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RPG Walkthrough FAQs


Since the early 2000's, has been providing free walkthrough FAQ's for video games, mostly japanese RPG's. We value being concise with an attention to detail, through every twist and turn. Also we provide unique pictures throughout the gaming experience for the reader's reference in addition to general strategies for completion of all side quests / bosses.

We have been adding other websites within the niche to complement, like this site. Thus I would like to begin use of this median for reviews of games, and previews / news regarding upcoming games or issues in the niche. I will try to update you daily so be sure to check back for everything by ATLUS, Square-Enix, KOEI, Konami and more. If you are looking for walkthroughs of current games you will want to check for Final Fantasy XII, Dynasty Warriors 6, Suikoden V, Wild Arms V, Final Fantasy I PSP, Persona 3 and some of the other recent additions.