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Dragon Quest IV DS Release Date V VI News

Source: Famitsu

September 16th 2008 cannot come fast enough. Dragon Warrior IV Walkthrough FAQ was one of my favorite games of all time regardless of system. As an RPG it was ahead of it's time with a huge 8-9 person part and a great replay value / story for a game on the NES in the early 1990's.

Dragon Quest IV was actually released for Playstation one in Japan in 2002, but it never made it stateside. Dragon Quest IV DS which was released late last fall outsold almost every game in Japan, and sold about as many copies as Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, a legend in it's own right. Thus it was a given that in time Dragon Quest IV DS would be released in the United States sometime soon and that day turns out to be 9-16-08.

Part of this was decided likely because of Final Fantasy IV DS coming out July 22nd 2008, and some other games later in the summer on the horizon. It is not known when Dragon Quest V DS or Dragon Quest VI DS come out, but they have at least confirmed that those two will be coming out as well to complete the Zenithian Trilogy.

Dragon Quest IV DS keeps much of the same classic JRPG gameplay that fans around the globe and especially Japan loved so much. There are the first four chapters with Ragnar / Healie, Alena / Cristo / Brey, Taloon, Mara / Nara / Orin, and then the final Chapter 5 with everyone joining the Zenithian Hero to battle Necrosaro.

Dragon Quest 4 IV DS employs 3d graphics like the PS1 version of Dragon Quest IV and it also has animations during attacks and vivid backgrounds.


I had a lot of fun with Dragon Quest IV. Game was fast paced, story was interesting, although I do wish they brought Party Chat. Best part is the last chapter where you get the ship and the world opens up.

Fun game with a good pace. Wish they had party talk dialogue but oh well, I can live. Dragon Warrior IV never had Party Talk anyway.