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Preorder Final Fantasy IV 4 DS Release Date

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Source: Famitsu

The day of July 22nd 2008 is drawing near, as Final Fantasy IV 4 DS will be released. In anticipation of this release date, the Final Fantasy IV 4 DS Walkthrough FAQ Guide has been started (edit - and now completed). This game has a significant increase in difficulty, as bosses are tougher and will require some tactical preparation beforehand making a walkthrough vital for this new FFIV adventure.

Gone are the 2D graphics of the original Final Fantasy IV / Final Fantasy II US. These graphics had been used in the port versions of Final Fantasy IV that have came out over the last fifteen years. Getting a 3d overhaul much in the same manner as Final Fantasy III will allow for a new, brighter adventure.

The biggest change in gameplay is the Decant Ability System that allows you to learn ability's from your teammates. Sometimes they may just change your statistics like higher HP, magic, etc. Other times, the Decant Ability System will allow you to take past ability's from characters that leave the party (like "Hide" from Edward" for example). This allows for extra customization with your characters, and ups an already-high replay value for Final Fantasy IV DS.

The story does not change much, but FFIV DS does a great job of adding extra dialogue to further explain certain scenes. As usual though, Dark Knight Cecil will travel with Dragoon Kain on orders of the Baron King to go to the Summoner's Valley. Their journey begins there, as they have been duped and they hurt the mother of a young Caller / Summoner, Rydia.

It may be a wise choice to preorder this game. Preordered Final Fantasy IV DS owners will get a special FFIV DS Cover. Expect the FFIV 4 DS Walkthrough Guide to be finished around the end of July, shortly after the game is released.



what site is offering the special cover with preorders?

It seems Amazon is not advertising for that deal anymore - I think they did initially. Other than that I think you might be able to get the add ons if you preorder from Gamestop or something like that. I would just look for a copy on eBay with the addons once the game is out or check with Amazon to see if they still give them out.

I'm really excited for the new PSP Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection!