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Rondo of Swords Walkthrough FAQ Guide


Rondo of Swords is a strategy RPG for the Nintendo DS produced by ATLUS. Most who play the game immediately think of Shining Force, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc.

A short while after starting though SRPG fans will notice a difference. Rondo of Swords requires strategic precision or else you will likely be slaughtered, even in battle 1. You are vastly overpowered right away and you are to flee and only engage the enemy when you have to. In this game instead of moving to a spot, staying there, and attacking, Rondo of Swords allows character to attack and charge through enemies and in turn switch positions on the map. The enemy counters with the same type of strategies to ruin your formations so this is another challenge in what is already a daunting difficulty level. You will likely lose often in this game and will have to realize your mistakes because this game offers little room for error.


A couple typical things about this game typical of most ATLUS games. There are limited copies of this, you will generally only find 2 ATLUS copies of games at any given EBGames or Gamestop. Of course there is always eBay and you can probably get it cheapest on there - remember Rondo of Swords released at 30$. Always listed at Lordyuanshu ATLUS Walkthrough FAQ for the guides. The translation and characters are done well, if not a little annoying at times. ATLUS games like Rondo of Swords do a good job creating a cool atmosphere with interesting characters that you will actually care about by the end of the game.

Lots of replay value with Rondo of Swords as there are different endings to the game and many different characters to choose from. You will get to involve all the characters anyway, as even characters who are not fighting battle can be doing other errands to increase class or fight to gain levels in the meantime.


Stupid! This game is hard

lol yeah this game is crazy hard

Yea thanks ATLUS! It's a difficult game...Basically have to count steps and enemy movements constantly

this game is so simple! do u wanna no how to lvl weak chARICTERS QUICKLY? if you dont want to loose the experience you have gained in a battle, just go to the quit menu, then click reform party. you'll keep all the experience

Wow for real? I can imagine that helps a lot to get any lower leveled character up to speed.

although this game is hard ... there's always a way to make it easier like going around instead of plowing though, or defeating all nessesary enemies before recruiting an ally etc... anyways have fun :D

This game is way too easy although the endings could be better.

Any help on the game? i'm still stuck on the part where Cedric has to go save his sister and, i think he's a prince, Asoem or what ever his name is. it's hard but easy at first up till there. do i just have to start it over and kill more guys to get more exp? someone, i'm begging you, help me!