July 21, 2013

hole-in-one Barry Darsow wcw saturday night

We've been posting some great clips from 1998 WCW Thunder on the TWA youtube channel. Also I found a video from a December 1998 WCW Saturday Night episode as Hole-in-One Barry Darsow is hilarious as he shows Tokyo Magnum how to putt, then drops the elbow on him.


March 6, 2013

RIP Paul Bearer / Percy Pringle WCCW

One of the greats in wrestling has passed today, as Bill Moody (Percy Pringle WCCW and Paul Bearer) has left us. Everyone remembers him with the Undertaker in the WWF but Bill was one of the classic guys in wrestling that helped build the business in the 80's and onward.


March 13, 2012

WCW Jericho's first title win 6/28/1997

Y2Peters found Chris Jericho's first wcw title win. It is truly rare footage, just look at the camera work.

The date was June 28th 1997, WCW Saturday Night. Syxx was the opponent, who had just wrestle Rey Mysterio in a long match and was then against Jericho. Finish was kind of weak though. Petersen would have steaknifed him and made it look good.

Rey Mysterio vs. Syxx-Cruiserweight title by Stinger1981

April 2, 2011

Former TWA Champion with Wrestling Gold

It is now time to share a website of a former TWA champion. The Magnificent Bastard now has Wrestling Gold, a Professional Wrestling Podcast. I know this is going to be entertaining because I have heard Linwood announce matches before. I would not be surprised to see Casey Williams on this wrestling podcast, he and Linwood were the best calling matches. That is, until Dynasty Warriors 8 unlock Lu Bu took over his life.

Recently it looks like they got to see Hacksaw Jim Duggan wrestle Sl...ahem Arik Cannon in Duluth Minnesota. I wish I could have seen it but if you check out their website you can see for yourself. Also be prepared to see other stars from the past like WWF Sunny, Honky Tonk Man, and more.

October 18, 2010

WCW Referees late 1990's


Referees are some of the funniest parts of wrestling. Well, not modern wrestling because anything post-WCW sucks. But how about Scott Dickinson with Jericho and Ralphus in WCW? Great storyline, hilarious TV watching them screw Perry Saturn. Oh and of course Joseph Nicholas Patrick Hamilton Jr. aka Nick Patrick.