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Persona 3 FES Social Link Walkthrough


Persona 3 FES Social Link Fusion Walkthrough FAQ Guide

I have been playing Persona 3 FES all day the last few days! I must say it is almost even more fun than the regular Persona 3 as not having to do the Academics / Courage / Charm building allows for a more fun time being able to build Social Links.

Things I have noticed from playing on the new Hard difficulty. Allies get tired much easier unfortunately and the enemy does not let you live if you make stupid mistakes. Also it seems luck seems to be against you a tad but I can't confirm that.

The new requests are plentiful and a lot of the new additions are just hilarious (like seeing the 'tapes' in the command room of the Chairman Ikutski's crazyness). Overall The Journey is a fresh adventure and the balance of difficulty going through Tartarus is just perfect.

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