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Double Dragon II 2 NES Cheats


Still getting my Double Dragon fix, I've now beat the first 3 since yesterday? Am I not best? You can buy walkthrough FAQ Guides or just get them for free at LYS.com

Just recently I took down Double Dragon 2. This one is more refined in some ways than Double Dragon 3. You start off with 4 lives and if you play on two player B you can attack your teammate and when you kill him, you gain lives! So you can do this for an extra 4 lives which is good to do if you are going to go through on Supreme Master.

The hardest thing in this game is getting used to the fact that Kick and Punch are switched around based on how you are facing! So A for example is punch if you are facing left, but A if you are facing right is a kick! This does not take that long to get used to but is a weird quirk. Regardless you will be doing the spinning jump kick most often as it takes off a ton of damage and puts you out of harms way.

There are no extra characters in this one like Chin and Ranzou of Double Dragon III. But you at least get extra lives making the game tolerable with it's difficulty. The enemies though can provide a challenge and there are plenty of opportunities to fall off a cliff to lose a life quick (even a helicopter battle where you can fall out the door, but the enemy can too).

The Supreme Shadow Master is at the end if you beat Jimmy's clone. He has some crazy moves and will backflip away from your spinning jump kick if you do it too early. Shadowmaster also uses this jumping clothesline that will send you flying. Worst yet he goes through 5-10 second blips of invisibility, where you are best off spamming spinning jump kicks so he doesn't beat you up while invisible. If you do not use up too many lives early on in the game you should be able to take out the Supreme Master with a few lives and save Marian yet again.