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Etrian Odyssey II 2 Heroes of Lagaard DS Review

Not too far from now (June 17), ATLUS will be serving up copies of Etrian Odyssey II Heroes of Lagaard to North America. Veterans of the first Etrian Odyssey will notice subtle gameplay tweaks, and some other important stuff most notably new classes.


As usual you have 5 characters in your party, made up of a variety of classes. In total you can have over 25 class types with all the variations to the regular classes like Medic. Then there are the new classes, like the Gunner in the picture with the ATLUS Jack Frost persona hat. Or choose between Dark Hunter, Protector, Alchemist, Troubadour, Hexer, Ronin, etc. New gameplay features include the ability to strafe around, allowing you to get around faster. Each character has a force meter which allows them to do a special attack based on what class they are. The endless character customization leads to a high replay value, though the intense difficulty means you will have to earn it.

You will die often as you start out, especially if you are new to the series, but just keep experimenting with the classes to see which groupings work well for you. The map drawing is the same as Etrian Odyssey I, something you will need to do to remember where things like treasures, walls, and pitfalls are.