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Bionic Commando Walkthrough FAQ Guide


This is a classic game that is being remade so look for Playstation 3 Walkthrough FAQ Guide and Xbox 360. Bionic Commando was an original action game that allows you to swing around like Spiderman and use different guns like a machine gun, bazooka, flame gun, etc.

Before battle though, you have a map of sorts with a lot of stages. The levels that are 15 and up are just pit stops where you can talk to people to advance the story or to get important items like Communicators.

When you land on a normal stage where you have to go down and fight, you will be able to choose your gun, defensive item, a miscellaneous item, and a Communicator. One of the tricky things in this game is knowing which communicator to which stage. Only one works on stage but generally you use one of them 3 times or so and then move onto the next one. For example the stages in the far northeast use the orange one. The stages just southwest of that (like 8, 9, 7) use the blue communicator. In the middle south like 2 and 3, you will use the green communicator.

In battle you can defeat enemies to acquire little white pellets or something. If you pick up a certain amount you can restore your life and add another max HP point to whatever you were at. The more HP you get the more of those white things you need to get it higher though. Anyway the action is where this game really shows off how good it is - you need to be quick, dodging gunfire by ducking or swinging to a safe ground. Stage 7 is one of my favorites as you have to swing all over and you must not fall or you will die! It is challenging.

At the end of each stage is a boss battle. Sometimes it is a group of weaker soldiers with a commander, but sometimes it is a flying machine (easy), a soldier with a tank like thing, or a difficult robot that will grapple you and take off a ton of damage. Regardless of all of this you need to do damage to the red machine to the far right (just a few bazooka shots should destroy them but earlier on they take a lot of damage).

bionicboss.PNG finalboss.PNG

Once you get to the final area to the northeast you will begin to understand what the enemy has in plan with their weapons. This is where it gets really tough as you have to fight on an aircraft of sorts while evading flame. This is fun but then you have to shoot a bazooka at the cockpit - this can be extremely difficult to time. Another solid action game with some depth to it. Find more Action RPG's walkthrough faqs at Lordyuanshu . com