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April 22, 2008

Preorder FES Persona 3 FAQ


It is the shipping date for Persona 3 FES around North America. FES will be in stores tomorrow for 29$. This is tremendous value considering the original Persona 3 is still quite a bit more than that. At times it is so open ended that it is hard to use a Persona 3 Walkthrough FAQ Guide because you have so many decisions based on what you like to do with your social links.

With FES you are getting an extended version of Episode Yourself, The Journey. All sorts of added content with extra scenes, you can go on walks with Koromaru to get items and meet people, and more social links / Elizabeth missions / costumes / Personae / games, and much more. The general story and plot do not veer from the natural course, but with all the new content it is a fresh enough experience.

When the normal Persona 3 ends there is not much light shed onto what happens afterwards with the main character and everyone else. Episode Aigis, The Answer, informs you on this as this quest shows Aigis and her relationship with Metis, her sister. You have some dungeon-crawling to do as The Abyss needs to be destroyed and along the way you will learn about what the main character went through.

Remember with Episode Aigis that you are trapped within the dorm and there are no social links. This is a good thing if you enjoy the dungeon crawling of Persona 3, and despite that there is a good deal of character development within your group during this part too.

Since Persona 3 FES comes out tomorrow you can expect the Persona 3 FES Walkthrough FAQ Review to be up and running by the end of April.

April 20, 2008

Preorder Chapters of the Chosen DS Dragon Quest 4


Recently Square Enix has trademarked Chapters of the Chosen. Many are speculating that this is related to Dragon Quest IV / Dragon Warrior 4 as the game is based on 5 chapters as you control the chosen ones.

The North American release date for Dragon Quest IV DS is not that far off surely. This highly anticipated DS game blew sales away in Japan in late 2007 when it was released. Not even Final Fantasy IV DS could compare to DQ IV DS. It is personally one of my favorite RPG's, definitely the best Nintendo RPG. Needless to say it was way ahead of it's time with it's party structure, tactics, and depth.

After Chapter 5 all the characters join together but you no longer control every character. That said the ally AI is pretty good in this game; it's great to see Brey use Bikill on your allies like Alena and Ragnar. Chapter 5 is full of content while the first four chapters are very enthralling especially if you are just meeting these characters.


Gameplay is similar turn based, and back in these days you could not see your allies during battle. That said the setting is much more vibrant and it is based on where you are fighting the enemy, plus the enemies are now animated. It is similar to the PS1 remake that never made it out of Japan but with more smooth graphics. Preorder Dragon Quest IV DS and keep up with as you will know the release date the day it is released.

Dragon Quest IV 4 DS Walkthrough Guide

April 19, 2008

Rondo of Swords Walkthrough FAQ Guide


Rondo of Swords is a strategy RPG for the Nintendo DS produced by ATLUS. Most who play the game immediately think of Shining Force, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc.

A short while after starting though SRPG fans will notice a difference. Rondo of Swords requires strategic precision or else you will likely be slaughtered, even in battle 1. You are vastly overpowered right away and you are to flee and only engage the enemy when you have to. In this game instead of moving to a spot, staying there, and attacking, Rondo of Swords allows character to attack and charge through enemies and in turn switch positions on the map. The enemy counters with the same type of strategies to ruin your formations so this is another challenge in what is already a daunting difficulty level. You will likely lose often in this game and will have to realize your mistakes because this game offers little room for error.


A couple typical things about this game typical of most ATLUS games. There are limited copies of this, you will generally only find 2 ATLUS copies of games at any given EBGames or Gamestop. Of course there is always eBay and you can probably get it cheapest on there - remember Rondo of Swords released at 30$. Always listed at Lordyuanshu ATLUS Walkthrough FAQ for the guides. The translation and characters are done well, if not a little annoying at times. ATLUS games like Rondo of Swords do a good job creating a cool atmosphere with interesting characters that you will actually care about by the end of the game.

Lots of replay value with Rondo of Swords as there are different endings to the game and many different characters to choose from. You will get to involve all the characters anyway, as even characters who are not fighting battle can be doing other errands to increase class or fight to gain levels in the meantime.

April 15, 2008

Bionic Commando Walkthrough FAQ Guide


This is a classic game that is being remade so look for Playstation 3 Walkthrough FAQ Guide and Xbox 360. Bionic Commando was an original action game that allows you to swing around like Spiderman and use different guns like a machine gun, bazooka, flame gun, etc.

Before battle though, you have a map of sorts with a lot of stages. The levels that are 15 and up are just pit stops where you can talk to people to advance the story or to get important items like Communicators.

When you land on a normal stage where you have to go down and fight, you will be able to choose your gun, defensive item, a miscellaneous item, and a Communicator. One of the tricky things in this game is knowing which communicator to which stage. Only one works on stage but generally you use one of them 3 times or so and then move onto the next one. For example the stages in the far northeast use the orange one. The stages just southwest of that (like 8, 9, 7) use the blue communicator. In the middle south like 2 and 3, you will use the green communicator.

In battle you can defeat enemies to acquire little white pellets or something. If you pick up a certain amount you can restore your life and add another max HP point to whatever you were at. The more HP you get the more of those white things you need to get it higher though. Anyway the action is where this game really shows off how good it is - you need to be quick, dodging gunfire by ducking or swinging to a safe ground. Stage 7 is one of my favorites as you have to swing all over and you must not fall or you will die! It is challenging.

At the end of each stage is a boss battle. Sometimes it is a group of weaker soldiers with a commander, but sometimes it is a flying machine (easy), a soldier with a tank like thing, or a difficult robot that will grapple you and take off a ton of damage. Regardless of all of this you need to do damage to the red machine to the far right (just a few bazooka shots should destroy them but earlier on they take a lot of damage).

bionicboss.PNG finalboss.PNG

Once you get to the final area to the northeast you will begin to understand what the enemy has in plan with their weapons. This is where it gets really tough as you have to fight on an aircraft of sorts while evading flame. This is fun but then you have to shoot a bazooka at the cockpit - this can be extremely difficult to time. Another solid action game with some depth to it. Find more Action RPG's walkthrough faqs at Lordyuanshu . com

Final Fantasy 4 IV DS Release Date Confirmed


It had been rumored for a while, but Square-Enix finally has confirmed the release date for Final Fantasy 4 DS. Many RPG experts had figured it would be in the summer of 08 and indeed it is July 22nd 2008. Hardcore Final Fantasy fans will surely be getting this game but it is also going to touch a series of gamers that were too young to enjoy Final Fantasy IV / 2 for the SNES.

While Squaresoft most of the time gets lambasted for continually porting games that have already been put out without adding much (FFIV GBA, FFVI GBA, all the Final Fantasy I ports, etc), Final Fantasy IV DS is different. While it's not terribly different from the original version, they did add a lot more content in terms of the story and how your characters grow in battle with the Decant Ability System. This Decant system allows you to still use ability's of allies that have left your party.

Graphically this will stun you. It is done similarly to Final Fantasy III DS as they have turned a 2d game 3d. Dark Knight Cecil will catch your eye for example. There is also voice acting which people either hate or love. Generally it is not done well but for FFIV DS it is solid. In addition to the added dialogue, the voice acting brings out the characters much more. There are also extra never before scenes and finally you can talk to your characters outside of battle to get their opinion's on what's going on.

Not much to say about the music, as Nobuo Uematsu was doing his best work at this time for Squaresoft. The FFIV DS version is no different.


One thing I loved playing the japanese version of Final Fantasy IV DS is that the difficulty has been spiked to the point where it is about as hard as the FF4 Japanese version was for SNES (the FF4 / FF2 SNES version in the USA was made a bit easier). This can be a good thing for those veterans who always complain about RPG's becoming too easy; the boss enemies definitely are not in this one! Those just getting into the series will take their lumps early on in these battles but will learn that in general there are a few weaknesses to focus on for each enemy.

April 14, 2008

Double Dragon II 2 NES Cheats


Still getting my Double Dragon fix, I've now beat the first 3 since yesterday? Am I not best? You can buy walkthrough FAQ Guides or just get them for free at

Just recently I took down Double Dragon 2. This one is more refined in some ways than Double Dragon 3. You start off with 4 lives and if you play on two player B you can attack your teammate and when you kill him, you gain lives! So you can do this for an extra 4 lives which is good to do if you are going to go through on Supreme Master.

The hardest thing in this game is getting used to the fact that Kick and Punch are switched around based on how you are facing! So A for example is punch if you are facing left, but A if you are facing right is a kick! This does not take that long to get used to but is a weird quirk. Regardless you will be doing the spinning jump kick most often as it takes off a ton of damage and puts you out of harms way.

There are no extra characters in this one like Chin and Ranzou of Double Dragon III. But you at least get extra lives making the game tolerable with it's difficulty. The enemies though can provide a challenge and there are plenty of opportunities to fall off a cliff to lose a life quick (even a helicopter battle where you can fall out the door, but the enemy can too).

The Supreme Shadow Master is at the end if you beat Jimmy's clone. He has some crazy moves and will backflip away from your spinning jump kick if you do it too early. Shadowmaster also uses this jumping clothesline that will send you flying. Worst yet he goes through 5-10 second blips of invisibility, where you are best off spamming spinning jump kicks so he doesn't beat you up while invisible. If you do not use up too many lives early on in the game you should be able to take out the Supreme Master with a few lives and save Marian yet again.

Final Fantasy XII 12 Hunt FAQ Guide


At the Final Fantasy 12 FFXII Walkthrough FAQ has reached a million views. It is amazing to think, but FF12 and Final Fantasy in general just has this huge fanbase that stays consistent. Plus there is so much content in the game that gamers are engrossed for hundreds of hours, literally.

You do not have to get too far in Final Fantasy XII to open up the Centurio Clan Mob Hunts Guide. Basically you sign up to hunt one of these monsters with a reward if you defeat it. You may get a hint as to where or what it is, maybe even some help as to how to defeat it. I find it is best to sign up for a few hunts and then go through your normal quest, and you may run across a few. Or after you have done a bit of storyline / plot stuff, take a break and work on some hunts as it is good for building up your characters.

Lots of these hunts are palette swapped versions of enemies you fought previously, but they still pose a unique threat. I tend to favor having two allies who are berserked / bravery / bubbled / hasted attack the enemy constantly, with a healer overseeing the battle and being ready to retreat if disaster strikes. But you must fight each hunt differently based on that enemies weaknesses / strengths. For example if you are fighting Marilith you will be fighting a quick enemy so it is essential you have Haste up so you can be on the same level of speed as her. Likewise if you are fighting a physically strong enemy like Gil Snapper you will want Protect up so your brutes can handle the physical punishment from Gil Snapper. And these are just the early hunts! Another absolutely essential strategy is if the enemy you are fighting has any buffs like Haste / Protect / Attack up, etc, you will want to use Dispel. Dispel is your friend and always have that ready because they might put those buff effects back up even if you Dispel them.

One classic hunt is FF5 Gilgamesh. Remember him from Final Fantasy V? He is back with his dog Enkidou. Gilgamesh and Enkidou may initially seem like a joke but you will respect them especially after their second hunt battle at Lhusu Mines! His combo rate is ridiculous and he can make short work of you with his speed and power. It is crucial you get Enkidou finished as the two of them wreak havoc together and make it hard to Cure everyone and still make progress attacking.

More on Final Fantasy XII hunt FAQ later. If you want the full Walkthrough FAQ just check

April 13, 2008

Double Dragon III 3 Walkthrough FAQ


Wow what a game this is. It is sort of an RPG. Well not really, more of an action game, but there are RPG elements. You get a couple characters along your journey but you start off as Billy (or Billy and Jimmy if you are doing 2 player) for a few stages. Billy and Jimmy are balanced and their jumping spin kick is quite powerful in any situation.

The best part is, this game is difficult. If you die once it is game over, but once you get extra characters you can use them when you die (but those who die you cannot get back obviously). Billy and Jimmy travel to China, Japan, Italy and then Egypt in search of special stones for saving Marianne, the babe of the Lee's. This time though she appears as Queen Noiram at the end to kill you.

Billy and JImmy are well balanced characters that are probably best using kicks throughout or the spinning jump kick. Chin the chinese fellow joins after you defeat him in China. His power is unrivaled especially with his fists. He is slow so you must be crafty when moving him - always go diagonally at the enemy instead of straight on. Ranzou the ninja joins after Japan. He is fast, elusive, and can get out of any situation. He also has a plethora of moves in his disposal as he can run around and do crazy attacks in the air. He fights with a Ninja Blade that is weaker than the rest of the characters but has a very nice reach.


Other RPG Walkthrough FAQ Guides at

Buy Opoona Wii Opoona Review


Finally Nintendo has brought a new turn based RPG to the Wii system. Sure there are plenty on the Virtual Console, but Opoona by KOEI is a unique RPG. Generally when KOEI is brought up Dynasty Warriors 6 Walkthrough FAQ comes to mind but they have been versatile in the past and Opoona is a good example of that.

The battle system gameplay requires you to throw the nunchuck at an angle. At first it may be difficult because you will not understand how to take off the most damage, but after experimenting in battle a bit you will begin to understand how to maximize the damage you take off. One fun thing about battle is that there is a timer at the top and if you run out you lose. Thus you must finish the battle before the timer runs out so you may not be able to fight as passively / defensively as you would like. This type of gameplay is a breath of fresh air from newer RPG's like Final Fantasy 12 XII that are MMORPG-like and are not exciting because you do not have to have a sense of urgency - in Opoona you have to have one.

There are some forced minigames but they are fun because it is generally just creating a real life experience with your character as you will acquire licenses, and earn money for all the things you need. Opoona also will meet lots of people during his journey and will strengthen these relationships throughout. But the story is the lesser factor here and is not that controlling. It is the addictive, unique and challenging battle system that makes this a must try for RPG fans.


Even though Opoona does not support 16:9 the atmosphere and visuals come off really well. You will appreciate traveling along as the nature really moves - trees, water, clouds, all of it. Then there is the ambient soundtrack that fits the game well.

April 10, 2008

Wild ARMs XF Crossfire PSP Review


Media.Vision put out Wild ARMs 5 Vth Vanguard in August and have since moved out of just doing JRPG's. Now Media Vision should be proud of themselves as they have constructed a unique SPRG in Wild ARMs XF Crossfire.

One of the best aspects of an SRPG is the ability to have different ending conditions, and while most mainstream SRPG's conditions are simply 'defeat all enemies', Wild ARMs XF does a good job of varying these conditions. Sure there are still levels where killing all the monsters on the screen is the point, but there are plenty of stages where you need to accomplish certain tasks, like fleeing, or protecting people, or sneaking into the enemy camp, and so on.

This segues into the class system. SRPG's like Final Fantasy Tactics generally have classes that are overpowered and once you max them out it is hard to justify using other classes (think Lancer, Monk, Ninja from FFT). There are over 15 classes in Wild ARMs XF but the best part is that the game forces you to use all of these classes in different battles. You cannot just build a brute force and smash everything to pieces; you will be outnumbered plenty of times and in turn it is your strategies (slowing the enemy down, taking their weapon, casting status ailments on them, etc) that are your saving grace. You also cannot grind massive amounts of levels, as even though there are random battles they do not yield much for experience.

One of the negatives of having to change classes all the time based on which battle you are fighting is that you will die often the first time fighting battles if you do not understand what needs to be done / which classes you need to have. Also since you are changing classes all the time you do not get a chance to distinguish the characters by having one main class for each person.

The story is typical Wild ARMs in that you are to save the decaying Filgaia. Unlike previous Wild ARMs games the forest and plain scenery is beautiful instead of brown, desolate and depressing. The characters are interesting although there are some annoying voiceovers.

Wild ARMs XF
uses a lot of remixes from Wild Arms 1 through Wild Arms 5. Fans of the series will love this as no matter the Wild ARMs game most will agree the music is solid and fits the setting perfectly.

Wild ARMs XF Crossfire
is a challenging game in each battle, and may turn off mainstream crowds because of this; but really, how many mainstream gamers really play strategy RPG's? SRPG fans will note that because you cannot grind levels this game presents much more strategic planning than Final Fantasy Tactics or Jeanne D'Arc, two other PSP SRPG's.

April 8, 2008

Baroque Atlus PS2 Wii Released

Today, April 8th 2008, Baroque was released for the Playstation 2 and Wii consoles. I have some respect for Atlus from previous games like the Persona or Growlanser series for example, so I figured this would be worth a pickup since it's 40$ instead of 50$ new.


Be prepared that this game is not for the weak. It's a very dark game (par for the course for ATLUS, but pretty rare for a Wii / Nintendo game) and is brutal in difficulty. If you remember Persona 3 or Persona 3 FES, the tower and dungeons spawn randomly. Baroque is the same way. You wake up as the main character and then have no choice but to go to the Neuro Tower. You are to go to the bottom of it. The enemies and shape of the tower are randomized so in turn it's hard to write a walkthrough FAQ for it.

So how you explore it will be different each time. I say each time because the game continues when you die, and in some cases you are forced to die in certain areas to advance! You start back up with the scientists, but if you get far enough in the dungeon you can warp (like Persona 3). Anything you have collected is gone; the only way to maintain items / weapons in your trips is to find a Consciousness Orb.

In terms of gameplay this is your basic action RPG, but with the aforementioned twists. You fight with guns, swords, etc (typical ATLUS weapons). Thing is, you need to kill enemies for their hearts, which you then eat to restore your own health. But it will often times get to the point where your VP gets too low and eventually decreases gradually, so staying alive is more than not getting hit by enemies - you need to be efficient with your steps and your time so that you don't die yourself! But of course you will be dying a lot in Baroque, it's all part of the game :).

April 4, 2008

Final Fantasy XII 12 International Zodiac Job System


It has been a few years since the initial release of Final Fantasy 12 on Ps2. Playing the game and doing the Final Fantasy XII 12 walkthrough was a great time, but after playing FFXII International Zodiac Job System I really wish the changes made were what the base FF12 was. Having to commit to a character class really helps define that character's role throughout the game, as opposed to allowing every character to be everything. That is just a bit too open ended for my liking; I tend to like at least a little bit of structure in terms of character class. This class structure I felt was a staple in Final Fantasy gameplay.

Some other features are added to Final Fantasy Zodiac Job System. You can press L1 to speed the game up, which makes replayability much more tolerable. Especially going through all the FFXII Centurio Clan Hunts. There are some extra modes but they aren't that interesting. Strong Mode allows you to keep your high levels which eliminates any difficulty. There is a Trial Mode also that allows you to fight groups of enemies to see how you fare.

While you may be intimidated playing FFXII having to chose a class at the beginning there are some tweaks to the gameplay that allow the transition to be smooth. Characters stats are boosted based on their class; for example characters with physically strong classes will have a ton of HP relative to a character going through the base FFXII. Also Quickenings are much easier to acquire as they were now a bar on the screen that fills up, thus you don't need to waste MP on them. Picking a Summoner type class (they are called Uhlan in FFXII ZJS) allows you to get some use out of the Final Fantasy 12 Esper bosses which were not that powerful in the original FF12.

April 2, 2008

Persona 3 FES P4


ATLUS has been very busy lately with some games coming out in the immediate future along with a few others being announced. A few months ago they decided to bring Persona 3 FES to the USA and April 22 2008 was only a matter of months away.

P3 FES is only 29$ yet provides the same game and an extra 30-40 hours of gameplay than the original (the original is still pretty pricey more like in the 60$ range). With FES you get a more detailed story in a lot of areas that gamers wanted to know more about, like with Chidori and Junpei, and the game also goes a bit past the regular ending from Persona 3. Along the way Persona 3 FES has added a ton of features; more music, more Personae, new costumes, new social links, a harder difficulty, weapon customization, and much more.

Episode Aegis is much more of a dungeon-crawler type game, as without the hero from P3 you do not go to school or take part in social links. Also, gamers are already upset about the personae compendium being gone. That said, FES's additions make the main game experience even better than before (and it was already worthy of RPG of the Year 2007).

Persona 3 Walkthrough FAQ

Edit : Not only has Persona 3 FES been released, but we have already received Persona 4. Brilliant RPG's for the PS2.

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