimination and new Royal Rumble Champion - Shawn Willams (1)

Third Match - Brad, Tony, and Justin vs. Cox
Brad comes out to challenge the Cox in a 3 on 1 match. Cox accept challenge, but Tony and Justin come out to help Brad in his war. Tony donned the "Dominator" jacket, attracting Zerwas immediately. Referee Tim Cameron did a horrible job of keeping the match under control, being that 6 men were in the ring at nearly all times. The story behind this match was Zerwas vs. Peters, the two big men, dominating the match. The match was nearly lost by the Cox when Peters hooked Linwood in the Buzzkiller, but was broken up by the Dominator. After a long, grueling match, Tony hit Eagle with the Steaknife to claim victory for him and his team. The Cox were disgruntled after this match, while Peters, Webber, and Boar celebrated.
Winners via pinfall - Peters, Justin, and Boar

-Interview with Smothers
Smothers announced his formal retirement, saying he was paralyzed after several DDT's via Carl Miller earlier in the show. Miller then came out and attacked Smothers with more DDT's until Willams came out and attacked Smothers. The two laid it into Smothers and threw him out of the ring. Willams then challenged his partner Miller for a World Title match, which resulted in a big argument between the two. Willams hit Miller with a superkick, to start an impromptu match. Tony finally came out to help Smothers, but threw him off the deck! Tony then helped Smothers back to the top of the deck only to throw him off again! Camera then went to a shot showing Justin and Brad running! Meanwhile, Shawn was continuing to dominate the match, while Smothers sat down to do commentary. The ending was super climatic, with Shawn missing a super kick and Carl DDTing him for the victory to retain his TWA World Title
Winner via pinfall and still TWA Champ - Carl Miller

- Fifth Match - Tony Peters vs. Polish Eagle
Tony came out to a HUGE pop. The camera man asked for the ref to check Tone's tits, which did occur. Spectacular match with Peters doing ski-hi's left and right. In one of the most memorable moments in TWA history, the Polish Eagle picked up Tony Peters, which was the first time the fat man has ever been lifted up in the air by another man in his entire life! However, Eagle couldn't get the job done even with Cox interference, and Tony pulled the victory off and advanced to fight Carl Miller next week for the World title after a huge steaknife.
Winner via pinfall- Tony Peters

- Sixth Match - Hardcore Match for IC title shot vs. Iceburg next Monday...Willams vs. Zerwas vs. Bradley
Type of match that most TWA viewers have never seen before, with Zerwas and Brad pulling off some of the most extreme spots ever seen in TWA. Zerwas did a flying tornado DDT off the top, but the pin was broken up by Willams. During the match, Willams let the two big guys fight while he watched, and it was obvious that this type of match isn't his forte'. At one point, all the Cox teamed up and smashed Brad in the head with cookie sheets. Zerwas even went so extreme as to bring Brad to the steel fence and brutaly throw him into it! Zerwas even pulled off a rocker dropper on the grass. Zerwas ended it when he did a death drop onto the contrete while the Cox took Willams out. Willams recovered after Zerwas won to give both Brad and Zerwas a superkick, but it was for a lost cause, as Zerwas was the one to meet Iceburg next Monday.
Winner via pinfall- Eric Zerwas

Sept20 1999 Iceburg's last stand


TWA Uncut September 20th: Iceburg's Last Stand

- First Match - TWA World Title 3 Way Match - Tony vs. Justin vs. Carl (Champ)
Great match that saw Tony and Justin dominate, but fall apart in the end. Tony was often times arguing with the announcer because the announcer counted the amount of underwear shots that Tony gave to the camera. This count got to 11 by the end of the match, and Tone was distracted after each one was called out. Tony even gave a huge gut shot and an ass shot to the crowd just for fun. Tony and Justin did a double chokeslam, and had the win, but they kept arguing over who should get the pin. Finally, Tony splashed Justin and went for the pin, but Carl did a double axe-handle on Tony's back and pinned both men.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champion - Carl Miller

- Second Match - TWA Royal Rumble Belt - Iceburg vs. Benny (First entries, with Smothers = Champ)
Benny and Iceburg went at it, until Tony came out and cleaned house! Willams was next, and he went right after Peters. Peters then threw Benny out, and Justin then made his way to the ring. Carl then made his way to the ring, while looking back into the locker room and yelling at somebody. Iceburg was then thrown out after a super kick by Willams. Smothers was next, and him and Tony immediately put Carl into a double spinebuster. The fat man was the next to hit the floor, and this happened after a double clothesline by Willams and Miller. After throwing Peters out, Willams was attacked from behind by Webber and thrown out of the ring. At this point, Carl almost threw Smothers out, but was saved by Webber. Webber was then taken out by Willams from behind, and he was then dragged out to leave Miller and Smothers as the last two left. Carl was then about to throw Smothers out when he Smothers reversed it and threw Miller out for the victory to retain his Title
Winner and still TWA Royal Rumble Champion - Chris Smothers

- Third Match - IC Title Match - Justin vs. Iceburg w/ Woodson (Champ)
Iceburg was accompanied by Chucky Woodson, who took a day off for TWA and his current boyfriend, Iceburg. Iceburg showed off his terrible wrestling skills, and Webber nearly won the match after 1 minute. The referee asked Iceburg if he was an alien, which is made the IC Champ very upset. Justin then took the advantage, and continued to capitalize on Iceburg's stupidity. Iceburg, however, got out of a Webber Sleeper, then Speared Webber for the win. Iceburg and his fellow homosexual, Chuck W., left the ring happy. While leaving, Woodson flashed Webber, which for some reason pleased Mr. Webber.
Winner and still TWA IC Champ - Iceburg!

- Interview with Tony while modeling a Woodson jersey.
Tony came out and rubbed his boobs. Tony then ran down the stairs for no reason.

- Vignette with Carl
Carl and Justin were caught leaving to go play golf.

- Fourth Match - Chris Smothers vs. Shawn Willams
Great match that could've went either way. Smothers made his way to the ring and stared into the camera for a minute while keeping a straight face. Willams came out, which prompted a huge "Pockett" chant, which annoyed the confused superstar. Smothers dominated until he missed a diving headbutt off the top rope. Willams nearly had the win after a big Puckett Driver, but Smothers had ropes. Smothers then had the Backbubble, but Willams reversed it into the Superkick for the 1-2-3.
Winner via pinfall - Shawn Willams

- Interview with Tony modeling a Woodson jersey.
Peters showed his stupidity by not knowing what the meaning of "impressions" is. Tony then said he came to see Jeremy, a.k.a. Iceburg.

- Fifth Match - IC Title 3-Way - Tony vs. Iceburg w/ Woodson (Champ) vs. Benny
Tone got in the ring and made love to the referee, Jeff Pockett. Tony then gave an underwear shot when he jumped into the ring. Iceburg came out and dominated Tony, then Benny made his way to the ring and he got his from Iceburg. In a great TWA moment, Tony did a splash on Benny, then Iceburg did a HUGE splash on Peters. Tony continued to give free underwear shots to the crowd, and Iceburg even felt generous and he gave the crowd one. Tony almost did a Pockett Driver, but decided to put Iceburg into the Choke Slam instead. Tone was then distracted when Woodson flashed Tone! Tony nearly lost because of this, being that Iceburg gave Tone a huge Spear, but Benny intervened. The referee said that the match was over, but the Vice-President came in and told the referee what truly happened, and that was that Benny interfered before the 3 count. Iceburg then Speared Tony Boobson and pinned him. He then went and pinned Benny even though he already won the match. Chucky W and Iceburg then beat Tony up. The announcers mention that it seems as if Tony is turning gay, and that he's going to need help in the near future. Benny then beat Tone up after Woodson and Iceburg left.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champion - Iceburg!

- Sixth Match - Shawn Willams vs. Benny Da' Bottlecap
The announcer called Willams Jeff Pockett, which made Willams extremely unhappy. Willams said he can't get anything right and that he's just as pathetic as that reaky Bottlecap. As always, Benny elevates Willam's performance and brings the best out of Willams, with the two pulling off some hot spots. Willams nearly won the match with the Puckett Driver, and if anyone has forgotten, Willams pinned Bottlecap with a Puckett Driver roughly 2 months before this hot match. The Vice-President came out to announce that Iceburg and Tony is signed for later tonight, and if Tony wins, Woodson takes his shirt off, and if Iceburg wins, Tony takes hit shirt off! Meanwhile, Peters came out to hit Willams with an extension cord, which gave Benny the 1-2-3!
Winner via pinfall - Benny!

- Seventh Match - Iceburg w/ Woodson and Shawn Willams vs. Tony and Smothers
Smothers started and was destroyed for the majority of the match. The hot tag was made to Tony, and he cleaned house by doing huge clotheslines. Tone continued putting on a show by giving the crowd underwear shots. Smothers had the win after a splash, but the pin was broken up by the illegal alien, Iceburg! Iceburg was in the ring with Tone when Woodson got in the ring and just stood for there about 5 minutes! Woodson then flashed Tony, which got Tony to choke slam him! Tony's first choke slam on him was so good that he had to do it again on Woodson. Tone then Steaknifed Willams for the victory. Tone went to celebrate but was attacked by Woodson and Iceburg. Smothers was beating Willams up in the ring while this was happening, and when he came to help Tone he was attacked as well.
Winners via pinfall - Smothers and Peters

- Vignette with Tony getting da' mail.
Tone went to get a magazine from the mail at someone elses house, and was ran over by Iceburg after being flashed by Woodson!

- Eight Match - TWA #1 Contender match - Shawn vs. Tony vs. Smothers vs. Iceburg
Great match Peters and Smothers teaming up against Shawn and Iceburg, who were both flying solo. Willams eventually pinned both Smothers and Tony after two Superkicks. Iceburg then performed some hot kicks on Smothers, but Willams hit Iceburg with an elbow for the win to fight Carl next week. Willams then hit Smothers with a big Superkick that totally connected with Smothers jaw. Willams celebrated then left the ringside area.
Winner via pinfall - Shawn Willams


9-11-1999 Gauntlet, Carl title

TWA Uncut September 13th - Willams runs the Gauntlet

- First Match - 4 Corners - Justin vs. Smothers vs. Arik vs. Carl
Hot match that saw Justin and Smothers basically team up against Arik and Carl. Webber often times found himself getting the snickers off of his feet. Howie almost pinned Smothers with a super Steaknife. Justin then put Carl into a sleeper, and would not let go, even after jawbreaker attempts. Webber and Smothers did a double DDT to eliminate Arik. Webber was then pinned with a DDT by Miller, which left Smothers and Miller. Carl then hit Smothers with an Implant DDT for the 1-2-3.
Winner via pinfall - Carl Miller

- Interview with Tony
Tony said that Patrick Krasean signed a match with Tony vs. Shawn in a Hardcore Match. Tony then said that Willams would wrestle everyone in the TWA in a Gauntlet Match.

- Second Match - Hardcore Non-Title Match - Tony "Flash" Peters vs. Shawn Willams
Willams comes out, and goes to the camera to tell everyone that he doesn't agree with the matches signed by Tony. Tony had the offense for the majority of the match, for once. Shawn nearly won the match with a beautiful Puckett Driver on the shed door. Tone nearly killed Willams when he choke slammed him off the top of the deck onto the trampoline. Shawn won the match when Tony was looking at the ref, and Shawn super kicked Tony who was holding up a cookie sheet when he took the kick. Tony was out cold, and Willams won the match. Tone left with the Royal Rumble belt.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champ - Shawn Willams

- Third Match - Carl Miller vs. Justin Webber
Justin Webber walked out and was attacked from behind by Carl, who took the early advantage with his quickness. Carl then threw Justin off the deck onto the tramp, then did a top rope elbow to nearly win the match after 15 seconds in the match. Justin then won the match with 2 Tombstone Piledrivers. Justin then demanded a title shot tonight.

- Fourth Match - Tony "Flash" Peters/Chris Smothers vs. Arik Howie/Shawn Willams
While walking to the ring, Tony ripped part of the shades off by tugging really hard when it got caught on him, which showed how intelligent the big man truly is. Hot match that saw Tony "Flash" Peters take a beatdown nearly the entire match, with Smothers either being occupied or not wanting to come in the ring when Peters went for a tag. Peters often times found himself in the wrong corner being choked with towels (!) and getting his left knee worked over, which almost resulted in an early Restless Duo victory. This was the first match in which the trampoline was moved next to the deck, away from its normal and classic position. This obviously increased the high flyin' part of the matches, but the debut of this style often times worked against big guys like Tony who can't move out of the way of high flyers. Ranking as one of the longest matches in TWA history, this sucker lasted from 17:24 - 17:46, a whopping 22 minute match! Match ended when Willams hit a super kick on the distracted Peters for the 1-2-3. Howie then took Smothers out, then the two left the ringside area, while Smothers and Peters gave chase.
Winners via pinfall - Arik Howie and Shawn Willams

- Fifth Match - Royal Rumble Championship - Justin Webber vs. Arik Howie (First entries, with Tony = Champ)
Webber and Howie provided some stiff action to start off the match, which the crowd enjoyed. Smothers was the next to enter, but made a vital mistake when he miscalculated his jump and nearly fell off of the wrestling mat and onto the ground to be eliminated. He managed to stay in, and joined with his close friend Justin Webber to team up on their foe Arik Howie. This continued until World Champ Shawn Willams entered the ring, which led to basically a tag team bedlam match between Webber/Smothers and Howie/Willams. Smothers and Webber were dominating until Miller came out to help Willams and Howie. Smothers came out of no where and KOed Carl Miller with a European uppercut, which caused Miller to eliminate himself to even out the sides once again. The RR Champ, Tony Peters, was the next out, and he gave the advantage to Webber and Smothers, his close buddies. Howie was then thrown out by Peters and Smothers, which left Willams to fend for himself against three men. Willams hit Webber with a superkick, then Tony Mother F'n Peters was hit with a kick as well. Smothers, who many claim is the dirtiest player in the game, threw his good friend Tony out to eliminate the overweight ex-Royal Rumble Champ. Tony then took Justin out of the ring to eliminate him. Smothers was left with Willams alone, and that match ended when Smothers reversed a DDT, then a superkick attempt by Willams to hit his Backbubble and win his first Title ever in the TWA after throwing Willams out.
Winner via elimination and new TWA Royal Rumble Champion - Chris Smothers (1)

Sixth Match - Gauntlet Match - World Title Match - TWA vs. Shawn Willams (Champ)
The stipulations on this beautiful match was that the person to pin Willams would get the belt, and he would wrestle every man in the TWA including his friends, Carl and Arik. Webber started it, and gave a good shot at it, but was cheated out of a win when he had Shawn set up for a tombstone, but was hit by Howie with a cookie sheet. This was followed by an elbow and the pin immediately after. Howie was next up, and he laid down for his longtime friend that brought him into the business. Carl was next up, but he was jumped by Tony. The next sequence turned out to be the worst thing to ever happen in the TWA, where Tony absolutely F'ed everything up, but eventually steaknifed Carl and Willams and put Carl over Willams which resulted in Carl winning his first TWA World Title of his career.
Winner and new TWA Heavyweight Champion - Carl Miller (1)

Sept 6 1999 Aspens last bite

TWA Uncut September 6th

- First Match - Royal Rumble Championship - Carl vs. Webber (First entries, with Iceburg = Champ)
First four that get in the ring are Smothers, Webber, Carl, and Arik. Aspen is next, and everyone is extremely scared of him. Webber and Smothers team up to take Aspen out. Willams and Peters make their way to the match, while Carl is thrown out by Smothers. Iceburg is next, and he comes in and dominates. Willams kicks Smothers out, then is thrown out by Webber. Webber is then thrown out by the big man. The last three men are Peters, Howie, and Iceburg. Howie is thrown out, then Peters throws Iceburg out to become the first ever TWA Grand Slam winner, and which makes him a double champion, holding the IC and Royal Rumble Titles.
Winner and new TWA Royal Rumble Champion - Tony Peters (1)

- Second Match - IC Title Match - Aspen vs. Tony (Champ)
Hot match with Tony dominating the rookie Aspen. Tony nearly cripples Aspen when he piledrives him. Tony goes for the Steaknife, but Iceburg low blows Tony. Aspen then puts Tony into the Snake Bite, but Tony doesn't give up. Aspen then pins him, but Tony kicks out. Then Tony gets caught in the Snake Bite again, and passes out and loses the match. Aspen wins his first title, while Iceburg throws a hat at Tony.
Winner via submission and new TWA IC Champ - Aspen (1)

- Interview with Aspen
He gives out an open challenge to any member in the TWA for an IC Title shot. Iceburg answers the shot by walking out, with a fan shown in behind Iceburg.

- Third Match - IC Title Match - Iceburg vs. Aspen (Champ)
Back and forth match, with both men obviously giving it all they got to win the IC Title. Aspen almost wins the match right away after his signature DDT. Aspen then works Iceburg over with a super elbow drop. Aspen taunted too much, which gave Iceburg the advantage. Iceburg then gave Aspen a Stunner, then a Spear for the win. Aspen's title reign ends at 20 minutes. Iceburg then hits the ref, but the ref no-sells.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA IC Champ - Iceburg (1)

- Interview with Restless Trio
Willams challenges Webber to a 4 Corners match, with Webber vs. Shawn vs. Arik vs. Carl

- Fourth Match - World Title Match - Justin vs. Willams (Champ) vs. Carl vs. Arik
Webber is out first, while Willams and friends walk out together. Webber cleans house to begin with, but there were far too many people for Webber to control. At one point, Justin beats up Carl and Arik, but Arik falls on Carl and Arik pins his own partner for the 1-2-3. Arik and Willams are still left, but Willams leaves Arik and Justin alone in the match while he stays in the ring. Webber pins Arik after he burns Arik with a lightsaber and then catches him with a knee drop. Willams is the last man left for Webber to beat. Willams comes in and attacks the fatigued Webber. Willams had the pin after a Puckett Driver, but the referee refused to count because Willams spit in the ref's face. Willams then hits Webber with a super kick for the win out of no where.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champ - Shawn Willams

- Fifth Match - "The Match" - Aspen vs. Smothers vs. Miller
In what is probably the worst match in TWA history, these three put on quite the show. Aspen dominated the match, but was caught from behind by Smothers with a Backbubble. Miller and Smothers were the last left. Aspen left with a big double axe-handle, but Smothers no-selled it. Carl was then caught with a Backbubble. He went for the pin, and he got the 1-2-3, while the ref held down Carl's shoulders down.
Winner via pinfall - Chris Smothers

- Sixth Match - Hardcore Match - Tone/Smothers vs. Carl/Willams
Tone spent most of the match on the ground after being demolished with huge chair shots. Willams and Smothers were actually awaiting a tag in the same corner at one point of the match. After a double DDT by Willams on his foes, Miller knocks the ref out. After 10 minutes, Tony misses a clothesline on Willams, and Willams reverses it into a Puckett Driver for the win. Smothers had Miller for the pin at that time, but was too late.
Winners via pinfall - Willams and Miller

- Seventh Match - IC Title shot next week - Smothers vs. Aspen
Hot match where Smothers wins after a Steaknife, great main event. Aspen then yells out "YEEEEEEAH", and it was a sad moment, because Aspen had just finished his last wrestling match in the TWA.
Winner via pinfall - Chris Smothers

8-30-1999 Peters Ambush

TWA Uncut August 30th

- vignette of Tony pooping
Tony was shown pooping, then being attacked by Willams and Howie. Howie had the Puckett Chaps on, and Chucky Dubbya came out from the shower with Arik. She did nothing, and the 3 eventually left the bathroom.

First Match - IC Title Match: Arik Howie vs. Champ Tony Flash Peters

IC match started with Arik getting the advantage due to interference from Willams, until Smothers, a close friend of Peters, came to fend off Willams. Match was about to end when Peters hit the steaknife, but the ref was bumped. Smothers then took Willams back to the locker room at this point. Howie hit a super stunner, which Tony kicked out of at the count of only 1! Howie later performed his Howie drop, which Tony amazingly kicked out of at 2. Tony came back with a choke lift then a choke slam and retained his title with a picture-perfect piledriver from hell.
Winner: Tony via pinfall to retain

Second Match - Tony Flash Peters and Christopher Smothers vs. Shawn Willams and Arik Howie

Charles Woodson manned the camera in this spectacular match which was dominated by the duo of Willams and Howie due to Howies high flyin' ability and Shawn's leadership. An appearance by Willam's mom distracted Shawn and caused Smothers to get the upper hand. Referee Ben Cassidy was often listening to the orders of his boss and president of TWA, Shawn Willams, which helped Willams and friends get a few more chances than they deserved. Peters found himself in trouble when he fell off the trampoline onto the ground. Smothers and Peters won when Peters hit a super steaknife on Howie to give himself and Smothers a victory over their foes in the main event.
Winner Tony and Smothers via pinfall

8-23-1999 Willams gets Belt back

TWA Uncut August 23rd: Justin Gets Screwed!

- 1st Match - TWA World Title Match - Justin Webber defends against Shawn Willams
VERY VERY quick match, in which Willams hit a Puckett Driver 5 seconds into the match. Justin then came back with a Tombstone, but Howie and Miller decided to interfere. They were taken out by Web, but Web was rolled up by Willams for the 3 count! Willams and Howie and Miller then beat Webber up and celebrated.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA World Champion - Shawn Willams (4)

- 2nd Match - Willams and Carl Miller vs. Peters and Christopher Smothers
Great match which consisted of Peters getting his ass kicked the entire time. Smothers got the tag, and he got beatdown as well. He went for a Backbubble, but Carl threw him out in front of Howie and Willams. Willams and Howie did this throughout the match, and Justin was unable to help because he had "Other Plans". TWA had a member of it's Youth Program there, and he even got the opportunity to be up close and personal with the wrestlers and ref the match! Smothers and Peters had it all but wrapped up until Howie hit Smothers with a chair, then Smothers was DDTed by Carl for the pinfall. The Restless Trio then beat up the two and left.
Winners via pinfall - Carl and Shawn Willams

- Interview with Arik Howie
The Interviewer asked Howie why he didn't go for the World Title, and Howie said he didn't want to betray his partner Shawn. Howie then said that he was going to get his Title back.

- 3rd Match - Arik vs. Iceburg
Usual Iceburg match. Kick. Kick. Splash. Elbow drop. Botched Pedigree. Howie eventually got the upper hand on that illegal alien from Mexico and nearly killed him with a Howie Ball! Iceburg caught him with a Spear, but Willams hit Iceburg with a cooler lid and Howie rolled Iceburg over for the pin. Miller was then Speared before he left.
Winner via pinfall - Arik Howie

- 4th Match - TWA Royal Rumble - Smothers and Carl M. start
These two put on quite the show. Carl eliminated Smothers, but no one saw Smothers so he came back in and took out Howie and Miller. Tony was the next man in, and he helped Smothers clean house. Smothers pushed Tony into Arik, which eliminated Arik! Willams came in at this point, and he destroyed Peters. Iceburg came out next, and he eliminated Carl. Iceburg then administered one of the more devastating Icepicks in TWA history when he took Smothers out of the air and slammed him. Willams and Iceburg then teamed up to throw Tony out. Miller came out again and distracted Smothers. Tony took Willams out and Iceburg threw Smothers out. Iceburg won, and then he attacked Miller afterward.
Winner and still TWA Royal Rumble Champion - Iceburg

- 5th Match - TWA IC Title Match - Tony Peters defends against Arik Howie
Arik's speed was too much for the great one to handle, and Tony rarely had a chance to do anything on Howie. Tony eventually won via Sky-hi and then Tony danced.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA IC Champion - Tony Peters

8-16-1999 1st rumble, Web title

TWA Uncut August 16th: Royal Rumble Belt Debut

- Vignette with Tony eating
Exciting vignette showed Tony taking a break from wrestling and eating food. His diet consisted of vinegar, donuts, beer, and other unhealthy foods and drinks. Chris Smothers and Justin Webber intervened, and gave Tony some "healthy" food to eat. Claiming it'll make him more dominate, they gave him potatoes, milk, water, and macaroni to better Tony's terrible diet. Tony refused at first, but after the realization of the fact that it'd help him and not hurt him, he finally conformed to Justin and Chris' ways.

- Vignette with Tony working out
Webber and Smothers were again in the back helping Tony become in better shape. The two started with 10 sit-ups for Tone, which he barely got off. They then went to push-ups, but Tony couldn't even do one. They then told Tony that it'd be ok if he did knee push-ups, and he did 5 of them, which Justin claimed would be a big help in the long run for Tony. Justin and Chris then led Anthony to the bathroom, where he took his clothes off and showered!

- First Match - World Title Match - Shawn Willams w/ Arik Howie defends against Aspen
Show opened up with Aspen walking down, and in the background there was a woman and a shirtless man shown watching the TWA event, more than likely they were longtime fans of the TWA. Willams walked out with his partner Arik Howie, who hobbled to the ring with a cane. Willams dominated the match, but often times found himself getting caught up in arguing with the announcer. Aspen continued his in-ring brilliance by no-selling nearly every move thrown his way. Aspen showed his power by doing a super jumping DDT, followed up by the most devastating splash in the sport. Aspen had Willams in the Snake Bite, but Willams was saved by Arik Howie who hit Aspen in the head with a metal pole to give Willams the quick pin. Arik then went to the camera and told the world how greatful he was for Sunkist Hospital on Columbus Township for helping him to recover.
Winner and still World Champion - Shawn Willams

- Interview with Tony
Tony demanded a World Heavyweight Title shot from Willams, and he said that even if Willams doesn't give it to him, he'll somehow get his way.

- Interview with Willams
Willams said that Peters doesn't deserve the title, and that his workout was pathetic. Willams then gave Tony an IC Title shot against Arik, and then announced that Carl joined Arik and Willams to form the Restless Trio. Carl then said nothing when he was handed the microphone. Willams then said that Web was going to get his because of Webber running into Arik with his monster truck.

- Second Match - IC Title Match - Arik Howie defends against Tony Peters
Match started with Arik coming out alone, with the shirtless hunk in the background once again. Peters came out next, and was flanked by Miller and Willams, who attacked him on his way out. Tony was laid out, and was dragged into the ring and the match started. Howie obviously had the advantage, and capitalized with a top rope clothesline that almost beat Tony. Howie then worked on the knee of Tony Peters, and nearly made the big dude give up with a figure 4. Iceburg then pulled up into the driveway, which distracted Howie long enough for Tony to come back with a sidewalk slam. Howie then low blowed Peters, and then knocked the ref out. Willams came in and was hit with a belt accidentally by Howie, and Tony then threw Howie out the ring, and finally gave Willams a steaknife. Tony then piledrived Howie out of his boots. Tony then splashed Howie to win the IC Title. Webber then came in to save Peters from Willams and Howie, but got a beatdown.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA IC Champ - Tony F'n Peters (1)

- Third Match - Royal Rumble - Arik Howie vs. Carl Miller (First entries)
Howie and Miller did nothing to start the rumble, being that they are on the same team. Tony was the next entry, and he was destroyed by two members of the Restless Trio. Tony then chokeslammed Arik out of the ring, but fell out with him. Tony was then extremely upset by this stupid move of his, but could do nothing about it. Carl was left alone, and Aspen came out to continue the rumble. Shawn Willams entered the fray a little after Aspen. Miller and Willams teamed up on Aspen, but Willams knocked Miller out accidentally after hitting him with a superkick. Webber was the next in, and he pushed Aspen out right away. Iceburg was the next in, and he came in and dominated both men left. Iceburg laid the boots to both Webber and Willams with some of the hardest kicks ever seen in TWA. Willams hit Webber with the superkick, then was speared by Iceburg. Iceburg speared Webber, and threw both men out to retain his Royal Rumble Title.
Winner and still TWA Royal Rumble Champ via elimination- Iceburg

Fourth Match - Carl Miller w/ Willams vs. Iceburg w/ Aspen
Boring match. Willam's interference ended up helping Miller more than Aspen's interference helped out Iceburg. Iceburg, however, speared Miller out of no where to get the win while Aspen held Willams at bay.
Winner via pinfall - Iceburg

- Interview with Miller
Miller complained about how Smothers attacked him even though he was retired. Miller then took the fan in the ring and DDTed him several times, saying it was Smothers fault. Smothers then came in and saved the fan by hitting the Restless Trio with Backbubbles. The fan then pinned Miller to make Miller look bad.

- Fifth Match - Arik Howie vs. Aspen
Super match that saw Aspen laugh at Willams' funny jokes. Rather boring match, where Justin came in when the ref was distracted toTombstone Howie giving Aspen the opening for the Snake Bite and the victory.
Winner via submission - Aspen

-Sixth Match - Willams/Howie w/ Miller vs. Webber/Peters w/ Smothers
Hot match that saw Smothers interfere several times to help his team get the advantage. Some unknown and unidentifiable alien was the referee, which scared all the wrestlers. This unknown referee's ability to keep the match clean and fair is unsurpassed. The match was the usual for these 4 superstars, with Justin cleaning house, and Tony getting his ass kicked nearly the entire match. Howie pulled off a Howie Drop on Justin, which got Tony the idea to ask "What are you planning to do with Justin?" Miller eventually got in the ring, which prompted Smothers to enter as well. The match was out of control when these two entered the fray, and Justin eventually got a Tombstone Piledriver on Willams for the 1-2-3. A beatdown of Tony ensued, but Smothers and Webber stopped it when they realized this was getting boring.
Winners by pinfall - Webber and Peters

- Seventh Match - Justin Webber w/ Smothers vs. Miller w/ Willams
Great technical match between the two veterans. Another new ref was being used, and he sucked. Smothers was usually just running around the ring and around the fans that he didn't notice when Willams would cheat, which led to Carl having the advantage nearly the entire match. A great moment in TWA history occurred when Webber did a Puckett Driver that almost won him the match. Carl won the match clean with an implant DDT out of no where. This match was probably Carl's biggest win in his entire TWA career, as it showed that he can beat the best wrestlers the TWA has to offer.
Winner via pinfall - Carl Miller

- Vignette of Howie and Willams talking, which led to Webber locking them in the room they were in to prevent them from interfering.

- Eighth Match - Carl Miller vs. Smothers
Carl without his entourage proved to be critical in his success, and Smothers had the advantage nearly the entire match because of it. Smothers was even able to steaknife Miller, which was obviously a big shout out to his big buddy Tony Peters. Smothers was about to end it with a Backbubble, but was thrown out of the ring by Miller, which was followed up by a top rope clothesline by Miller on Smothers. Smothers gained the victory out of no where with the Backbubble to defeat his longtime foe.
Winner via pinfall - Chris Smothers

- Ninth Match - World Title Match - Iceburg w/ Aspen vs. Willams (Champ)w/ Howie
Iceburg went for a pin after an arm drag takedown to start the match, which got a great crowd response. Iceburg was extremely stiff in this match, and he got away from many dangerous situations because of it. The referee decided to be smart and make a 3-count for Iceburg, but then claimed Willams had ropes after he made the count. Meanwhile, Iceburg missed a cross body block off the top rope onto the ground, while Howie killed Aspen with a cooler lid. The referee was then laid out with a powerbomb by Willams, while Howie stole Iceburg's gay glasses. Aspen came in and got beat up, then Howie and Willams beat Iceburg down, ultimately leading to a super kick by Willams for the 1-2-3
Winner via pinfall and still World Champ - Shawn Willams

-Tenth Match - Carl Miller/Arik Howie vs. The Assassins
Iceburg and Arik started the great match, and they pulled off some great moves, mostly due to Iceburg's in ring talent. Great ending (And it couldn't of happened any sooner) with the Restless Duo attacking Aspen, and Iceburg coming out of no where for the double spear and the double pin on Howie and Miller.
Winners via pinfall - The Assassins

-Eleventh Match - World Title Match - Justin Webber vs. Shawn Willams (Champ)
Match had an early ending when Willams decided he'd rather lose by countout then defend his title against Webber. Willams went psycho after this, attacking both Webber and the referee brutaly. Willams, however, demanded that there be another match, but had to get another referee to ref the match. The second match did start however, and Webber began to dominate. Webber attempted to Tombstone, but couldn't lift him. Justin softened him up with a Pedigree, then a Tombstone Piledriver to win his first TWA World Title of his career.
Winner and new TWA World Champ via pinfall - Justin Webber (2)


8-9-1999 Assassins + Tone Gauntlet

TWA Uncut August 9th: Debut of 2 Young Stars

- 1st Match - Benny vs. Iceburg!
This hot match yet ugly match really showed how unexperienced wrestlers can have a hard time wrestling their first match. Iceburg was controlled by Benny for the most part, who was looking for a win. Iceburg used his great kicks and splashes to put himself in position for the win via Ice Pick.
Winner via pinfall - Iceburg

- 2nd Match - Aspen! vs. Carl Miller
Like the match before, the veteran dominated for the most part. Aspen looked like an amatuer wrestling out there, using take-downs to get the upper-hand on superstar Carl Miller. Aspen even put an arm-bar on Carl to show that he is quite the technical wrestler. Aspen then used a knee-to-the-head to take Carl out. Aspen then used a very stiff splash to pick up a 2 count. Crowd then chanted "Boring", while Carl missed a DDT and was put into the Snake Bite. The Snake Bite was nearly let go, but Carl had to tap out right away due to too much pain. The crowd booed Aspen, and the camera then showed Tony Peters in the window of President Casey Tripp's house.
Winner via submission - Aspen

- Interview with Shawn Willams
Willams yelled at Webber for hurting Arik and causing him to miss Uncut. Willams then made a Gauntlet Match where Tony wrestles everyone and if he loses he is forced to retire. Willams also offered 1 million dollars for anyone who could beat Tony.

- 3rd Match - Gauntlet Match - TWA vs. Tony
Tony came out to a huge cheer, which caused Tony to get happy and dance. Carl was the first opponent for him, and Carl was Choke Slammed, Choke Lifted, and Steaknifed out of the match. Iceburg was the next entry, and he immediately showed his strength by taking the big man off of his feet. Iceburg then put his foot on Tony's back, which caused Tony to fall down. Tony was then thrown out of the ring, and the ultimate gutshot occurred. Iceburg wanted a piece of it, so he did a suicide dive and got his mouth right in Tony's belly. He then did a huge kick on Tony, and threw Tony in the ring. Iceburg then beat Tony with an illegal object which caused him to get DQed. Aspen was next, and he picked up where Iceburg left off. He "punched" Tony, then did his signature kicks on Tony. Aspen was then belly-to-back suplexed by Tony, while Aspen and Tony were both laughing while the move was in process. Aspen was then Steaknifed out of the match. Chris Smothers was next. Smothers put on a beautiful flatliner, then did his infamous knee-punch. Tony then came back with a huge Choke Slam, where he held Smothers up for about 5 seconds. Crowd started to be behind Smothers, saying "We want a Backbubble", and Smothers delivered with a Backbubble. He had the match won, but Miller dragged him out of the ring for a count out on Smothers. Smothers and Carl fought to the back, while Willams called Tony a fat man and ran in and beat him up. Willams dominated, while it was evident that Tony was fatigued after 20 straight minutes of wrestling. Tony almost had to submit after a Figure 4 by Willams. Willams then hit the referee, and after that he Superkicked Tony. At this point, the Assassins came out to attack Tony but missed and hit Shawn. The Assassins ran away, while Tony pinned Willams to survive the Gauntlet! Tony danced to the back.
Winner via pinfall - Tony Peters

- Interview w/ Shawn Willams
Willams said that he was upset at the Assassins, and challenged them to a tag match with a mystery partner for Shawn.

- 4th Match - The Assassins vs. Shawn Willams and Carl Miller (Mystery Partner)
The Assassins come out to boos, then Willams comes out to boos as well. Willams is called Puckett, then yells at the announcer for calling him that. He then beats up a fan and throws his chair far away. Carl Miller turned out to be the mystery partner for Shawn Willams. Aspen tried to get the upperhand by attacking from behind, but he was kicked and knocked out by Willams. Carl and Willams dominated the young and raw Assassins, who were handicapped due to their inexperience. Iceburg came back with a back bodydrop. This led to a tag to Aspen, and Aspen dominated for a while. Carl then performed a Puckett Driver on Aspen, which many call an Aspen Driver because Aspen sells it great. Willams came in to show how it's done, but he did two Aspen Drivers! Aspen then tags in Iceburg, who gives Willams a DDT then a single-leg Boston Crab, which makes him pass out. He lets go of the hold, and lets Willams give him a Puckett Driver. Iceburg comes back with a Spear on the illegal man, Carl Miller, for the win.
Winners via pinfall - Iceburg and Aspen, the Assassins!

- Interview w/ Chris Smothers
Smothers offers a retirement match for Miller because Miller cost him 1 million dollars.

- 5th Match - Retirement Match - Carl Miller vs. Chris Smothers
Miller came out first, and he actually came out twice. Smothers was next, but his entrance was delayed due to Tony saying "Buy TWA The Music Volume 1 Today". Smothers eventually came out to DX music and a towel. Both men took this match extremely seriously, being that their careers would be over if they lost. Smothers dominated for the first part of the match, while Carl eventually came back towards the end of the match. During the match, Smothers Steaknifed Miller, which was the first time a Steaknife was ever seen outside of Tony Peters. Carl managed to pull Smothers in the Rings of Carl Miller, which almost caused Smothers to submit, but that didn't happen because Smothers had ropes. Smothers then went for a Backbubble, but was thrown out of the ring by Miller. The referee got bumped shortly after, which allowed Carl Miller to hit Smothers with a chairshot, then an Implant DDT for the win to retire Smothers. The referee gave a DX sign at the end, while Smothers career was over at that.
Winner via pinfall - Carl Miller

- Vignette of Tony
Tony was shown scratching his face and back.

- 6th Match - TWA World Championship Match - Shawn Willams vs. Tony "Flash" Peters
Peters was attacked right from the get-go by Shawn. Shawn took it to Peters, showing how mad he was that he didn't beat Tony at the Gauntlet Match. Tony was far too busy keeping his shirt down to worry about the match. The two continued to put up their classic match, with Willams dominating and Tony somehow making a late match comeback. Tony then dropped Shawn right on his head, which was a serious moment for a while, but Shawn turned out to be ok. Willams took the referee out at this point, and Carl interfered to take out Tony with a cooler lid. Smothers came in for the save, and Backbubbled Carl Miller and Shawn Willams. Smothers was then unimpressed with Tony, and smacked him in the back with the cooler lid. The Assassins then came in, and knocked Willams out with his own belt. Tony couldn't get the pin here, but followed up with a Steaknife after he dodged a Superkick, and won his second World Title.
Winner via pinfall and new TWA World Champion - Tony (Voided)

- Interview with Shawn Willams
Tony was called out and asked to give his title back to Shawn due to interference. Tony handed the belt back to Shawn, while Shawn Superkicked Tony.

- Interview with Shawn Willams
Shawn introduced a new belt, the Royal Rumble Belt, and made a match for it.

- 7th Match - TWA Royal Rumble Belt Match - Ben vs.Iceburg (First wrestlers)
These two continued from where they left off during their match earlier today. Iceburg used his huge offensive arsenal to put Ben in a bad position. Ben moaned several times, which distracted Iceburg and caused Ben to get the upper-hand. Willams was the next man in, and he cleaned house on the two "jobbers". The two jobbers managed to pull off a nice spot; Iceburg low blows Willams and Benny DDTs Willams. Iceburg and Willams then agreed to attack Ben, but Willams betrayed Iceburg when he turned his back. Aspen was the next in, and he did nothing really. Carl was next in, and he went straight after Iceburg for some reason. Tony was the next in, and he got a butt-whipping from Shawn Willams. At one point of the match, all the TWA members attempted to push Tony out of the ring, but their attempt was thwarted when Aspen stopped it. Benny was the first eliminated when Willams pushed him out. Smothers came out and brought Miller out of the ring, then beat him up. Tony was then rolled out by Willams after he got hit with a Spear. Iceburg then Speared Willams and threw him out. This left the two Assassins. Iceburg managed to push Aspen out and win the first ever TWA Royal Rumble and to become the first ever TWA Royal Rumble Champion.
Winner and new TWA Royal Rumble Champion - Iceburg (1)

- Vignette with Carl and Shawn
The two discussed attacking Tony Peters backstage. They beat the poop out of Tony, while two fans cried for help. Smothers made the save and chased the two out of the backstage area, while Tony retreated to the bathroom for a poop.

- 8th Match - Tony Peters vs. Carl Miller
Willams accompanied Miller to the match, and Tony came out by himself. The announcer said that Tony has shrunk to 4 foot 2, and has gotten fatter, 544 pounds to be exact. Carl started the match off with Vader punches to the gut. Carl then Backbubbled Tony, which received a loud boo. Tony came back with a Ski-hi, and nearly won the match with it. Carl then took out the referee, and made fun of Tony because Tony has an interest in computers. They told him to sign online, then he DDTed Tony for the pin. Carl then got another pin, to win twice in 1 match.
Winner via pinfall - Carl Miller

8 2 1999 Ben Cassidy wins IC Belt

TWA Uncut August 2nd: Bottlecap Captures IC Title from Howie

-1st Match - Shawn Willams and Arik Howie vs. Justin Webber and Chris Smothers
President of the TWA Shawn Willams and TWA IC Champion Arik Hoiwe have an interview before the match occurs. They make threats towards Justin, for breaking Arik's leg and motorcycle, and Willams says Webber's salary is going to be cut. Match was ok, with Willams putting a figure 4 on the referee for no reason, then being attacked by Webber. Willams put a DDT on Webber, and said "What a Web", which was returned by Justin when he had him locked in a DDT position, and he said "What a Willams". During the match, the camera zoomed in on TWA fan Joanne Schafer, who attended nearly all of the summer events, along with her brother Greg Emt. Webber and Howie provided some stiff action, like always, and in one of the most amazing displays of power ever seen in TWA, Justin absolutely would not go down when Arik had him for a DDT. Smothers got the tag immediately after this, but was taken out by a flyin' Howie Ball. After a while, Smothers got the tag to Webber again, and Webber put Willams in the Tombstone Piledriver to give the team of Webber and Smothers the pin and the win.
Winners via pinfall - Justin Webber and Chris Smothers

-2nd Match - TWA World Heavyweight Title Match - Shawn Willams vs. Benny Bottlecap Cassidy
Willams and Howie came out first, mocking Bottlecap and making fun of his win-loss record. Bottlecap was announced as a 300 pound man and a 1 time winner in the TWA. Ben, being the observant man that he is, mentioned that he weighs less then superstar Tony Flash Peters of the TWA. Many call this match the "Jobber Match" of the TWA because Benny really proved how talentless he is and really did nothing during the entire match. Willams, out of nowhere, hit a super Casey Puckett Driver on Benny for the win to retain his title. Willams and Howie celebrated by beating up Benny, while the referee announced that Ben was the loser of the match.
Winner via pinfall and still TWA World Champion - Shawn Willams

-Chris Smothers vignette
Smothers is shown walking into the building and being attacked by Carl Miller! Justin makes the save. Smothers is again shown receiving a beatdown from Miller, while Smothers was walking to his truck. Smothers then challenged Miller to a match.

-3rd Match - Falls Count Anywhere Match - Chris Smothers vs. Carl Miller
Miller walked out first, and was jumped by the sadistic Chris Smothers. TWA had a new referee debutting in an orange jumpsuit. He did a great job, better than most refs did in the past when making their debuts in the TWA. During the match, Smothers asked for a "fall anywhere" match, which made sense. Smothers continued to dominate the match. Smothers was on top for the majority of the match, and took his frustrations out on the little Miller. Smothers had the match won after a Backbubble, but was far too tired to cover Carl Miller. Smothers took it to the outside and rammed Miller into the shed twice, then set him down on the ground for the 1-2-3. Smothers said he deserved it, while Miller got up and threatened Smothers.
Winner via pinfall - Chris Smothers

-4th Match - TWA World Title Match - Shawn Willams defends against Justin Webber
Willams was out first, and told Howie, who accompanied him to the ring, to go to the back and that he'd win it by himself. The referee kept the tradition going by throwing the belt down to the ground before the match started. Justin nearly had the match won early when he hit Willams with a Choke Slam. Justin then hit a Tombstone Piledriver on Willams, but Carl Miller came out to interfere and took the referee and Webber out. A hot TWA moment occurred when Willams hit Webber with a Super kick and didn't even fall down! Webber and Willams then put on a hell of a show when the two ran in circles, bouncing off the invisible ropes until Willams caught Webber with a Superkick into the pinfall.
Winner and still TWA World Champion - Shawn Willams

-5th Match - IC Title Match - Arik Howie defends against Benny Cassidy
If you're wondering why or how Ben got an IC and TWA World Title shot in the same day, don't ask me. Ben looked like quite the star in the ring, and started off where he left off in his match against Shawn. Howie provided some stiff action, while Benny showed how tough he is by taking it. The two did a double clothesline, but Ben had his hand over Arik's body, and got the 3 count! Ben was the new IC Champion, and he was chased by Howie all around the ring. Willams got mad that his partner lost, and declared that there'd be a battle royal to determine the IC Champion.
Winner and new TWA IC Champion - Benny (1)

-6th Match - 4 corner match - Howie vs. Benny vs. Carl vs. Web
Ben was the first to come out, and he said that the other wrestlers were jalopies. Web came out, and he was labeled as a Steve Blackman wannabe by the announcer. The match was great, with Benny and Webber providing the stiff raslin' that the fans yearn for. Ben almost beat Carl with his signature Figure 4 Leglock. Justin then beat Carl with a "Rock" Puckett Driver. Carl, on his way out, pulled Ben's pants down. Justin and Ben then had Arik beat, but they argued over who would pin Arik. Justin then pinned Ben after an elbow, but Howie knocked the referee out immediately after. Howie and Justin put on a show with a cooler lid. Howie then went on a streak where he'd actually "hit" Justin with clotheslines, but that was stopped by Justin after a Russian Legsweep, and won the match with it.
Winner via pinfall and last entry to the IC Battle Royal - Justin Webber

-7th Match - IC Battle Royal - Ben vs. Arik vs. Justin vs. Chris vs. Carl
Ben came out first and played with the chair, which was pretty funny. Smothers was next, but he forgot his shirt and had to run back to get it. High flyin' match, with Howie and Miller running all over the ring and cleaning house. Webber came out last, and he threw Ben out right away. Webber then eliminated both Miller and Smothers after he smashed their heads together. Then, in another great moment, Justin put a Tombstone Piledriver on Howie, then Howie threw Justin out right after! Chris and Carl then chased Benny all over the ring, while Howie celebrated and the show went off the air.
Winner via Elimination and new TWA IC Champion - Arik Howie (2)