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Impressed with Hyrule Warriors so far. I haven't kept up with Dynasty Warriors after playing Dynasty Warriors 6 so the engine seems a bit new to me. Not sure I like the 2500-3000 KO's each level. The peons have become too easy and passive, rendering them obsolete. Really the only guys who are any trouble at the bosses.

The bosses are unique, since with the DW engine we're not used to fighting gigantic enemies. This can be a problem when they jump inside the main base, and if you lose the base you lose the level.

FreeBSD Foundation Project Proposals are now underway, as of the 27th. They do a good job engaging their community by asking for potential projects that should be submitted and evaluated to see if they deem worthy of inclusion in future development processes. If you are a FreeBSD user and have an opinion on potential functionality you feel should be used, submit your proposal.

FreeBSD Foundation had a great 2012, with a large amount of donations coming to cap off a busy year. At the moment, they are working on implementing the ability to boot FreeBSD in the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface boot environment (or UEFI).

One of the more interesting aspects of gameplay relates to the Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Dream Eaters. Funky looking creatures, sometimes bad sometimes good. The good ones join your forces and have their own Ability Link grid. You acquire more Abilities for these Dream Eaters by using them in battle, petting them, and so on. The bad guys that are defeated will drop various materials that can benefit you as well.

Visually, this is quite a game to behold. The 3D aspect is well done as the graphics are stunning. The story is what you would expect.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Walkthrough FAQ

Kingdom Hearts 3D DDD Walkthrough FAQ

Zelda Skyward Sword Gameplay Wiki

Zelda Skyward Sword Wiki. Skyward Sword takes some getting used to. We cannot use the classic Wii controller like we could with Twilight Princess. Instead, we need the MotionPlus accessory and the nunchuk,. This makes controlling Link in Skyward Sword a difficult thing, something that takes a lot to get used to and familiarize yourself with it. But you'll likely still get frustrated with it when it is being unresponsive.


Anyone start the new Elder Scrolls yet? Elder Scrolls V is pretty nice.

Graphics are wondrous as always, and the world is bigger and more alive (animals everywhere, for one). In terms of battle in TES Skyrim, we can dual-wield weapons and even choose how to wield them.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Xbox 360 Achievements List

How to Unlock Dynasty Warriors 8 characters


CoD MW3 is out recently and it is time to take your controller and use it to shoot moving targets again.

When looking at the achievements make sure to double check the difficulty level before attempting. This is the #1 problem for people is they forget to make sure their difficulty is on the right level before attempting a Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Achievement.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 Achievements list


Lots of systems coming out soon. Hard to believe since it seems like the current generation has been so underwhelming. Video games are still popular yet the quality continues to wane. it has also become so hard for smaller publishers to afford putting games out and getting a return. So it's just the same old stuff.

Destiny of an Emperor Mods

Batman Arkham Origins PS3 Unlockables

WWE2k14 Xbox360 Achievements

Dynasty Warriors 8 Hwo to Unlock Unlockable Characters

Pokemon X 3DS How to Unlock Medals


Working on the Dragon Quest IX Walkthrough lately, though it seems like every few times I play I end up just grinding Metal Slimes / Metal Medley's just for the fun of it. Switching classes is quick and you can create some powerhouse characters by combining skills / attributes from certain classes.

Currently much farther in the game but I'll post the second part of the DQ guide on here later when more is finished. Search around the site if you just want to see what's on there now (it goes to gathering all seven fygg fruits). The current link goes through Zere, Stornway, Coffinwell, Port Llaffan and more.


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