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P3 FES Answer Gamefaqs Cheat Guide


It was a long haul, but the Persona 3 FES Journey Walkthrough Guide has been finished in text version, and is now at the Gamefaqs site for download or at lordyuanshu.com. Why buy a Persona 3 FES strategy guide when you can get a better guide for free?

Most useful are the answers for social links / class questions, Elizabeth Velvet Room Requests, or boss strategies. It is important to be efficient when playing Persona 3 so knowing the answers certainly helps! The toughest bosses in the game are actually the Tartarus Floor bosses like the floor 252 boss.

Just started up Persona 3 FES The Answer Walkthrough, and this spinoff is much harder. It is just a dungeon crawler, so do not expect social links or anything of that nature, as you are stuck in the dorm the entire game. That said you do learn a lot about the past of all the characters and the reasons as to why the main character disappeared at the end of the Journey.

The battles are much more difficult in The Answer, it is like playing The Journey on hard. Enemy shadows move faster on screen. Normal enemies are difficult as it is, and you fight Floor bosses like in Tartarus. Every boss that has a weakness has Evade for that weakness too (like Evade Ice, Evade Fire), so this right here makes getting group hits extremely tedious.

As you can imagine, now Aigis gets control of multiple Personae. She can fuse personae but cannot access the Persona Compendium. The rest of the party comes along and also Aigis' sister Metis who seems to know more than anyone else about the Abyss of Time that you are traveling through.

RPG of the Year Persona 3 FES is now over 100 hours long with the added 30+ hours from The Answer.


Thanks for these updates. I've been playing PSF for a few weeks now and I'm up to 100+ hours already, and not even on the 6th block yet. oy!

Question. Is the above screencap from FES? Mitsuru looks so young?!? Thanks. I added you to my RSS feed! heh!

Yikes, well yea FES does take a long time to beat. Even moreso than the original P3 with all the additions.

The picture I have is from Mitsuru in The Answer part of FES. You'll see when you play it :) and it is a young Mitsuru as you thought.

Thanks for subscribing, I'll have more RPG stuff including info on Persona 4 whenever that comes to the states.

OIC. Thanks. I can't wait to play The Answer. Clocked at 120+ hrs now and I'm almost to floor 252. I'm trying to collect all the Persona [or most] to get thru all the 3-6 fusions.. It's such a paint in the butt! GRRRRRR!

lol all the Personae?! Man I got about 70% tops, it's too tedious to do all those 4 - 5 - 6 fusions. So long as I have Odin with Thunder Reign plus Spell Master I am fine :)

My quest took about that long too...the main Journey in Persona 3 is a long game with all the side stuff to mess around with.

So did you beat Reaper to access the Monad Dungeon? I was really bummed to find out you had to beat the Reaper! That battle was damn hard...

You'll have fun with The Answer, there are some storyline stuff they show from the past...but mostly it's just going through challenging boss fights...

Hi Patrick, I'm back! :-)

Speaking of The Reaper, the quest is open, but I'm hesitant cuz I don't have Odin, and I read your FAQ that it's good to have Thunder Reign. ugh.

And I don't even have Nata Taishi, which I need to fuse Alice and what not! I love the game, but it's a pain in the a$$ sometimes since I need this in order to do this and that. ugh! Currently the date is January 6th and I don't have Justice's S. Link maxed out yet, and I think I might need to in order to get a certain persona! PITA PITA PITA!

Question: I know the last boss fight is on Jan 31st, but can I still play my game AFTER the said date? Or the game ends on that date no matter what?!? What if I die on Jan 31st? Am I 'stuck' there?!?

Thanks again Patrick. I love RPGs, wish I had more time. haha!

Yes the Thunder Reign trick is most useful against Reaper. I can't imagine defeating him otherwise, but there are a lot of Persona gamers that love to use Str down, defense down, defense up, etc to control the fight.

I know the feeling with having to get certain items or Persona's to be able to get other ones. It's all a big chain :)

The game does end after January 31st. Thing is, if you die I think you can at least go through Tartarus and build up more and more. I doubt you get 'tired' on the last day.

Definitely a long game! RPG's in general are, especially newer RPG's they're all like 80+ hours minimum.

Just got this game for xmas and started on the Answer. Bloody hard is what it is. Even though I beat the original Persona 3 months ago it keeps on handing my ass to me... I don't want my ass handed to me! I'm not used to getting game overs on SMT games. Awesome game though, the first battle with Sake Rare No Tatakai playing got me right in the mood. :)

The Answer is a much harder version of Persona. As you can tell, enemies often times dodge attacks (especially attacks that are their weaknesses). Those floor bosses are quite vicious.

Really though, I like the dungeon-crawling part of Persona the best.