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July 31, 2008

FFIVDS Lunar Whale Lunarian Fusoya Bahamut


Final Fantasy IV 4 DS walkthrough FAQ continues. As you return to King Giott of the Dwarves, the party despairs over losing the final dark crystal. Golbez can now go to the moon. But Giott mentions the Lunar Whale. He doesn't know Mysidia exists but after hearing so, he is sure the elder is attempting the revival of the Lunar Whale.

You will need to return to the Light World, but how? Talk to Giott a bit and then Cid will come out. He is hurt but he will affix a drill to your airship, to plow through the hole. To Mysidia, to the Tower of Prayer. Cool scene here.

The Lunar Whale is now yours. Go inside of it, and the south end has little ports where you can rest. Then go to the north part to activate the Crystal and head to the moon.

Lunar Tunnel West : See the big blue crystal area? You are to land northwest of this, on a plateau with stairs leading down and a cave to the west. The Lunar Tunnel West has a Golden Apple to the east, but you fight a Eukaryote and two Prokaryotes for it. Finish up the Lunar Tunnel West map for 3 Sirens. In the northeast there are two more chests, a Lunar Curtain and Stardust. Straight to the north is the exit.

Outside on the Moon, travel east and south a bit and you will reach the Lunar Tunnel East.

Lunar Tunnel East : Nothing special here. Just go south to complete the map for 3 Sirens.

Outside, go west and north into the Crystal Palace.

Crystal Palace : Inside is the Lunarian Fusoya. Fu So Ya is an FF classic. You will hear that someone is manipulating Golbez, a guy named Zemus. Also you hear of Kluya, Fusoya's younger brother. Kluya is Cecil's father.

After all of this, you are to leave the Moon with Fusoya and return to stop the Giant of Babil! Before touching the crystal to go back though...

Lair of the Father : The Bahamut Cave (Lair of the Father) is the structure east of the Crystal Palace (on the map). Definitely save before going in here; this cave is optional, and very difficult no matter when you go. Entering it on your first trip to the moon, it is that much harder. You will need to run to survive.

Lair of the Father B1 : Travel south all the way until you reach the Genji Gloves. Head back north and look for an eastern route. Take the northeastern route and go through the wall for a Genji Shield. For completing the Lair of the Father B1 you get a Golden Apple. Take the southeast exit to continue onward.

Lair of the Father B2 : You are to head west right away. The northwest has a Genji Armor, then go straight east for the Genji Helm. The thin north path is dangerous. You will fight an automatic boss, a Behemoth. He counters everything you do to him, so your best bet is to use Blink on your attackers, Edge and Cecil, and then when he counters he'll miss. It may take a bit but it is a foolproof strategy. Finish the Lair of the Father B2 map for another Golden Apple.

Lair of the Father B3 : Another thin path going south, and another Behemoth. Use the same Blink strategy. Before you get to the far west side, you will have a third Behemoth to defeat. Completing the Lair of the Father B3 cave nets you yet another Golden Apple. In the northwest is the king Eidolon, Bahamut.


When you walk up to him, you will fight. So make sure you are prepared. Starting off with your party, Have Fusoya and Rosa use Haste on everyone. Then Slow on Bahamut (very important), and Shell on everyone. This should allow you to hammer Bahamut and kill him before MegaFlare comes. The Reflect strategy does not work like it did in Final Fantasy IV 4 SNES, because Bahamut will just reflect the spell off himself. Have Cecil regular attack and Edge either regular attack or throw Shurikens. Rydia should spam Leviathan. With any luck you will have Bahamut killed before he gets off MegaFlare. If not, Shell and defending should help you survive this battle. Obviously, the Bahamut Summon is your big reward. This summon will help immensely with some tough parts coming up.

July 29, 2008

FF4 DS Sealed Cave Golbez Kain


Continuing the Final Fantasy IV 4 DS Walkthrough Guide, you will need an airship that can fly over lava to reach the Sealed Cave. The last crystal is here, but you need Luca's key from Giott and the Dwarves.

Sealed Cave B1 : Nothing to the west, so head south and down the rope. Further south for a door, which turns into Trap Door. These are tough creatures that lock into a target and then use an instant death ability. You will need to be fast and don't be afraid to use your best abilities here. Near the end of their HP they will turn into another random monster. Head inside this cave now to find an Ether and Kotetsu. Back to B1, and take the lower west path for a Bestiary. West some more to climb up another rope. For completing the B1 Sealed Cave map, you earn 3 Gaia Drums. Take the door in the northwest corner for another Trap Door and a passageway.

Four passages to take in this area. Also, grab the Hi Potion and Ether. The northeast and northwest doors net you nothing in return. Head southeast to Sealed Cave B2.

Sealed Cave B2 : You can go east or south. Choose south, and go east for a Bestiary. The east route leads to a Phoenix Down and a north path. Plenty of doors here. Starting from the northeast, you will find; nothing, Lustrous Sword, Elixir / Fuma Shuriken / Light Curtain, nothing, Save Point, and Kotetsu / Black Cowl. South to complete the B2 map and get 3 Red Fangs. The final door here leads to B3.

Sealed Cave B3 hallway : Grab the Ether in the hallway. Take the southwest exit and there will be another hallway to take. Two treasures in the southeast, a Hi Potion and Phoenix Down. The northwest door leads to nothing, so take the southwest path to B3.

As you travel east, you will see a rope going down at that first hole. First take the northeast path for a Silent Bell and then complete the B3 map for 3 Blue Fangs. The southeast door leads to nothing. Climb down that rope from the earlier, in the middle of the screen.

West is the exit and east is the door - you get two more Blue Fangs for completing the B3 south map. The east door has a Dry Ether and X Potion. The west exit leads you to a Save Point.

Sealed Cave B4 : Just walk around and complete the B4 map for 4 White Fangs. The ropes lead to nothing so just go south to the B5 entrance.

Sealed Cave B5 : You get a Megalixir for completing the B5 map. Just go north and grab the Crystal.

As you head out, the Evil Wall will stop you! This boss closes in on you until it's right up next to you and will then slaughter you. So, this battle is essentially timed. Haste is a must have on everyone if you can, Berserk on your attackers like Edge and Cecil and Kain might be wise too. Jumping with Kain missed a few times for me so I kept going for the sure regular attack. Leviathan is a boon with Rydia, dealing 7000+ damage, otherwise the -aga spells should take off 3500-4000 for you.

Once defeated, you can walk out. Those who have played the original Final Fantasy IV 4 remember that you are betrayed by a friend as you leave - again.

July 28, 2008

FFIV DS Sylph Cave Summon Yang


The Sylph Cave is like the passage to The Feymarch (Land of Summoned Monsters for those of you not playing the DS version), as you will need Float cast upon everyone to avoid damage.

Sylph Cave B1 : Northeast are two treasures, Angel Arrows and a Bestiary. There is another treasure through the wall east but you can't quite reach it. Just take the exit to the southwest.

Sylph Cave B2 - There are two exits here, one northwest of where you start and one from a path directly south of where you start. Take the northwest one to get to B3. Go north here to grab the Hi Potion, Maiden's Kiss and Faerie Rod.

Back to the entrance of B3. Directly east through the wall and head north and then east. You will be by some empty treasures and a path to the north part of B2.

With this northeast B2 path, you can go east and south to see four treasures; 3000 gil, 2000 gil, Remedy, and a Bomb Core. Further south for another chest, and a hole in the ground that lets you fall to the southeast part of B3. Grab the treasures first; Emergency Exit, an Ether, two Maiden's Kisses and complete the B2 map for another Silver Apple. There does not seem to be much here after falling down, but if you travel all the way north and west through the wall you will reach a warp south of those empty chests. You can grab the B3 map's item, a Silver Apple, as well. Take the red teleport. This takes you to the Sylph's Cache.

Sylph's Cache : There are six treasures here. Starting from the southwest treasure going counter-clockwise, you have the Moonring Blade (2 Elder Treants and Malboro), Avenger Sword (two Malboro enemies), Medusa Arrows (two Tunnelers), Blue Fang (4 Evil Dreamers), White Fang (4 Evil Dreamers), and a Red Fang (4 Evil Dreamers). East of here is a set of stairs going down, which leads you out of the Sylph Cave!

Back to the original fork in B2. Take the south exit to go back to B1, this time the south end of it.

B1 : Back to B1, you can go east for a save point in the southeast corner, and then go northeast through the wall to reach the previously inaccessible chest netting you an Elven Bow. In the southwest corner is another path to B2, and you can go further west for two chests, 1000 gil and a Cottage. Might as well take the alternate path to B2.

Southwest B2 path : Start heading north and take the first east passage to go yet another B1 path. A ton of treasures are north of you, starting with an Arctic Wind, Golden Apple, Soma Drop, Ether and Hi Potion. Plus, you get a Silver Apple for completing the B1 map. Back to the southwest B2 path, and go north to find a passage to B3 and an eastern route through the wall that leads you to a Mage Masher sword, but you have a Bog Witch and 5 Bog Toads to deal with. Back west and take that B3 path.

Northwest B3 Path : Head immediately west through the wall for an Elixir. Now go south and east to reach a house. Inside, you can visit with the Sylph's. Grab the Kiku-Ichimonji and Aura Staff in the house. Yang will be sleeping but you can talk to the Sylph's. Taking the upper staircase allows you to leave without trekking all the way back.

July 26, 2008

Final Fantasy IV DS Eblan Rubicante

Okay I'm on my way into the Cave of Eblan. Got the Hovercraft taken near Eblan and the Tower of Babil, and I'm about to cross the shoals to enter.

Eblan Cave B1 - 3 Bacchus' Wines for completing the map. Head east right away for a few treasures, southeast for another, and southwest to reach Eblan Town.

Here in Eblan you can learn about the fiery Prince Edge. Buy some weapons and armor if you like.


Cave of Eblan First Passage - Grab the Ether to your right. North for a Tent and to Cave of Eblan - Second Passage. Before taking said passage, go to the middle of the screen and walk through the wall east for a Hi Potion. This is all you can reach in this area for now so go northwest.

Cave of Eblan Second Passage - Head north, east, then northeast for a Bomb Coreand south to go back to First Passage. Here you can grab a Cabin and two Hi Potions, then go east through the wall for two Elixirs. Continue all the way south and west for Spider Silk. Southeast has a Silver Hourglass and two Phoenix Downs. From here, go northeast to get 3 Hermes Sandals for completing Cave of Eblan First Passage.

You are back to the right side of the Second Passage now. West for a Shuriken and Gold Needle. The east room has a Save Point, and a Blood Sword to the east through the wall. Save and go north to meet Edge and Rubicante. Edge will fight but lose. Further north to complete Cave of Eblan Second Passage and get 3 Decoys.

FFIV DS Tower of Babel boss treasures

Been playing a ton of FF4, for the FFIV DS walkthrough faq, since it came out on Tuesday. I'm already in the Dark World, on the way to Tower of Babil to get the rest of the crystals.

The boss fights in this game are much harder. Each requires an entirely new strategy basically.

Tower of Babel

Basement Floor 13 : 5 Antarctic Winds

Basement Floor 12 - 3 Arctic Winds. Green Beret in northwest. Ice Lance in far east (Security Eye monster). Icebrand Sword in the southern door (Security Eye monster). Continue on in middle door.

Basement Floor 11 - CatClaw to the left. Phoenix Down and Basement Floor 10 passage to the southwest. Southeast has passage to Antarctic Wind and Killer Bow. Hi Potion in far east. Basement Floor 11 gives White Fang for clearing.

Basement Floor 10 - West for save point. Southeast for Ice Armor (Security Eye monster). Northeast for Ice Shield (Security Eye monster). Complete Floor B 10 for 5 Hi Potions. Northwest has stairs to Basement Floor 9.

Basement Floor 9 - Grab Arctic Wind to the east. Center room is locked. Hi Potion to the east, exit to the northeast. Basement 9 floor completion nets you 5 Remedies.

Basement Floor 8 - Take nearby stairs.

Basement Floor 7 - East for save point. South for Dry Ether and stairs to Basement Floor 6.

Basement Floor 6 - Head west to the center for Rubicante and Dr Lugae. Rubicante is going to Eblan. Dr Lugae battles you. You will be fighting Doctor and Barnabas the giant. The giant attacks Lugae first but eventually figures out how to attack you. This should be an easy battle, though Barnabas will self destruct.


Careful after this. Dr Lugae changes form. He has a Reversal Gas ability that reverses moves (so Curaga will kill your party). He'll use it again to lift the reverse mode from you, so when it is off you can heal yourself normally. However in reversal mode you will heal Dr Lugae when you attack. So you can use healing items like Elixir on him for an instant kill, or wait until reversal mode is off to attack him. Meanwhile, use black magic spells on your own party to heal! This is the only way to heal in reversal mode.

July 9, 2008

Crono Crossing: Chrono Trigger release Date

As you can see from the scan, not much has changed with Chrono Trigger since 1995 :)

Square Enix has been busy with ports and remakes lately, with last weeks announcement of Chrono Trigger DS being the latest. Due to complications with licensing, this is not a true remake like Final Fantasy IV DS but instead an enhanced port, with a few added features from the SNES version of Chrono Trigger.

If this was a few years ago this would be Chrono Trigger advance, which is where all the Square Enix ports were landing. Since the Advance has passed the torch onto the DS, we are now getting Chrono Trigger with DS touch screen use! The beautiful sounds and visuals of Chrono Trigger will not be changed but as far as gameplay we may be seeing an extra dungeon at the end. Not to mention Internet play and use of the stylus.

Any time Square Enix releases a port, a group of gamers groans and begs for newer games or a remake instead. Despite a PS1 port with Final Fantasy Chronicles, this is the first quality port of the game. FF Chronicles was ruined with the load times, which were just as bad with the Final Fantasy ports but even more debilitating for CT considering Chrono Trigger is an Action / RPG that requires that in battle / out of battle flow.

We will likely get more information soon regarding exactly what was added with Chrono Trigger DS FAQ. What we do know is that Chrono Trigger DS will be hitting North American shores at the end of the 2008 year, as Winter and Holiday season is upon us. Considering how big of a cult hit Chrono Trigger was for Square, this is going to fly off the shelves, port or not.