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May 29, 2008

Destiny of an Emperor Walkthrough Mod Cheat Hacks


It is amazing to me there is nothing about the great Destiny of an Emperor on this blog. Destiny of an Emperor Walkthrough FAQ has been getting a lot of attention lately because of the Destiny of an Emperor mods out, and the programs being released to make modded Destiny of an Emperor games. Destiny of an Emperor has been a cult hero for years as it is one of the best early NES RPG's and it is still very playable to this day with it's fast gameplay on the world map and in battle.

First of all I would like to thank some friends at the Lordyuanshu Forum, Niahak and James at Kongming, for their work with these mods. Before we went to work with the much loved NES RPG Destiny of an Emperor, we had little to work with. Now we have a program to alter the levels that characters reached. Niahak also created a tool for changing the text in Destiny of an Emperor so that you do not have to go in and use a Hex program to change the text because that is a drag.

The most popular mod so far is Destiny of an Emperor 2.0 created by James of Kongming. It can be looked at as a harder, more accurate version of Destiny of an Emperor (in relation to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms history in Han China). Battles are much harder with more dangerous generals at gates / castles and the generals are where they are supposed to be.

Destiny of an Emperor Wei Cao Cao Mod is the other Destiny of an Emperor Mod with text translations already, but it is only halfway complete. You take control of Cao Cao and the Cao family instead of Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Shu. With Cao Cao a lot of the enemies are the same like the Yellow Turbans and Dong Zhuo, but there are some differences as well. There is an alternate ending with Lu Bu if you try to recruit him.

Other mods include a Yuan Shu Mod, Liu Zhang / Shu Mod, a Wu Mod, A Yellow Turban Mod, and even a Dong Zhuo mod is being worked on. With the text translation tool by Niahak we should have an even easier time of creating good Destiny of an Emperor mod games. Look for Destiny of an Emperor Walkthrough Cheat Guides on the horizon as more of these modded Destiny of an Emperor games come out.

May 27, 2008

Dragon Quest IV DS Release Date V VI News

Source: Famitsu

September 16th 2008 cannot come fast enough. Dragon Warrior IV Walkthrough FAQ was one of my favorite games of all time regardless of system. As an RPG it was ahead of it's time with a huge 8-9 person part and a great replay value / story for a game on the NES in the early 1990's.

Dragon Quest IV was actually released for Playstation one in Japan in 2002, but it never made it stateside. Dragon Quest IV DS which was released late last fall outsold almost every game in Japan, and sold about as many copies as Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, a legend in it's own right. Thus it was a given that in time Dragon Quest IV DS would be released in the United States sometime soon and that day turns out to be 9-16-08.

Part of this was decided likely because of Final Fantasy IV DS coming out July 22nd 2008, and some other games later in the summer on the horizon. It is not known when Dragon Quest V DS or Dragon Quest VI DS come out, but they have at least confirmed that those two will be coming out as well to complete the Zenithian Trilogy.

Dragon Quest IV DS keeps much of the same classic JRPG gameplay that fans around the globe and especially Japan loved so much. There are the first four chapters with Ragnar / Healie, Alena / Cristo / Brey, Taloon, Mara / Nara / Orin, and then the final Chapter 5 with everyone joining the Zenithian Hero to battle Necrosaro.

Dragon Quest 4 IV DS employs 3d graphics like the PS1 version of Dragon Quest IV and it also has animations during attacks and vivid backgrounds.

May 12, 2008

DS The World Ends With You Review


We are in a transitional period for our console gaming systems as the PS2 / Xbox / Gamecube generation is being phased out and more PS3 / Xbox360 games are coming. Still not a lot of true RPG's for the latter two systems, though there are some. Recently you see most of the good RPG's coming out for the handheld systems like Nintendo DS and PSP.

The World Ends With You for the Nintendo DS is a more modern action RPG as you roam the streets of Shibuya Tokyo with Neku Sakuraba. The music in this game may remind gamers of Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 for the ps2. Most would be surprised that this is not made by ATLUS but by Square Enix, not something they do often.

Neku meets a lot of friends with the same pin that he has notably a girl named Shiki, and Neku has to team up with some of them to pass the trials of The Reapers. Through Neku's mind reading ability's he will be able to learn more about other people he encounters and of his strange past to get some answers as to why he is 'dead' and doing these trials in the first place.

One of the best parts is that you can always scale the difficulty if you are having trouble, or increase it if you wish to play a harder game (with much better item drops).

Your ds stylus will get a lot of work in this game. Often times there is a strategy you need to employ with your partner and Neku but at first and even later during major battles you will just end up rapidly smashing the stylus on Neku's screen to survive. The multitasking can seem impossible at first but you can always just have the CPU control your NPC character like Shiki. Sometimes you even have to yell into the DS speaker. It is a very style conscious game and you will need to know which pins are related to the areas you are in, because they either make you stronger or hamper your ability if you use the wrong one.

May 7, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV 4 Walkthrough FAQ Guides

One of the most popular gaming series finally has released another game, after 4 years from when Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was released. Gamers on the PS3 and Xbox360 have been stunned by the next gen experience that comes with Grand Theft Auto 4 IV. There have been a few games trying to copy Grand Theft Auto's style but the GTA series is always the one with the reputation and in turn the big hit.

There is multiplayer on GTA IV 4. There are all sorts of side quests you can do like racing, free roam, fight to the death, and more. Within the game, your character's ability is more realistic as far as how he moves and how the automobiles move. You have to drive reasonably to stay on all fours. Use of the camera is improved and your character can now duck, and you do not have to hold a button to run.

Graphically you will be stunned on either the xbox360 or ps3 Grand Theft Auto IV. Very detailed characters as far as their face, hands, fingers, and so on. Lots of attention to detail with the setting and the city as well. You are immersed into the game as far as the sound is concerned as you are always hearing the sounds of a busy city. People talking and cars racing by. It is more involved and you can hear people chatting, cars coming before you can see them, and all sorts of random noises.

The story mode can end in a few different ways. Along the way you can get drunk. And you will be completing missions and unlocking a ton of stuff.

May 1, 2008

Persona 3 FES Social Link Walkthrough


Persona 3 FES Social Link Fusion Walkthrough FAQ Guide

I have been playing Persona 3 FES all day the last few days! I must say it is almost even more fun than the regular Persona 3 as not having to do the Academics / Courage / Charm building allows for a more fun time being able to build Social Links.

Things I have noticed from playing on the new Hard difficulty. Allies get tired much easier unfortunately and the enemy does not let you live if you make stupid mistakes. Also it seems luck seems to be against you a tad but I can't confirm that.

The new requests are plentiful and a lot of the new additions are just hilarious (like seeing the 'tapes' in the command room of the Chairman Ikutski's crazyness). Overall The Journey is a fresh adventure and the balance of difficulty going through Tartarus is just perfect.

Persona 3 FES Answer Walkthrough Guide