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Double Dragon III 3 Walkthrough FAQ


Wow what a game this is. It is sort of an RPG. Well not really, more of an action game, but there are RPG elements. You get a couple characters along your journey but you start off as Billy (or Billy and Jimmy if you are doing 2 player) for a few stages. Billy and Jimmy are balanced and their jumping spin kick is quite powerful in any situation.

The best part is, this game is difficult. If you die once it is game over, but once you get extra characters you can use them when you die (but those who die you cannot get back obviously). Billy and Jimmy travel to China, Japan, Italy and then Egypt in search of special stones for saving Marianne, the babe of the Lee's. This time though she appears as Queen Noiram at the end to kill you.

Billy and JImmy are well balanced characters that are probably best using kicks throughout or the spinning jump kick. Chin the chinese fellow joins after you defeat him in China. His power is unrivaled especially with his fists. He is slow so you must be crafty when moving him - always go diagonally at the enemy instead of straight on. Ranzou the ninja joins after Japan. He is fast, elusive, and can get out of any situation. He also has a plethora of moves in his disposal as he can run around and do crazy attacks in the air. He fights with a Ninja Blade that is weaker than the rest of the characters but has a very nice reach.


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