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Final Fantasy XII 12 Hunt FAQ Guide


At Lordyuanshu.com the Final Fantasy 12 FFXII Walkthrough FAQ has reached a million views. It is amazing to think, but FF12 and Final Fantasy in general just has this huge fanbase that stays consistent. Plus there is so much content in the game that gamers are engrossed for hundreds of hours, literally.

You do not have to get too far in Final Fantasy XII to open up the Centurio Clan Mob Hunts Guide. Basically you sign up to hunt one of these monsters with a reward if you defeat it. You may get a hint as to where or what it is, maybe even some help as to how to defeat it. I find it is best to sign up for a few hunts and then go through your normal quest, and you may run across a few. Or after you have done a bit of storyline / plot stuff, take a break and work on some hunts as it is good for building up your characters.

Lots of these hunts are palette swapped versions of enemies you fought previously, but they still pose a unique threat. I tend to favor having two allies who are berserked / bravery / bubbled / hasted attack the enemy constantly, with a healer overseeing the battle and being ready to retreat if disaster strikes. But you must fight each hunt differently based on that enemies weaknesses / strengths. For example if you are fighting Marilith you will be fighting a quick enemy so it is essential you have Haste up so you can be on the same level of speed as her. Likewise if you are fighting a physically strong enemy like Gil Snapper you will want Protect up so your brutes can handle the physical punishment from Gil Snapper. And these are just the early hunts! Another absolutely essential strategy is if the enemy you are fighting has any buffs like Haste / Protect / Attack up, etc, you will want to use Dispel. Dispel is your friend and always have that ready because they might put those buff effects back up even if you Dispel them.

One classic hunt is FF5 Gilgamesh. Remember him from Final Fantasy V? He is back with his dog Enkidou. Gilgamesh and Enkidou may initially seem like a joke but you will respect them especially after their second hunt battle at Lhusu Mines! His combo rate is ridiculous and he can make short work of you with his speed and power. It is crucial you get Enkidou finished as the two of them wreak havoc together and make it hard to Cure everyone and still make progress attacking.

More on Final Fantasy XII hunt FAQ later. If you want the full Walkthrough FAQ just check Lordyuanshu.com


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